20 Striking Haircuts for Stick Straight Hair in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

Having stick stright hair type is a feature that some people dream of and others want to get rid of. If your hair type is stick straight, ie 1a, you may have a hard time finding the right cut. Failing to give your hair the cut it needs can even cause you to giving up from your beautiful, silky hair. For this reason, you should choose wisely when it comes to what you want to try with your hair.

How to Choose Right Cut for Stick Straight Hair?

So, how do you find the right cut? Of course with our help! You can get inspiration by looking at the beautiful straight stick hair models that we will recommend to you. When you go to the hairdresser, you can get an idea by asking this subject to them.
So let’s start without getting you excited any more.

1. Bob Haircut for Stick Straight Hair

straight hair
Instagram / @jisu_sunny

A bob haircut is one of the best hairstyles for straight hair. Instead of damaging the silky smoothness of your hair whith curling iron, you can accept this beauty and use it as it is. With a short cut like a bob, your hair will appear well-groomed and very modern.

2. Earlobe Length Stick Hair

hair bangs
Instagram / @velvet.sissy

By taking the bob cut one step further, you can cut your hair at ear level. This cut, which will reveal all the beauty of your face, is also the favorite of women with its easy use. The best way to complete this cut is to use blunt bangs. You can determine the length of your bangs according to your face type.

3. Blunt Lob for Straight Hairs

hair bangs
Instagram / @zammitneville

Not only bob but also lob cuts look great on women with stick straight hair type. You can achieve a stunning result – which many women are trying to achieve with straighteners – nearly effortlessly with your stick straight lob haircut. Thnaks to the blunt lob, you will carry your hair like a crown.

4. Long Fringes with Stick Straight Short Cut

curtain bangs
Instagram / @zammitneville

If you want to try bangs on your hair, you should know that you are not limited to just blunt cut bangs. In fact, women with straight hair can easily use all types of bangs if it is the right cut for their face.
For example, let’s examine the glamorous hairstyle in the photo. Can you see how beautiful the contrast between the skillfully cut long bangs and the short haircut? Yes, absolutely stunning!

5. Boy Cut for Straight Hairs

pixie cut
Instagram / @zammitneville

The luckiest subject for straight hair must be the pixie cut. Women with straight hair can easily use pixie cuts of all sizes and styles. The obedient structure of your hair will keep even the shortest layers in place. This is something wavy hairs can’t do, so feel free to be happy about it.

6. Pixie Cut for Stick Straight Hair

long pixie cut
Instagram / @zammitneville

If your hair is thick as well as straight, the wonderful pixie cut in the photo will look great on you. You can create a little more movement by adding asymmetrical cut bangs to your pixie cut. Using flashy accesories with pixie would look really great on you.

7. Longer in the Front Lob Cut

bob haircut
Instagram / @zammitneville

Leaving a little longer hair in front of your hair can be helpful when it comes to styling your hair. The tufts surrounding your face will make the hairstyles you can try more diverse.Moreover, with this way you can create a stylish inequality and achieve a more lively look. This situation will be very pleasing for those who do not want to use their hair blunt.

8. Dark Root Illusion for Straight Hair

Ombre with bob hair
Instagram / @sammiiwang

If you are acting real quick when the roots of your hair began to appear and dye them again, you should think again. Stick straight hair can look more ‘layered’ with darker roots. Check out the example we gave you above: Don’t you think black bottoms add depth to the hair?

9. Long & Layered Stick Straight Haircut

layered hair
Instagram / @sammiiwang

If you like using your hair long, you may want to consider making them a little more fun and lively. You can get a much more vibrant look by adding layers of any length to your straight hair. Short layers can help you if you want to get a more messy look. You should prefer long layers to add movement without shortening the length of your hair.

10. Long Hairstyle with Darker Roots

long hair with dark roots
Instagram / @sammiiwang

We mentioned that darker hair roots are ideal for adding depth to straight hair. You can safely use this little tactic with your long hair too. Moreover, straight hair tends to look less voluminous when it is long. For this reason, if you are not in favor of getting your hair cut, one of the best things you can do is allow dark roots or getting them intentionally.

11. Multi Colored Short Straight Hair

multi colored hair
Instagram / @xandervintage

Using multiple colors together is a great way to add color to your hair. While trying this hairstyle, you can decide which colors to use according to the season. For example, it is ideal to use vibrant colors in summer and pastel colors in winter. When it is autumn, try getting pastel oranges, pinks or reds for create a harmony with environment.

12. Combed Back Stick Straight Hair

stick straight hair
Instagram / @xandervintage

Combed back hair, which is the fashion of recent times, is everyone’s favorite. So, who do you think is the luckiest group to do this hair? Of course those who have stick straight hair! All you need to do for using this look for your advantage is hair gel and your favorite comb.

13. Short & Layered Straight Hairstyle

Even if your hair is very short, it’s a good idea to give some layers to it. Especially women who think that their hair is fine, can get a much voluminous look by choosing layered haircut. Layered cuts on straight hair will also create a nice sense of depth.

14. Side Shaved Straight Pixie

undercut for short hair
Instagram / @_thay_barboza

One way to spice up straight hair is to try out unconventional styles. Shaved hairstyles will provide a look that is both unusual and easy to use and style. In addition, shaving only certain points will help straight hair look much more vibrant.You can use the shaved style with any length of hair, from pixies to lob or longer haircuts.

15. Side Shaved Lob Hair

side shaved undercut
Instagram / @hrctlvrs

The side shaved hairstyle looks very nice in longer hairstyles as well as in the pixie cut. You can take inspiration from the beautiful and very cool haircut we have given as an example. A classic lob can gain a completely different personality with a side shaved model.

16. Shaved Nape with Straight Hair

shaved nape hair
Instagram / @_thay_barboza

Want to shave part of your hair, but don’t like the undercut cuts on the side? We have a great idea for you! You should definitely try the nape cut model. Nape cut, which looks great especially with short bob models, is a choice that is compatible with pixie models.

17. Undercut Hairstyle for Straight Hair

undercut hair
Instagram / @hrctlvrs

You can shave off more of your hair for a slightly bolder look. Although this decision scares you at the beginning, after you get an undercut you will realize that you made a very right decision. If you wish, you can get a Mohawkhairstyle by shaving your hair on both sides.

18. Short Haircut with Detailed Hairline

Sometimes the details can change everything. For example, the wonderful hairline detail here can give your hair style a completely different air. Considering that straight hair and blunt cuts are a very good match, a carefully formed blunt hairline will suit you well.

19. Straight Hair with Gentle Layers

Fuzzy, gentle layers will add vitality to your hair. It would be a good choice to use this hairstyle with curtain bangs or classic bangs. This way you can give your hair a more ‘gradual’ look.

20. Chic Ponytail Hair

ponytail for brown hair
Instagram / @ghdhair

Are you looking for a beautiful hairstyle that you can use with your straight hair? Then, a beautiful ponytail that will suit the most elegant invitations may be the model you are looking for. The low ponytail model, which is a simple but effective hair style, will help you achieve a stylish look.

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