35 Short Curly Hairstyles to Enhance Your Face Shape

by thedailyhairstyles

Why do people choose curly hair?

The main reason people prefer curly hair is to gain a hot and attractive appearance. In addition, it is inevitable to look perfect with a curly hairstyle that provides a natural look. With this curly hairstyle that is compatible with all colors, you will be able to shape your appearance according to your wishes. People prefer curly because it gives great charm to every face shape every person.

And although it is preferred more in the fall months, it is indispensable in the summer months. You can choose to shine in your colorful jewelry and dresses.

Use in a very wavy or afro style may vary completely according to your face shape. For diamond and round faces, we recommend models with curtain bangs with short curls. Make up your mind and increase your attractiveness.

#1: Short Curly with Bob Haircut

Short Curly with Bob Hairstyle
Instagram / @curly_hair_london

Get this short bob haircut design and be proud to show off your natural curls. If you have pale or slightly dark skin, we recommend using it with red color. It is the inevitable choice of winter and soh spring months.

#2: Soft and Cute Baby Curls

Soft and Cute Baby Curls
Instagram / @curlfrann

This classic look will add flair to your mood. The reason they are called “baby curls” is because they provide a soft and delicate appearance. Because you’ll get compliments on looking younger thanks to this look. You can also choose it by adding light highlights to some parts of the hair.

#3: Modern Haircut with Short Curly

Modern Haircut with Short Curly
Instagram / @its_glam_jam

This modern hairstyle will add glamor to you and will be perfect with your short curly hair. It looks great even with small touches of brown and adds to your black hair. Don’t forget to use products that offer enough moisture to keep your curls looking healthy.

#4: Sleek Short Curly Hair

Sleek Short Curly Hair
Instagram / @margauxdawn

You will continue to maintain your style with this wonderful curly hair in the fall. With the elegant flowing appearance, your smile will shine even in cold weather. It offers an attractive and fiery look thanks to its stylish design.

#5: Soft Small Curls with Dark Roots

Soft Small Curls with Dark Roots
Instagram / @curlykill

Loose curls will help your face look elegant. A great style can be created with a hair color that matches the skin tone. We enrich this hair design, which offers a light balayage look, with slightly dark roots, making it look perfect.

#6: Brownish Huge Curly Hairstyle

Brownish Huge Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @dopecurlyfro

With this awesome curly hair, you will look great in winter outfits. It can be paired with gold-tone jewelry. Curly hair will also allow you to have sharp and attractive looks. It also adds a stylish look by turning from light brown to cold dark color.

#7: Fresh Look with Black-Toned Curly Hair

Fresh Look with Black-Toned Curly Hair
Instagram / @meumundocacheado

Can’t find a hairstyle to use your gold jewelry? With this fresh and soft-looking curly hair, your gold-tone jewelry will find its place. You will shine with this curly hairstyle that will overshadow other women around you. Of course, don’t forget to laugh, this looks great with curly.

#8: Beautiful Natural Curly Hair

Beautiful Natural Curly Hair
Instagram / @curl_evolution

Do not want to look both natural and stylish at the same time, then try this messy curly style. You won’t look dull in your winter outfits with this messy short curly hair. Continue to keep your stunning look and shine. And don’t be overshadowed by the clothes.

#9: Curly Hair with Blonde Dark Roots

Curly Hair with Blonde Dark Roots
Instagram / @slim_color

With this curly hair that can be prepared quickly, you will be able to combine your dark-rooted hair with a more beautiful hairstyle. You will be able to emphasize your curls with this hairstyle that provides a natural appearance even if it is small. Although it is generally preferred with blond color, you can choose it according to your wishes.

#10: Fine Curly Hair with Hair Band

Fine Curly Hair with Hair Band
Pinterest / @sohostyle

With this great-looking headband, you can give your curly loose curls a cute look. In addition, it will make your facial features look sharp and you look younger. You will be the best of dates with this curly hair that adds strong and fiery allure.

#11: Big Cute Bun with Curly Hairstyle

Bun with Curly Hair
Pinterest / @theouai

This curly hair bun that you can look confident in offers an ideal style for your glamorous makeup. It will allow you to wear your open-shoulder clothes boldly and it will help you achieve a beautiful harmony with the headband you will wear. You are ready for anything with this curly bun that will make it appear in your big earrings.

#12: Layered Short Brown Curly Hair

Layered Short Brownish Curly Hair
Pinterest / @vivaglammagazine

With this layered curly hair that is perfect with your denim outfits, you’ll look as great as ever. You can also get a soft and cool style by blending the layers with light hues. They will be afraid of staying in the shadow of the people around them.

#13: Dark Pink Toned Curly Hairstyle

Burgundy Curly Hair
Instagram / @sataradyse

You better get ready to feel the light of the sun. Because you will reflect the sun with this slightly darkened shade of pink. Your jeans and sporty outfits will reach a great attraction when you meet your pink-toned curly hair. Get ready for the compliments you will receive already.

#14: Light Blue Toned Curly Hairstyle with Balayage

Curly Hair
Instagram / @abbimarielay

People won’t be able to take their eyes off this sky-toned hairstyle. If you like to wear loose clothes and want to be prepared quickly, you should try this light-toned sky blue curl. We recommend that you do it simply with this hairstyle otherwise it will stay in the shade of your hair.

#15: Dark To Light Color with Curly Hairstyle

Dark To Light Color with Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @blancaollem

You like to stay colorful, don’t you? Especially in summer. With this curly hairstyle and mixed colors, you will meet your desire. You will look soft and youthful with this curly hair that goes from dark to light. You should start preparing your curly hair that will fit any accessory you will wear.

#16: Loose and Layered Curly Hairstyle

Loose and Layered Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @actually_ashly

Get ready to swim in your curly waves. With your perfect smile and the help of your jewelry, people will always be interested. You will shine just like the sun. We recommend wearing a light-toned outfit with this layered curly hairstyle. Do yourself a favor and let your curly hair lighten you up.

#17: Wavy Pink Tones with Curly Hairstyle

Wavy Pink Tones with Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @raznoglazaya_hair

What’s the harm in being in color? Are you ready to go back to your youth by coloring your hair with these perfect colors? Do not forget that this curly pink hairstyle with its soft and delicate structure will also have an attractive look. Let’s add that your sweater-style outfits will be great with this colorful curly hair.

#18: Strawberry Blonde with Curly Hair

Strawberry Blonde with Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @curlyhairvancouver

When we blend the strawberry blonde style with the hues of this autumn on it, a great look comes out when we blend the curly hair. You can continue to be interested in your winter clothes with this curly look that looks beyond perfect with any face shape. And we recommend that your make-up be simple.

#19: Dark Blonde Balayage Curly Hair

Dark Blonde Balayage Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @slim_color

Your face will look small and your gestures big with this dark blonde balayage curly hair with an Afro look. You will look serious and cute with this dark blonde curly style that also makes your looks sharp. We recommend wearing silver-toned jewelry, this is perfect for dark blonde hair.

#20: Layered Balayage Curly Hair

Layered Balayage Carrot Toned Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @barbarasama

Even though it looks reddish, it’s easy to look perfect with this carrot shade. Are you ready to enrich your smile with this carrot-toned curly hair dreamed of by a white-skinned woman? Can you imagine the effect of this curly carrot hue on other people that can even positively affect mood?

#21: Kinda Pixie Cut, Curly Hairstyle

Pixie Cut
Instagram / @sarah_louwho

While it looks a bit like a pixie haircut, this curly hair looks great on any face shape. You don’t need to hide your smile anymore. Pink-toned colors added with fine touches turn you into an even more attractive woman.

#22: Rose Gold Balayage Curly Hairstyle

Rose Gold Balayage Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @curl.society

The combination of this golden rose color and light skin will bring an attractive woman. And thanks to your smile, the balayage attachments in your hair will be more visible. While your looks will be more effective on people, they will look just as cute on your face. You will be able to impress people comfortably with this golden rose-colored curly hair.

#23: Short Curly Hair with Blonde

Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram / @curlyhair_lynds

How about being the sun of the people; Because you will. Their eyes will bleed when they look at you and your glamor will double with your blonde balayage hair. You will turn into a model walking on the catwalk. Let your gold-colored jewelry shine with your hair!

#24: Strawberry Blonde Wavy Curls

Strawberry Blonde Wavy Curls
Instagram / @curlygreeneyes

Get ready to try this perfect hairstyle that will make your colorful eyes stand out. If your eyes aren’t colorful, don’t be sad! Thanks to the strawberry blonde color, your eyes will be colored and your smile will shine. No need to be ashamed anymore, with these wavy curls, the attention is always on.

#25: Balayage Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Triangle Face Shape

Curly Hair for Triangle Face Shape
Instagram / @lizzandhercurls

You will inevitably look great with this curly hair that you can appreciate on your triangle face. You will look fit in your clothes with this balayage blonde curly hair, which is one of the most attractive hairstyles of the fall season. It is worth trying curly hair in the favorite of long and thick clothes.

#26: Charming Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Blonde Curly Hair
Instagram / @philly_curl_creator

Curls look great with this light blonde curly model that has a simple and attractive look. Your smile will not be overshadowed by this curly hairstyle that will highlight your face. The people you look at won’t be able to take your eyes off you. Number one of young girls with cute nature.

#27: Light Brownish Curly Hair

Curly Hair
Instagram / @tykastin

You will look like you are giving life to the world with this light brown hair color. It also helps you gain a serious look with its perfect structure. Don’t be afraid to look serious because it attracts attention. You will have an inevitable beauty with this curly hairstyle, which is the favorite of autumn.

#28: Light Curly Pink Hair Color for Diamond Face Shape

Light Curly Pink Hair Color for Diamond Face Shape
Instagram / @ariadnegs

Although pink has different looks for every person, it suits everyone. Make your smile dazzle with this pink curly hairstyle that will sparkle your diamond face. This hair, which is mostly preferred in the late spring months, looks beautiful with spring makeup. It also draws attention to your facial features.

#29: Short Natural Look Curly Hairstyle

Short Natural Look Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @hairbyale07

This curly hair, which is preferred because of its easy preparation and naturalness, is the first choice of most people. You will be perfect in fabric clothes with this hairstyle preferred to add a more attractive look to your classic clothes. Since it is preferred in business life rather than in meetings, its natural appearance is inevitable.

#30: Curly Hairstyle with Afro Looking Dark Blonde

Curly Hairstyle with Afro Looking Dark Blonde
Instagram / @kats.curls

When you add an afro look to your curly hair and combine it with dark blonde, it is usual to look sweet. Thanks to its soft and delicate appearance, it will make those who look at your hair look again. Just like the night sun, it will gain charm thanks to its shine. Since it is compatible with most face shapes, the usage rate is high.

#31: Inverted Bun Curly Hairstyle

Inverted Bun Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @kelsiebodden

Thanks to the inverted bun, you will get a confident look. Your make-up is also interesting thanks to this wonderful inverted curly bun. This inverted curly hairstyle, more famous for being preferred in the spring months, is the number one among brunette girls. We recommend wearing silver jewelry with this curvy style.

#32: Dark to Light Curly Hair with Bangs

Dark to Light Colored Curly Hairstlye with Bangs
Instagram / @thehairmagi

You will inevitably look young with this wonderful alien theme. You can combine this hairstyle with any color you want, which can be used with large accessories. This curly hair, which goes from dark to light color, will reflect the light inside you. And it will underline your gestures.

#33: Brownish Short Afro Curly Hair

Brownish Short Afro Curly Hairstyle
Instagram / @qredew

The inevitable color of afro curly hairstyle, we can get more beautiful colors by mixing brown a little. Your facial features look perfect with this curly afro style that adorns the dream of brunette girls. It ensures that your light-toned clothes are compatible with your hair. You won’t be afraid to laugh with this hairstyle.

#34: Short Curly Hair with Dark Roots

With this wavy short curly hair, which is obtained by mixing pixie and bob haircuts, facial expressions and facial features are at the forefront. If they have colorful eyes, they will be remarkable with this curly. This short curly hair, which is mostly preferred by round faces, makes you look young while giving it a sweet look.

#35: Natural Look with Pink Hair Color

Natural Look with Pink Color Hairstyle
Instagram / @naturalbarbielife

The pink color may not look natural with most hairstyles. But when combined with this curly hair, a natural and soft look is obtained. You will inevitably look hot with this curly, which will make your big earrings shine. We recommend you try this curly hair that will burn the inside of the people you look at.

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