40 Best Undercolor Hair Worth Trying Right Now

by thedailyhairstyles

We often encounter the undercolor hair trend. How many of you have thought of showing off crazy hair color trends and then stepping back? The reason for this is that you are not sure what the color will look like on your hair. Purple, orange or blue is a pretty daring move and not for the coward.


What is The Undercolor Hair?

The trend of undercolor hair is to apply light-colored hair dye on the longest layers of the back of the head. If you want, cut underneath the highest layers of your hair. So once your hair is left loose, you’ll take a glance at the color underneath your natural hair color. Imagine how beautiful it will look when the wind blows your hair!

#1: Baby Pink Undercolor on Brown Hair

Baby Pink Underdye on Brown Hair

If you’re tired of an ordinary look, it’s time to try the undercolored hair trend! To add vitality to your brown hair, you can try a baby pink hair color. In this way, you can achieve a unique look by catching the perfect harmony of brown and pink.

#2: Red Undercolor on Brown Hair

Red Underdye on Brown Hair

Would you like to see red, a royal color, in your hair? For this, you do not need to gather your courage and dye all your hair red. You can get a different look by dyeing the back of your hair red. That way, when the wind blows, you can have all eyes on you.

#3: Purple Undercolor on Glacial Blonde Hair

Purple Underdye on Glacial Blonde Hair

Would you consider adding color to your glacial blonde hair? You have many different color options for this. But the magnificence of purple is the perfect match for your glacial short blonde hair. With these two colors that are compatible with each other, you can make everyone admire you.

#4: Rainbow Underdye on Auburn Hair

Rainbow Underdye on Auburn Hair

If you have a colorful personality, you can show it in your hair. You can combine all colors such as yellow, pink, blue, purple, green. These colors, which can be in vivid colors, can also be tried in pastel versions if you wish. In this way, you will find great harmony with your auburn hair.

#5: Rainbow Underdye on Brown Hair

Rainbow Undercolor on Brown Hair

To get away from the ordinariness, the trendy rainbow under-colored hair is the perfect opportunity for you! Reaching these rainbow colors is one step away. When you put your hair in a bun, you can get a completely different look. You will fall in love with yourself every time you look in the mirror.

#6: Blue Underdye on Black Hair

Blue Underdye on Black Hair

Do you like the blue black hair color of the sky? If your answer is yes, then you can always carry this color with you. If you have black hair like night, you can always see the sky. In this way, you can have a beautiful appearance and impress everyone with your difference.

#7: Green Undercolor on Dark Brown Hair

hair undercolor

If you want to be stylish, it is important to follow the trends. For this, you can try colorful undercolor hairstyles. But don’t know which color to choose? You can consider green for your dark brown hair. In this way, you can have a different style.

#8: Ash Grey Undercolor on Brown Hair

Grey Undercolor on Brown Hair

Ash grey hair, which was a trend for a while, now hides under your hair. Maybe you couldn’t catch this trend back then. But now is the time to adapt to this trend! For this, you can dye the back of your hair grey. When you make a small bun, you can have great hair.

#9: Purple Undercolor on Shaved Neck Hair

Purple Undercolor on Shaved Neck Hair

If you’ve taken a different style and shaved your neck, you can try something different: You can dye the hair on your neck purple! Thus, when you collect the remaining hair, you can reveal the purple hair color. For this, be ready to renew yourself and move towards change!

#10: Pink and Purple on Grey Hair

Pink and Purple on Grey Hair

Would you like to gather your courage and want two different colors under your hair? For this, you can try purple and pink, which go very well together. These colors, which make you feel like a Barbie, match your grey hair. Thus, you adapt to both the grey hair trend and the undercolor hair trend.

#11: Purple and Blue Undercolor on Blonde Hair

Purple and Blue Undercolor on Blonde Hair

Do you want to add color to your blonde hair? You can try purple and blue colors. These colors, which transition harmoniously to each other, will make you happier. In this way, you will draw the eyes on you anytime anywhere. In addition, these colors will match all your outfits.

#12: Living Coral Undercolor on Dark Brown Hair

Undercolor Hair

You have a very good option for your dark brown hair. The living coral color is waiting to revive you! This color, which can be preferred by both long and short-haired people, will add a sweet look to you. In this way, whether you put your hair in a bun or leave it open, you will become attractive.

#13: Transitional Undercolor on Brown Hair

Transitional Undercolor Hair Color

Do you want color transitions in your hair? If you don’t want to show it off, the undercolor hair trend is for you! The beautiful blending of light and dark blue will give you a new look. In this way, you will feel the ocean in your hair.

#14: Blue Undercolor on Auburn Hair

Blue Undercolor Hair Ideas

It is said that the color blue gives peace. Therefore, dyeing your hair with this color will make you happy. When combined with an auburn hair color, it provides a perfect look. Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can use blue as an undercolor. In this way, when you step on the street, you can fascinate everyone.

#15: Green Undercolor on Blue-Black Hair

Green Undercolor

Did you make a difference and dye your hair blue-black? So, would you like to dye the back of your hair green to be even more different? Everyone’s favorite colors blue and black become perfect when combined with green. As a result, everyone compliments you on your hair.

#16: Orange Undercolor on Blonde Hair

 Orange Undercolor on Blonde Hair

The yellow and orange hair colors that remind you of the sun will add vitality to you. No matter short or long hair, this color is suitable for everyone. It will also look great with your gold jewelry. After doing your hair in this style, you will not be able to take your eyes off the mirror.

#17: Blonde Undercolor on Black Hair

Blonde Undercolor on Black Hair

Now there is a style that everyone is used to: Blonde undercolor hair on black tone. If you see and like this style in your environment, you can do it too. This way, you can make a difference in your life. Especially if you have long hair, you can apply this idea without thinking.

#18: Purple Undercolor on Black Hair

 Purple Undercolor on Black Hair

If you do not want an unusual look and want to dye your hair, you can choose purple. This color, which does not stand out especially on black hair, helps you change yourself in an inconspicuous way. If you want the purple color to stand out a little more, you can consider a lighter purple color.

#19: Dark Blue Undercolor on Grey Hair

Dark Blue Undercolor on Grey Hair

The blue undercolor hair you can try for your grey hair takes you to a different world. Especially when the unique tone of dark blue is combined with grey, you get a unique beauty. In this way, you attract attention wherever you are. Moreover, this color matches any outfit you wear.

#20: Glacial Blue Undercolor on Black Hair

Glacial Blue Undercolor on Black Hair

Would you like to add vitality to your dark hair? Then the color you are looking for is glacial blue! With this choice, you can take on a completely different look. Bringing glaciers to your life, this color will also add sweetness to you. This way you can shine anywhere!

#21: Purple Undercolor on Platinum Blonde

Purple Undercolor Ideas

Are you ready for a new you? Simply add some purple undercolor hair to the bottom layer of hair, and you’ll be getting praises for your daring new style all day. The quirky undercolor on platinum blonde hair is entertaining and reflects your secretive nature. Experiment with the colors as much as you can!

#22: Electric Blue Undercolor on Dark Hair

Electric Blue Undercolor Ideas

Blue is a great color to give some edge to your hairstyle. To obtain this unique style and bring out your inner mermaid, try adding a few electric blue undercolor hair! This blue undercolor idea brings out the best in your black or brown hair. You’re getting a lot of mermaid vibes!

#23: Blonde Undercolor on Dark Hair

Blonde Undercolor Ideas

Want to have the joy of becoming a blonde while yet having dark hair? Include some peekaboo accents. To get the undercolor hair appearance, have your stylist begin the color towards the middle of the head rather than the top. These are suitable for ladies who don’t want to commit to completely blonde hair color. The blonde undercolor will add to the strong style, which may be worn straight or wavy.

#24: Magenta Undercolor on Dark Hair

Magenta Undercolor Ideas

The hairdresser who created this hair marvel calls it chocolate and cherry. This is a delicious color combo. With the addition of magenta undercolor hair, the powerful dark hair is made more fun. This is a stylish and refined appearance that is ideal for crazy events. The magenta hue may be used as an accent or to complement your lip color, making your style stand out.

#25: Double Color for Undercolor Ideas

Undercolor Ideas

Don’t restrict yourself to a single hue when going with an undercolor hair design. A tapering or progressive ombre pattern produces a one-of-a-kind standout item. Go with whatever inspires you, which appears to be a peacock in this example. The quirky undercolor on dark hair is entertaining and reflects your secretive nature.

#26: Hidden Pastel Undercolor Ideas

Pastel Hair Undercolor

Hair color may be freeing since it announces your particular style to the world. If you want to keep your eccentric side buried, hidden highlights may be hidden or displayed with the correct do. A pastel hue combines well with lighter hair, whilst a more intense color is more suited to dark hair.

#27: Undercolor Ideas for Short Hair

Undercolor Ideas

A short haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles. Choose a trendy color combination, like dark brown hair with a purple undercolor hair, to make yours stand out. This pair is very stunning and will elevate your look from everyday to runway perfect.

#28: Blonde Hair with Pink Undercolor

pink undercolor

This hairstyle, which you can choose to reflect the perfection of your hair, quickly turns into a striking look with a pale pink undercolor hair. The tint is seen as a true undercolor hair only when the hair is collected. However, when it is cut in half, the dark color is fully revealed.

#29: Chunky Blue Undercolor on Dark Hair

Chunky Blue Undercolor on Dark Hair

The chunky blue undercolor hair idea is larger in diameter and closer together than normal highlights. They usually give off a less natural look, especially in a cold hue like Tiffany blue. Use a bright hue on dark hair to emphasize this amusing contrast.

#30: Dark Brown Hair with Red Undercolor

Red Undercolor

Red undercolor looks fantastic on deep brown and black hair. The central layers of hair are highlighted in this example, producing a perfect impression with red in the center. This contrast adds movement and complexity to the aesthetic. With a vivid red underlayer hair color, you may get a badass look. You may wear it in half-updos to highlight the eye-catching red hair beneath.

#31: Rose Gold Undercolor on Dark Hair

Rose Gold Undercolor on Dark Hair

Rose gold hair undercolor is a fashionable toned-down variation. Because of the lower placement, the eye is drawn to the ends of the hair, creating the illusion of longer and fuller locks. To maintain a natural flow, use a low contrast. Keep your colorful color choices to a tiny portion of your hair with just very thin strands draping over it from the top uncolored section. It adds a cool touch to the hue and is a new approach to wear this trend.

#32: Multi-Colored Undercolor Hair Ideas

Multi-Colored Undercolor

Are you looking for some new hairstyles? Don’t look any further! Using a variety of various colors is the ideal approach to outdo everyone in the styling game. With this lovely combination of high-saturation colors and dark hair, you’ll find yourself someplace beyond the rainbow. Waves are a lovely finishing touch!

#33: Undercolor Ideas for Brunettes

Undercolor Ideas

Undercolor ideas may be inconspicuous if the highlight placement is done correctly. You may add a hint of pink to really make your hair, just like the wonderful lady in this photo! A one-of-a-kind pink-toned brown hair would be the star of the show. You will adore how well this surprising color combination works!

#34: Burgundy Undercolor on Ombre Hair

Burgundy Undercolor

Add some burgundy undercolor to the ends of your bottom layers to amp things up. This style works nicely with blonde hair, but it would also look well with dark hair. For an even wilder effect, mix in some light blonde tones with your dark hair.

#35: Pink Undercolor on Purple Hair

Pink Undercolor

To create an eye-catching contrast, add some bright pink highlights to purple hair. Use your favorite color in a rich shade for a party-on-top-of-business style. Aside from hot pink, electric blue and emerald green might also work well here. An updated take on a classic look!

#36: Warm Blonde Undercolor on Dark Hair

Warm Blonde Undercolor

Do you need to maintain a professional or workplace-appropriate demeanor? Choose a concealed undercolor like this one. Only the part from behind the ears to the neckline is bleached, creating a lovely contrast that is visible only when the hair is pushed up. Highlight colors for brown hair should be high-contrast colors, such as distinct shades of blonde. This combo gives your hairstyle a modern edge.

#37: Platinum Ice Undercolor on Dark Hair

Platinum Ice Undercolor

Add some platinum ice undercolor to your original dark hair color to bring out its attractiveness. This aesthetic is sophisticated and lively without being overpowering. The same is true for bringing out the finest in fairly neutral hair color, such as silver-white. Also, if you add rich tones to the hairdo, such as blue, purple, or wine red, you’ll have undercolor hair that will be difficult not to like.

#38: Pastel Undercolor Hair Ideas

Pastel Hair Undercolor

A hairstyle with pastel colors is one of the best underlayer hair color ideas. In this beautiful undercolor hairdo, combine several amusing colors. Pastel colors are a fantastic way to show off a daring attitude. Bring summer vibes with you no matter what the season with these brilliant hues that will not go ignored – unless you don’t want to.

#39: Unicorn Undercolor Hair Ideas

Unicorn Undercolor

Your ideal multicolored style that is reminiscent of unicorns! This style may suit all hair types and skin tones. To balance off the sweet mood, it is recommended a straight hair. Unicorn undercolor hue is very unique and exciting! You will love how the soft, buttery blonde on top doesn’t detract from the rich array of colors showing through from below.

#40: Blue and Green Undercolor

Blue and Green Undercolor Hair

Why not include some nature into your life in a beautiful way? Use the earth as inspiration for your green and blue hairdo, but take it up a notch to an emerald tone. It is certain that you’ll be pleased with the outcomes. This undercolor idea is ideal for anyone who wants to try out a new bright look.

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