The Wolf Cut: The Shag Hairstyle That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

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wolf cut hairstyles

Every generation has a hairdo that appears to be popular. Gen X had mullets, Millennials had lobs, and Gen Z has the wolf cut, which is essentially a combination of the previous two styles. Have you ever been heard by a wolf cut? If not, would you be willing to try it and see how it goes? If you’re wondering what a wolf cut is, it’s essentially a shag haircut with wispy layers and volume that’s presently conquering TikTok by storm.

It is a more recent and fashionable hairdo that most young ladies adore and should attempt. Continue reading to find out what are some popular and trendy alternatives to consider now that you have 16 possibilities to pick from! This remarkable hairstyle trend has taken TikTok by storm, with the hashtag amassing 546 million views and climbing. The truly daring are DIY-ing the cut at home, tying their hair into a ponytail, and lopping it off at a bias (the wolf cut’s easiness is definitely part of its attraction).

TikTok trendsetters aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the look; even real celebs are joining in on the fun. Though the hairstyle acquired worldwide popularity in 2021 as a result of TikTok, it has historical origins in South Korea, where K-pop stars like Leeteuk from Super Junior and Taemin from SHINee notably rocked the look during the mid-2000s.  Billie Eilish stunned fans a few months ago when she unveiled a blonde tousled variation on the wolf cut, while Miley Cyrus has been sporting the look for at least a year.

What is A Wolf Cut?

This year, wolf haircuts are a new style! Have you ever gotten a wolf haircut? If not, are you prepared to give it a shot? The wolf haircut for women is stylish and sophisticated, and it resembles your strong mullet, but with a voluminous twist! Continue reading because there are a plethora of various alternatives for you to examine down below. Because of social media, wolf haircuts have become popular this year. In fact, a wolf hairstyle became quite trendy after going viral on TikTok! It has gained popularity and is a favorite go-to for younger women who want to follow trends, as well as ladies who like shorter hairstyles that are simple to manage and create on their own.

Before the style became popular in the United States, pre-BTS K-Pop singers in South Korea were already donning it—a younger, hipper cousin to the shag cut of the 1970s and 1980s. It has a lot more texture than the classic shag and there is generally more separation in the layers, giving it a fuller appearance on top that merges into a shaggy mullet all around. These lengthier layers are frequently paired with a bang to complete the effect.

The wolf haircut will look better on someone who requires more volume and body, therefore most individuals with fine hair adore this style on them, but it can be worn by anybody with any hair type if you want more volume for your hair. There’s a wolf cut for everyone, whether you want to go short and edgy or soft and shaggy, as illustrated by the examples below.

Wolf Cut Ideas for Every Hair Type

It’s no surprise that this shag haircut is gaining popularity, given the return of hair patterns from the 1970s and 1980s. The non-binary cut, first popular by Davis Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, and then restored by Miley Cyrus in 2020, embraces androgyny and allows anybody who wants to attempt it an edgier appearance. Take a look at the several approaches to the wolf cut here.

Debby Ryan, on the other hand, has a wolf cut with full-fringe, balayage highlights, and a head full hair beachy waves. If you have naturally thicker and fluffier hair, you’ll love this appearance. It’s gentle, fresh, and romantic, making it ideal for most young girls. With a set of curtain bangs, this hairdo will look stunning. Display the beauty for daily pleasant summer breezy looks and wear!

If you like natural and modest haircuts, you’ll like this classic wolf cut. It’s not too much, but it’s simple to replicate. Show off your bangs by wearing them with this hairstyle. This look is ideal for regular casual wear. Also, you can be sure that this hair trend pioneered by Billie Eilish will suit you.

Do you have dark brown hair that was born that way? Do you like subtle and charming transformations? If you like to look adorable and flirtatious on a regular basis, this hairstyle is for you. This haircut is appropriate for women in their twenties or thirties. Wear this look to formal or informal occasions; it’s perfect for the summer season and looks great with a pair of bangs.

This light brown hairstyle with bouncy bangs is feminine and flawless. If you like daily looks and prefer plain clothes, this beauty is for you! Request narrower ends and a voluminous top from your hairdresser. To get that bouncy effect, dab a generous amount of one of the hair products on top.

If you enjoy trendy haircuts and frequently color your hair, why not try this adorable wolf cut with hair bangs? It’s also stylish and fashionable. Make sure to sweep your bangs out to obtain this curtain appearance. This haircut is often used by women in their twenties.

If you prefer shaggy haircuts and the mullet, you’ll appreciate this look. Because of its little maintenance, it is ideal and simply worn. This style is best suited to ladies with thin, naturally flat hair. Simply add some volume around the crown of your head and adorn it with hair gel or hair foam.

If you have naturally brown or dark brown hair, you’ll love this bold hairstyle. As your new go-to, it’s elegant without being overly dramatic. To create this kind of volume, brush your hair out and use a round brush. It’s trendy and gorgeous, and it’s ideal for mature ladies who want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Wear your dark hair in a low bun and let this wolf cut speak for itself! It’s a lovely hairstyle for women who want to try something new, as well as something fancy and attractive. However, make careful to stick to your natural hair color for a simpler hairstyle. It’s a stunning cut for females that prefer slimmer wolf and mullet hairstyles.

It is ideal for mature women who want their natural texture yet want to embrace a wolf cut. These light blonde accents provide a pop of color to the design. Wear this hairstyle to work if you want modest transitions and smooth cuts for a more refined look.

Do you love pink hair and want to stand out from the crowd? If that’s the case, know that you will love this hairstyle to show off and look your best! You can look trendy while being a really stylish girl. This wolf hairstyle is ideal for young ladies who appreciate dominant and trendy concepts. So, you will achieve the perfect result by keeping one-half of your hair brown and half pink.

This cut will be easily performed by your hairdresser; It’s up to you to continue. The overall effect radiates idealism and absolute perfection. You can make your hair creative and gorgeous by trying this haircut. You will love this hairstyle that is both simple and easy to shape.

If your natural hair is wavy, you’ll love this appearance. Wear it whenever you want and complement it with your natural texture and feminine waves. The cut and color are simple and straightforward. Wear your hair in a way that complements both casual and formal attire. It is ideal for elegant and classy wear, regardless of age.

You can pull off this look if you’re a natural blonde. It’s a must-have for females who like flirtatious ideas and fashionable hairstyles. The finished product is also suitable for wearing at night. So, choose these bangs for a sculpted style. If you appreciate flirtatious ideas and attractive blonde cuts, this wolf hairstyle is for you.

How about this shaggy style with abundant curls? This hair color is ideal for females who want lighter hairstyles and very short hairdos. For the summer, flaunt this wolf haircut. Wear it with pride and show off your beauty during the hot summer nights. Also, it doesn’t matter what color your hair is.

This light blonde hairstyle is ideal for women who like their hair to be natural. If you like lovely cuts, you’ll like this pattern for everyday wear. Choose some fluffy bangs at the top and style them voluminously. To obtain this fashionable look for everyday wear, use a lot of hair gel.

What about this uncommon ashy gray and greenish-gray color combination? It’s so one-of-a-kind that you’ll most likely be the only one wearing it out and about! To complete the look, add these bangs. This wolf cut is ideal for ladies and teenagers who enjoy attracting attention and embracing their feminine charm.


What is a wolf cut?

A wolf cut is a hairstyle that features a lot of volume in the front and top of the head. It gets thinner and has a lot less volume as it gets closer to the conclusion. It’s a challenging cut to achieve, but one that’s simple to keep up with. It combines elements from the 1970s shag cut, the chopped emo/scene hairstyles of the 2000s, and the reimagined mullet.

How to do a wolf cut?

A wolf haircut may be achieved in a few simple steps. These steps are asked by your hairdresser and include the following steps:
Your hairdresser will cut in layers to get that chaotic volume and depth with your newly washed and blow-dried hair.
With shaggy and untidy bangs, you’ll have more hair around the top half of your head.
Your hair will appear much thinner at the ends.
They will ask if you want to maintain your bangs or get them fully taken off.
Your hair will be styled with hair foam and hairspray by your hairdresser.
They’ll put it up and take down your edges, and then you’re ready to go!

How to style a wolf cut?

How you style the wolf cut will be determined by the natural texture of your hair and you will need to style it. It’s not a wash and go style, and if you don’t spend some time, your hair will appear flat and lifeless. If you already have some structure in your hair, you won’t need to do anything because your natural curls and waves will provide movement to the cut. Also, it is suggested to apply a small amount of texturizing lotion to your hair and scrunch it as you go. This will aid in bringing out the layers and creating that scruffy wispiness.

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