55 Trend Curtain Bangs for Every Hair Type in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

Curtain Bangs, yes I know you all love it! I love curtain bangs too. So get ready to see these hairstyles you will fall in love with in 2022. I know front bangs hair gets a lot of attention, but curtain bangs are as popular and trending as front bangs for 2022.

I have to say that I have been pressured by many of my followers to create a post about curtain bangs! This was gratifying to me and I recently created a curtain bangs haircut content.

Curtain Bangs for Your Face Shape

This hair can be the right choice for many face shapes. However, I recommend that you consult your hairdresser before deciding that it will suit your face shape very well. It is a haircut that will suit girls with a wide forehead opening. If you have a large forehead, you can also try front bangs.

Curtain bangs would be a more ideal haircut for those with rounder face shapes than oval faces. If women with a round face shape use front bangs, their faces may appear more rounded, but this is not the case with curtain bangs.

Let’s not forget that the most ideal face shape is oval. People often try to make a choice that will make their face look oval when choosing a hairstyle and eyeglass frame.

1. Curtain Bangs with Blonde Hair

Curtain Bangs with Blonde Hair
Instagram • @alexadoeshair

If you want a curtain bangs for your blonde hair, these bangs can look harmonious with your blonde hair. However, you should consider your face shape before getting a haircut. If you have oval, round, or triangular facial features, you can try a curtain bangs.

2. Long Hair with Mushroom Color

Curtain Bangs with Long Hair
Instagram • @ariwiththegoodhair

By nature, curtain bangs frame your face. Light ombre curtain bangs framing the face provide a gorgeous and catchy look with a tremendous hair color. It must be hard to catch such a natural looking hair color! Moreover, I must say that the make-up is very compatible with the hair color.

3. Candy Pink Hair with Curtain Bangs

Candy Pink Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @jhair_stylist

If you want to draw all the attention with extraordinary curtain bangs and you love crazy colors, this hairstyle is for you. I’m sure you’ve noticed the tremendous harmony of blush and lipstick color with this candy-pink shade of curtain bangs hair.

4. Short Dark Brown Hair

Curtain Bangs with Short Dark Brown Hair
Instagram • @shearsorcery

Curtain bangs that look great with this short dark brown hair. This lady is a testament to how good curtain bangs look on women with round facial features! If you have a round face line, you shouldn’t hide your forehead with front bangs. This will cause your face to appear more rounded than it is. Try curtain bangs instead of front bangs!

5. Two-tone Ombre Blonde Hair

Two-tone Ombre Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @tatumgartistry

Have you thought of using the curtain bangs with ombre hair? Here is a proof that ombre hair will look great with bangs! With the gorgeous ombre color that goes from brunette to blonde, curtain bangs are in perfect harmony.

6. Fringe with Rebel Makeup

Curtain Bangs with Rebel Makeup
Instagram • @ashmac_

I never thought before that Rebel Makeup made curtain bangs more prominent. As you can see, curtain bangs look more prominent thanks to the rebellious makeup. A dark make-up was preferred to match the hair color.

7. Natural Look Hair

Curtain Bangs with Natural Looking Hair
Instagram • @sandra.aka.sj

Although curtain bangs blend perfectly with any hair color, I love its harmony with natural makeup! If you want to have a more natural look, I recommend that you do not use dark makeup in combination with light brown hair tones. If you have light brown hair, try makeup in shades lighter than your hair color and look more natural.

8. Before and After Curtain Bangs

Before and After Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @sn.signature

With brown, light brown hair, we see before and after curtain bangs. For those who love straight and long hair, it also offers a beautiful look before curtain bangs, but I can say that this hair is compatible with curtain bangs.

9. Light Caramel Balayage

Light Caramel Balayage with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @salon39onstate

It is another hair color I love that has a warm look. I usually like warm colors. A long curtain bangs is applied to this hair. Make-up has achieved an incredible harmony with dark balayage tones that shine through the hair.

10. Curtain Bangs from Short to Long

Curtain Bangs from Short to Long
Instagram • @lotteferemans

In this curtain bangs, we can see that a cutting technique that works from short to long is applied. If you want to create a natural curtain bangs, you can request this cutting technique from your hairdresser.

11. Curtain Bangs with Platinum Blonde Color

Platinum Blonde with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @looksbylindseysalon

In this hair, we see a beautiful shade of blonde platinum. If you have fair skin, it can be a tremendous blonde platinum hair color and curtain bangs choice for brunettes. In this hair, curtain bangs are close to half the length of the hair, and this is probably longer than a normal curtain bangs.

12. Fluffy Curtain Bangs

Fluffy Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @paceswest

Check out what this balayage looks like with a fluffy look! This lady’s hair and makeup looks like it will probably grab all the attention of other people while walking down the road. I guess I don’t need to talk about makeup and hair harmony because you can already see it.

13. Blonde Touches Brunette Hair with Bangs

Blonde Touches Brunette Hair with Bangs
Instagram • @goddesshairoftampa

Check out the blonde touches on this brunette hair! You can also see blonde touches in curtain bangs. If you are a person who likes a minimal and natural look, but also want to enliven your hair with small details, you can use these details. Don’t worry, you won’t look unusual.

14. Thin Blonde Balayage with Curtain Bangs

Thin Blonde Balayage with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @alyssa__salerno

Blonde balayage, thin hair! If you have thin hair, the curtain bangs will give you a very good look. This thin and blonde balayage hair takes on a silky look with curtain bangs.

15. Brown Curtain Bangs Hair

Brown Curtain Bangs Hair
Instagram • @copperfringebeautyco

Although brown is dominant in this hair in general, we can see a balayage close to brown tones. You can also use curtain bangs to cover a wide forehead without getting your hair cut.

16. Blonde Highlights with Curtain Bangs

Blonde Highlights
Instagram • @euniceyk

On this hair, the highlight look looks very prominent in blonde shades. If you use curtain bangs on highlight hair, your highlight will look more sparkly and eye-catching.

17. Undercolor Hair

Under-Dye Hair
Instagram • @hairbytoricancilla

If you too love short undercolor hair, you can apply a gentle undercolor like this. Curtain bangs and straight short hair surrounding the face make for a great look and undercolor adds a discreet beauty.

18. Wavy Black Hair

Wavy Black Hair
Instagram • @vkviktoria

Long, wavy and black hair is a hairstyle that is widely used in daily life and suits every skin color. Long wavy black hair that goes well with any outfit also looks very elegant with curtain bangs.

19. Light Brown Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

Light Brown Short Hair
Instagram • @hannahrosehairmn

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on your hair and love a hair style that can be easily maintained, a short hairstyle like in the image will be useful for you. A curtain bangs framing your face will help make you look cooler.

20. Beach Blonde Hair

Beach Blonde Hair Color
Instagram • @mimisstyles

This hair tone with dark platinum and beach blonde colors will look amazing with your curtain bangs. Before deciding on hair color, it is important to consider your skin color in terms of making the right decision. It may be advantageous to have blond skin if you are planning to choose a hair shade of this color, although we cannot know without trying it.

21. Blonde Hair Idea for Brunettes

Curtain Bangs for Blonde Hair
Instagram • @piaofwestport

Brunette women, when bored with their hair colors, look for the escape in blonde colors. As you can see in this image, blonde color dominates, while black hair shines through. It’s a great choice for brunettes.

22. Brunette and Blonde Balayage with Bangs

Blonde Balayage
Instagram • @hairportbyjaimie

This balayage mix of brunette and blonde offers a rebellious look with serious makeup. If you want to have such a rebellious look, opt for a natural make-up instead of too obvious makeup. This will make you look cooler than you are.

23. Gold Platinum with Curtain Bangs

Platinum Hair Bangs
Instagram • @hairmeupanel

What I love about this image is that platinum has a warm hue. I think you should choose a simple makeup to get a cool look with this hot gold platinum color. If you have white skin, this hair color can give you a more natural look.

24. Blonde Balayage Hair with Natural Makeup

In this image, we see curtain bangs the same length as medium hair. If you want to have curtain bangs without cutting your hair, you can make curtain bangs the same length as your hair by giving them a curvy look in front of your hair.

25. Natural Look Curtain Bangs

Natural Look Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @hairbyrhiccia

Brunettes can choose a natural black hair color if they want to have a natural look. With this color hair, curtain bangs may not look very interesting, but if looking natural is a priority for you, you can choose this natural black hair color.

26. Shining Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs

Shining Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @summer.starbeauty

Does anyone know the secret to this glowing brunette hair? It looks really shiny, it must be a good idea to try curtain bangs with these hairstyles because this gives a luscious look to the features of the face.

27. Effective Blonde Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @caitfarlowhair_mua

This hair look with fringed curtain bangs is pretty retro. Nowadays, we can see that retro hairstyles are quite common around us. Return to the timeless chic look of the 70s!

28. Curtain Bangs Framing the Face

Curtain Bangs Framing the Face
Instagram • @chiara_we1708

If you are someone who loves bangs but you are bored with the normal bangs look, you can opt for curtain bangs. Curtain bangs will take you back to the popular girl of the 70s. If you love retro hairstyles, you’ll love curtain bangs! I have to say these bangs are still very popular in 2022.

29. 70’s Looking Balayage with Curtain Bangs

The 70s curtain bangs are still an important choice for women in 2022. Providing a nostalgic look, these curtain bangs are an important model for women with many facial features. The Curtain Bangs craze continues to be popular this year as well!

30. Curtain Bangs with Short Brown Hair

Brunette Curtain Bangs with Rebel Makeup
Instagram • @thecarmenworld

If you want to attract attention, you should try to choose a more rebellious makeup. A rebellious makeup looks harmonious with short curtain bangs. One of the reasons why the lady was chosen dark brown for hair and makeup may be that she has brown eyes.

31. Highlights Hair with Fringe

Highlights Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @livinginbroward

Featuring Balayage hair with curtain bangs used in combination, this hair looks beautiful and makes your facial features look more oval. This will make you look more attractive than you are.

32. Curtain Bangs with Ombre Hair

Curtain Bangs with Ombre Hair
Instagram • @letsgetbangs

What would blending curtain bangs look like with this year’s popular ombre colors? The answer to this is in this hairstyle. Blending ombre hair with curtain bangs looks really good. The two hairstyles, which are today’s popular choices, fit well together.

33. Curtain Bangs with Ginger Tones

Ombre Red Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @codeedoeshair

Curtain bangs with ombre hairstyle with red gradations. This one looks really harmonious. Ombre hair and curtain bangs are popular in 2022. If you like red hues, you can use a stylish ombre hairstyle.

34. Honey Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @cayliestyles

Another perfect hairstyle for using curtain bangs. This hair color is called Honey Blonde. If you have light skin, this hair color can make you look sweeter, and if you have a large forehead, you can create the type of look you want by using curtain bangs.

35. Long Brown Hair with Bangs

Long Brown Hair with Bangs
Instagram • @sheargear1

If you are one of those who love natural looks and you like small highlight details for your hair, you can use this hair idea. I think this hair idea looks better with long curtain bangs details because I like to create small details in my hair.

36. Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash Blonde Highlights with Curtain Bangs
Instagram • @justinexx_

Do you know why ash blonde has been in fashion for years? Because this color offers an extraordinary and minimal look. Ash blonde is a good alternative for those who do not want to prefer ambitious hair colors such as red, pink, blue, green. Also, if you have a round face shape, you can use a curtain bangs in your hair.

37. Ginger Hair Color

Curtain Bangs with Ginger Hair Color
Instagram • @hair.by.ashley.d

I have always loved Ginger hair colors. It must be a privilege to have a hair color in natural orange tones. If you have medium-length ginger hair like in the photo and your facial features are like the model in the image, you can use a curtain bangs like in the example.

38. Dark Ash Blonde Hair

Dark Ash Blonde Hair
Instagram • @maggiemh

See the platinum details on the Curtain Bangs? Such a platinum detail will create an important visual detail for your curtain look and ash blonde hair, and the highlights in the hair add a significant vitality to the hair.

39. Brown Hair with Brunette Highlights

Brown Hair with Brunette Highlights
Instagram • @nataliesole

The thin blonde highlights at the ends of these brown hair are an important detail for this hair, but choosing ash blonde color instead of blonde details could offer a more unusual look. Long curtain bangs hair framing the face worked perfectly with an oval face shape.

40. Curly Brunette Hair with Blonde Balayage

If you are complaining that your long curly hair looks sluggish and pale, you can try this style of blonde balayage. Blonde balayage will give your hair a highlights and lively look. Also, with the help of your curly hair, you can create a natural curtain bangs on your hair.

41. Curly Curtain Bangs with Brunette Hair

Curly Curtain Bangs with Brunette Hair
Pinterest • @arabellahair

Have you thought of trying curly curtain bangs? I suggest you consider trying this if you have curly brunette hair. You can also try this out without having to get your hair cut because curtain bangs can be used in any length.

42. Long Wavy Blonde Hair

Wavy blonde hair with wavy curtain bangs. This wavy blonde hair takes on a dark blonde look towards the ends of the hair. We can see that wavy curtain bangs work great for this hair.

43. Platinum Blonde Hair with Highlights

We know that balayage looks and platinum blonde colors are widely preferred this year. Blond platinum colors are very vibrant colors known for their proximity to white. We see the harmony of balayage, blonde platinum and curtain bangs in this hairstyle.

44. Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hair

Strawberry Blonde is a common hair color choice for young and middle-aged women. This widely used color has the appearance of a slightly pinkish blonde, and the strawberry blonde is a popular color choice this year.

45. Classic Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage, which is widely used and loved by everyone, has become a classic now. We have said that this color is the first escape color for brunettes and it is used very often because of this reason. We shouldn’t be surprised that this color is used very often because blonde balayage is a very stylish color.

46. Curtain Bangs with Fluffy Brown Hair

Curtain Bangs with Fluffy Brown Hair
Instagram • @taliiaeva

It would be a good idea to have a fiery look with fluffy curtain bangs. You see an example of this in the image because the main factor that gives this look to this fluffy brown hair is the fluffy curtain bangs.

47. Wavy Curly Brunette Hair Ideas

Wavy Curly Brunette Hair
Credit • @madisonreed

The wavy curly hairstyle, which is commonly used by dark-skinned people, remains popular in 2022. The emphasis is made entirely on your face in this hair form, which most people prefer without accessories. This hairstyle, which is used mostly on diamond and round faces, fixes you in the focus of attention of the people around you thanks to its curlyness.

48. For Triangle Face Shape

We recommend you to choose this slightly wavy hairstyle, which is the favorite of the winter season, in brown tones. This light bangs hairstyle that makes your eyes shine with light make-up is the inevitable hairstyle of meetings. And also looks great with a triangular face!

49. Curly with Red Hair

Curly Curtain Bangs with Red Hair
Instagram • @robynxmayy

Are you aware that freckles on your face add charm to you? If you are not, you should try it with curly red hair. With dark skin and dark eye color, you will have the look everyone dreams of! Don’t keep your curly hair from swaying, they’re prettier like that.

50. Short Curtain Hair

Short Curtain Bangs Hair
Instagram • @ebonylet

One of the most popular of 2022, this short and low-bangs hair style is the favorite of most athletes. You will look fit and sweet with this hairdo that gives you a fiery look! Those watching you will not be able to take their eyes off you with this hairstyle that reveals the facial features.

51. Long Length with Blonde Hair

Long Curtain Bangs with Blonde Hair
Instagram • @romaneinnc

If you like looking sharp and hot; You can try this medium length stylish haircut. And your facial details will be at the forefront with a haircut with light bangs. Your fringe, which you will support with your gestures, will make you look hot in photos!

52. Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Curtain Bangs Hair
Instagram • @anniecoloredglasses

Love to travel and want to take advantage of practical haircuts? Well, we recommend you to try this long curtain bangs hair design. Also, you will feel like a model even in your daily life with this haircut that emphasizes facial details.

53. Long Hair with Black Color

Long Curtain Bangs with Black Color
Instagram • @ibtihelet

If there is something that suits people with white skin; room black hair! This hairstyle, which is mostly the fashion of the winter and autumn months, will make you look perfect even in cold weather. This little curtain bangs hair style that you can hide comfortably in your coat will draw your eyes when you get out of hiding!

54. Medium Light Hair

Medium Light Curtain Bangs Hair
Instagram • @larabegic

How about adding a hot look by enhancing this mid-length hairstyle with long curtain bangs? And the bright make-up you will use with this cut still feels exactly compatible with your hair. Do not forget that you can fill your look with gold-colored jewelery, too.

55. Long Wavy for Brunette

Long Wavy Curtain Bangs for Brunette
Credit • @arabellahair

Have you seen a brunette woman with long curtain bangs that wavy hair does not suit; We haven’t seen it. Suitable for daily use, this curtain bangs hair style is the number one choice for people who want to make intense makeup. Used with lots of jewelry and makeup, this curtain bangs hair style looks perfect on diamond and round head shapes.

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