30 Latest Silver and Grey Hair for Every Hair Type

by thedailyhairstyles

There is a reason many young women dye their hair grey. Grey looks fresh, youthful, and fun. So if you’re thinking of embracing the grey or already have, show off your style. The trend for grey hair is the same as for hair color. Also, it’s no longer just for the elderly. The color silver is elegant, sexy, clean, and very trendy. Women of all ages, from bright grey to smoky grey, enjoy shades of silver. If you want to know how to treat grey hair, a good purple shampoo will make the color last longer. Check out these grey hair color pictures to see if a particular hair color suits you and how to get it.

30 Best Silver and Grey Hair Colors

Silver and grey hair color ideas are not just for the old people. It is fashionable in the stylish and sexy avant-garde. Of course, there are so many different colors you can use to create the perfect look. If you’re having a hard time deciding which fancy look to match, we’ve put together a list of these best silver and grey hair color ideas.

Ash Gray Hair Color

#1: Ash Grey Hair Color

Mix with ash blonde to add a three-dimensional look to grey hair color. If your hair starts to get a little sticky between washings, spray dry shampoo to refresh it quickly. You will find grey at the dark edges of the spectrum. Smoky colors go well with all hair types and textures, and most skin tones, but should be neutral or cool tones rather than warm tones.


White Silver Hair Color

#2: White Silver Hair Color

Look for ash grey on the darker outside of the grey spectrum. These smoky shades work with most skin tones and all hair types and textures but should be warm as well as neutral or cooler tones. Pastel blondes in shades of metallic grey are attractive hair colors. Often shortened to pearl gold, the delicate shades are very feminine but very easy to rebel. Half-up and half-down pans also beautifully provide different shades to the hair.


Black and Gray Hair Color

#3: Black and Grey Hair Color

If your hair is naturally black, you will need to go to the salon a few times to get the look you want. Going from black to silver is a process, but to create beautiful hair like this is a worthwhile process. The main thing is to find a hairdresser who specializes in this area. They can decide if your hair can withstand this harsh makeover.


Silver Blue Hair Color

#4: Silver Blue Hair Color

This trendy shade combines shimmering silver notes with hints of sultry blue for a stunning combination. This hair color is completely customizable to suit your needs. From trend-leading light bluish grey hair color to mysterious dark shades. There are so many possibilities with silver blue hair color!


Silver Pink Hair Color

#5: Silver Pink Hair Color

This color is very cute platinum pink hair. So you can’t get enough of its soft pink tone. If you like to play with colors, why not try pink with this silver grey? Light grey provides a complete background of different colors, so experiment a bit. You can use semi-permanent colors, easily change colors, or wash if you are not satisfied.


Silver Lavender Hair Color

#6: Silver Lavender Hair Color

Silver lavender hair has a beautiful icy purple hair color. When trying to achieve this, how your hair color changes with purple shampoo depend on how you dyed your hair blonde. So to get silver lavender hair, you need to bleach the hair quite lightly. It is a wonderful frosty winter color that will compliment you. Enjoy your hair, change it up this season.


Dark Silver Hair Color

#7: Dark Silver Hair Color

Dark grey hair often looks like summer, perfect for lightening up a bit if you have dark brown or black hair. The valuable platinum in your shampoo bottle makes you feel like at the salon instantly. This color looks great when the sun’s rays reflect and brighten the whole picture.


Neon and Gray Hair Color

#8: Neon and Grey Hair Color

Do you want to draw attention to yourself? Then bring together the perfect harmony of neon colors and grey. This hair color, which is loved by people with a different style, gives a very nice experience. Especially if you have slightly wavy hair, you can try this hair.


Silver Blonde with Rose Gold

#9: Silver Blonde with Rose Gold

With the tiny touches of rose gold hair color on your hair, the harmony of grey blonde creates a unique result. After dyeing your hair in this color, you cannot give up this color again! At the same time, this hair color goes perfectly with the silver jewelry you wear.


Gray Hair with Neon Green

#10: Grey Hair with Neon Green

To add color to your grey hair, dye some of your hair neon green. Suitable for those who do not want to dye their entire hair. In this way, you will not take a very bold decision and you can try that neon green you want to try.


Gray Hair with Rainbow Ends

#11: Grey Hair with Rainbow Ends

Are you interested in completely different hair color? Then you should definitely try this color. After dyeing the bottoms of your hair grey, you can dye the ends with rainbow colors. Thus, if you think that grey hair is pale, you can add vitality to your hair.


Half Gray and Half Lemon Yellow Hair Color

#12: Half Grey Half Lemon Yellow Hair Color

Those who want to make a difference with their colorful style should try half grey half lemon blonde hair color. These two colors, which are in harmony with each other, blend beautifully together. At the same time, the pale grey balances itself with the attractiveness of lemon yellow.


Crystal Silver Hair Color

#13: Crystal Silver Hair Color

If you want to have a royal color, you can give crystal silver a chance. This color, which has a slightly bright and slightly faded appearance, satisfies both requests successfully. Especially those who are looking for a color close to white may like crystal silver.


Gray Hair with Violet Ends

#14: Grey Hair with Violet Ends

There is a suggestion for those who love the violet color but cannot completely dye their hair this color: Grey hair with violet ends! It is a perfect opportunity, especially for those who want to join the grey hair trend but also want to dye their hair violet.


Pale Silver Hair Color

#15: Pale Silver Hair Color

If you are someone who does not want to attract all the attention when you go out on the street, pale grey is just for you. You can also join the grey hair trend with this color! The grey color, which gradually fades towards the ends of the hair, is suitable for any hairstyle.


Half Black and Half Gray Hair Color

#16: Half Black and Half Grey Hair Color

This color will not make you regret it! In fact, if you have long hair, you can try this without wasting any time. It is a nice option for both wavy and straight hair. Moreover, both colors are in harmony with every outfit you wear and every piece of jewelry you wear.


Brown Hair with Silver Highlights

#17: Brown Hair with Silver Highlights

Add dimension with large gold-silver highlights. Purple Shampoo for grey hair will make you look natural. Dark brown is a popular base for highlighting, painting, or shading. Therefore, consider flaunting grey stripes here and there to bring this natural hair color to life. This helps add definition and weight to the hair, while also bringing out the textures and layers.


Smokey Silver Hair Color

#18: Smokey Silver Hair Color

If you already have light-colored or grey hair, the following method is recommended. A permanent dye that helps deposit a three-dimensional, smoky silver color while conditioning hair and preserving hair strength. Also, this hair color shines brightly. That’s why you don’t lose your glow even though it’s smokey.


Silver Hair

#19: Silver Hair Streaks

Don’t walk, run, tie you up to her and ask a trusted stylist to cut your hair with that grey hair color. Great for interviews, nightlife and hugs. The style not only wraps around the body but also creates attractive femininity. In this way, you can enchant everyone.


Grey Hair

#20: Grey Hair Highlights

To get the steel grey hair you want, you need to color your entire hair with random strands. In the case of natural steel grey, this is because the grey hair is evenly distributed over the colored hair. Your best bet is to ask a professional colorist about your options. This person can recommend a color scheme for a natural look other than white.


Black Undercolor on Gray Hair

#21: Black Undercolor on Grey Hair

Here is a new trend: Undercolor hair. This hair trend, which many people love, is now on grey hair! If your hair is grey, you can dye the lower part of your hair black. Also, if you have black hair, you can dye the top part of your hair grey. Either way, your decision will be appreciated!


Grey Hair Color

#22: Dove Grey Hair Color

Create a very subtle grey by dyeing your hair a dove grey that looks like a white blonde. It looks perfect, especially with this dull cut. Take your locks to the next level with this sophisticated dove grey. Perfect if you want to keep your locks bright without bleaching them. It is also a recommended hair color for winter.


Red and Silver Hair Color

#23: Red and Silver Hair Color

Red and silver hair is no longer out of this world. To make this look stand out, you need to show off your killer personality. Red and silver hair is usually something you can’t do alone at home. Not only does the red and silver fade away from your hair, but they also have contrasting colors, so you need a professional to separate and color them. Give it a try if you’re looking for this style.


Grey Hair Balayage

#24: Grey Hair Balayage

Technically, when it comes to silver locks, balayage takes place almost everywhere. This coloring method is very unique, especially if you want to achieve natural results. Black-haired girls especially like it because as the hair grows, the overgrowth blends in unnoticed.


Blue and Grey Hair

#25: Blue Streaks on Grey Hair

A new option for those who want to take on a different style: Blue streaks on grey hair! This hair color that you will love too much will make you different from everyone else. Because not everyone dares to do it! But if you want to show off your style, this hair color is perfect for you.


Grey Hair Color

#26: Gloss Grey Hair Color

Gloss grey, which makes you forget all the colors you see, will give you a brand new atmosphere. This color, which is a nice option for those who want to start their life from scratch, makes you different from everyone else. But do not forget to go to a skilled hairdresser for this!


Straight Grey Hair

#27: Metallic Grey Hair Color

This color, which will differentiate you from top to toe, has color transitions. Especially the fact that the ends of the hair are black adds a different elegance to the hair. If you have straight hair, you can try this color. Because it may not look as good on wavy hair as it does on straight hair.


Pink Hair Ombre

#28: Pink and Silver Hair Ombre

Another idea to make your hair look unusual is to dye your hair a silver ombre, starting from the bottom half down the length with a thin pink tip. Start with a silver background and change it to pink. It is a cute mix that leaves an impression.


Silver Highlights on Brown Hair

#29: Silver Highlights on Brown Hair

In the summer, dark brown hair can look a bit sad, but silver highlights will be very suitable for lightening your hair. The best way to keep that silvery color is to use toner extracted from the ash to massage from root to tip, you will fall in love with this new look. So much so that you don’t want to go back and dye your hair another dark brown.


Grey Hair Color

#30: Lunar Grey Hair Color

If you are stuck between white and grey to dye your hair, you can try lunar grey. This color, which adds a bright look to your hair, also keeps your hair alive. It is especially suitable for straight and wavy hair, as well as being more pleasant on long hair.


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