30 Short Wavy Hair Ideas to Try in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

The short wavy hair trend, which has always managed to maintain its popularity, is also very trendy in 2022. Colors, ombre, sparkles, and balayage are among the most preferred hairstyles of this year. In addition, a fantastic short wavy haircut above shoulder height is one of the most preferred hairstyles this year. Let your wavy hair add a charming naturalness to you. Slanted haircuts, scarves, and bold colors are also very trendy. Check out our article on specially selected wavy haircuts and wavy hairstyles that will highlight the enchanting beauty of your hair.

30 Best Short Wavy Hair Ideas

Pink, purple, silver, colorful sparkles, and striking hair were among the most talked-about hair trends in 2021. Bright hair and cuts that will highlight your hair, which continues to be a trend in 2022, are women’s favorites. Those with short hair may have trouble choosing hairstyles that suit them. This article has compiled unique and trendy hair trends that will save you from this trouble. Don’t forget to take notes of these hairstyles, each cooler than the other! Here are the wavy hairstyles and haircuts…

1. An Irresistible Beauty with Short Wavy Haircut

An Irresistible Beauty with Short Wavy Haircut
Instagram • @vigorous_hair

In this natural, attractive and assertive hairstyle, the perfect harmony of hair color and bangs draws attention. Bangs, which go well with short hairstyles, are one of the hairstyles that should be preferred depending on the type of face. Also, if you prefer this hair color, make sure that it is compatible with your skin color.

2. Look Mature & Young with Your Short Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Hair
Instagram • @_studio_lou

Thought to be more ideal for the middle-aged, this style is very short but definitely has an attractive appearance. Thanks to its close-to-white color tone, this hairstyle, which has managed to attract attention, is among the most preferred hairstyles.

3. Popular Wavy Haircut

With its perfect color transitions and ideal length, this hairstyle is recommended to be preferred by those with thin hair. This hairstyle, which is among the trend models of the last year, is also very popular this year. In this hairstyle with a young and cool look, you will look very cool when your wavy hair is blowing in the wind!

4. A Special Short Wavy Haircut

 A Special Short Wavy Haircut
Instagram • @hairbyhelen_houli

Balayage is one of the types of hair dye that never goes out of style. Hair dyes, which we frequently encounter in the form of sombre, have conquered the hearts of women. If you want to give your hair a moving look, you can use sombre or balayage procedures.

5. Attractive, Black and Wavy Hair

Attractive, Black and Wavy Hair
Instagram • @vigorous_hair

Nobody can deny the irresistible charm of black hair! Just one bang for your charming black wavy hair will be enough to make it look incredibly attractive. In addition, avoiding dyeing processes on your black hair helps protect your hair health. Choosing this hairstyle will turn you into an innocent and charming woman.

6. Beauty of the Blonde Wavy Haircut

Beauty of the Blonde Wavy Haircut
Instagram • @csavonehair

Blonde, blonde, blonde! Blonde hair has always been one of the most remarkable and popular hairstyles. Also, a short wavy blonde hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous. However, we should state that if your hair is dark and you are going to dye it to blonde tones, you need to be completely sure that your skin color and hair color are compatible.

7. Balayage for Your Short Wavy Hair

Balayage for Your Short Wavy Hair
Instagram • @frizuhajstudio

If you have short wavy hair in dark colors, maybe all you need is a little balayage. A thin line, light-toned balayage may be enough to completely change your look! You can also try red or blue stripes instead. All we know is that any color dye goes very well on short wavy hair.

8. Blue Silver Short Wavy Hair

Blue Silver Short Wavy Hair
Instagram • @queenpassionn

Silver hair fashion left its mark in the last year. Still, the silver hair fashion does not seem to be over in the coming years. Silver hair, which is mostly preferred for dark hair, draws attention with its magnificent color transitions. Silver hair will give you a very cool look!

9. A Stunning Wavy Hair Color

A Stunning Wavy Hair Color
Instagram • @hobokenhairfairy

Whether you comb your wavy hair or leave it messy, wavy hair in every way is beautiful! Especially if you have wavy hair in light colors, it doesn’t matter how you decorate your hair. The shades formed depending on the color of your hair and the light will give you the magnificent look you want.

10. A Gorgeous Color for Wavy Hair

 A Gorgeous Color for Wavy Hair
Instagram • @thesalonorp

Pink hair is so trendy now! Your hair can be curly, straight, or wavy. It could even be African braid or dreadlocks! We are sure that the pink hair trend is one of the most beautiful trends ever and it suits all hairstyles. You might want to consider a light pink hair dye for your short wavy hair.

11. A Sparkly Short Wavy Hairstyle

A Sparkly Short Wavy Hairstyle
Instagram • @vigorous_hair

Shiny hair is both natural and has the ability to completely change our hair, although it is a small touch. It is possible to get a well-groomed and cool look with sparkles that you can add to your hair in tones close to your hair color.

12. Wavy Blonde Ombre

Wavy Blonde Ombre
Instagram • @vigorous_hair

This hair color, which we are familiar with from barbie dolls, is still known as the favorite hair color of many women. Your hair color can be dark or light tones, so you can turn your hair into a gorgeous hairstyle by applying color transitions. Let’s note that if you are going to apply this color to your short wavy hair, you should make sure that it will not make you look old.

13. Pink, Cute, and Wavy!

Pink, Cute and Wavy!
Instagram • @the_halo_room

We mentioned how cool and amazing pink hair looks. We would also like to point out that if your short wavy hair has a dark color, applying a gradually lighter pink dye to your hair will give you a privileged and wonderful look. Adapt to fashion, pink hair no longer requires courage!

14. Look Amazing Hair Color

Look Amazing Hair Color
Instagram • @shorthairstyles_com

There has not been many trends yet, but this two-color hairstyle, which we may encounter frequently in the following years, best suits short wavy hair. You can also choose different color combinations if you want to be the first woman to use this hairstyle in your circle of friends, which you can use in its most beautiful form by taking a bang.

15. A Little Touch to Your Short Hair

 A Little Touch to Your Short Hair
Instagram • @acasasilva

Small touches are sometimes enough to change your look from top to bottom. With a tiny change, you can make this way, it is possible to make people think that you are very cool yourself. You can also change the place where you separate your hair and have completely different hair.

16. Look Well-Groomed Wavy Hair

Short Wavy Haircut
Instagram • @hair_georgedivision

Short wavy hair that ends at the chin is so cool! You can easily have this hairstyle that will make you look younger. However, we have to remind you that this model can result in a fluffy haircut if you have a thick hair type.

17. Charming Purple Short Wavy Haircut

Short Wavy Haircut
Instagram • @vigorous_hair

Among the colorful hair, which is very trendy this year, the most striking ones are purple hair! Purple hair color that adapts perfectly to every skin color will give you the cool look you want. Consider choosing this hairstyle if you are aiming to have an eye-catching look!

18. Sharp Color Transitions Haircut

Sharp Color Transitions Haircut
Instagram • @vigorous_hair

Short wavy hair with black base color and the rest of the white tones looks very cool and mature. You can show everyone how brave you are by dyeing your shoulder-length short wavy hair in these two contrasting color combinations. It is also a fact that these two colors complete each other flawlessly.

19. Natural Brown Short Wavy Hair

Natural Brown Short Wavy Hair
Instagram • @melissatimp

We can say that bangs and brown short wavy hair go together perfectly. This hairstyle, which will make you look innocent and well-groomed, is mostly preferred in haircuts at the level of the earlobe. Also, this hairstyle will make you look so cute!

20. Feel Your Energy with Your Hairstyle

Feel Your Energy with Your Hairstyle
Instagram • @bluxehairandmakeup

If you want to change your short wavy hair to a different look, it will be enough to have a haircut only. Regardless of your hair color and style, you can change the point where you split your hair and have a long fringe and look fabulously cool!

21. A Unique Wavy Hairstyle

A Unique Wavy Hairstyle
Instagram • @truejadehair

There is even a discourse called red charm! Red hair goes well with every outfit, every skin color, and every face shape. You can create a great image for yourself by dyeing your short wavy hair in red colors.

22. Cool, Short, Wavy Hair

 Cool Short Wavy Hair
Instagram • @hairbykarina

If you want your short wavy hair to have an ultra-cool look, you can choose color mixtures and color tones that can be perceived differently depending on the light. If you use color transitions in this way, you will not look bad even when your bottom paint is visible.

23. Charmy Dark Red Wavy Hair

Charmy Dark Red Wavy Hair
Instagram • @wigsforyou3

We bow respectfully to the allure of red hair. However, dark red hair is definitely one of the most influential hair colors for all of us. In addition, dark red hair, supported by a bang cut, is absolutely one of the hairstyles that women with wavy short hair should consider choosing.

24. Just a Small Touch to Your Short Wavy Haircut

Wavy and Colorful Haircut
Instagram • @akchair_ct

Ring-shaped hairpins are also very trendy this term! Hairpins, which manage to show themselves in the best way in wavy hair, draw attention with their comfortable and easy use. In addition, the colorful tones at the ends of the hair look amazing in this hairstyle.

25. Scarves are Our Heros!

Blonde Wavy Hair
Instagram • @lililolaofficial

Scarves and crowns look gorgeous on any color of hair. However, it is a fact that these hair accessories are best for wavy short hair! You can choose hair accessories, which are a great match with models with bangs, for every day and any occasion.

26. Easiest and Wavy Hair Bun Ever

Even if your hair is short, if you have wavy hair, it is possible to make great bouncy hair buns. Just tie your hair tightly and attach your wavy ends to your hairpin with the help of hairpins. In a few seconds, you will have your dream hair bun.

27. Harmony of a Hair Bun and An Accessory

Harmony of a Hair Bun and An Accessory
Instagram • @oziaccessories

You can make a bun by holding your short wavy hair from the ends of your hair to your clasp, or you can create a complex-looking natural hair bun by separating your hair into small tufts and intertwining them. You can also use sparkly hairpins to make this hair bun more special.

28. All You Need Is A Small Change

 All You Need Is A Small Change
Instagram • @svetlana_uskova_hair

Sometimes we just want to make minor changes. And when these small changes are done right, they can be enough to completely change your look. Just separate your hair in a completely different way than normal and get some hairspray to help fix your hair.

29. Feel Free with Your Short Wavy Haircut

You can tie your short wavy hair randomly at the top of your head with its fascinating look, get help from wire clips to make your hair look neat, and you can get a daily hairdo that you can easily complete. You can wrap a glaring strand around your hairpin to keep your hair from looking messy and fluffy. This will also prevent your hairpin from looking bad.

30. Wavy Bun Hair

Wavy Bun Hair
Instagram • @thelovelyhairclass

If you have short wavy hair, we have another suggestion for a bun model. This bun model, which you can use very comfortably and harmoniously, especially in business life, looks as if you have long hair, but it is actually made with a few strands of short wavy hair wrapped around each other and attached to the hair bun from the ends of the hair. You can also release one or two strands of hair from the front of your face for a more beautiful look.

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