40 Stunning Red Hair Color Ideas for Every Color and Texture

by thedailyhairstyles

When it comes to influential hair color, nothing can hit red hair color ideas. Completely subtle soft or completely bold and vibrant red hair color is attractive and colorful. If you’ve ever thought about turning red, it’s definitely time. The colors are warmer than ever and always trendy. Best of all, everyone can have red hair and look nice. All you have to do is find a color that matches your skin tone and style. Fortunately, we can help you. So, if you’re ready to grab some attention and turn your hair up, here are some of the hottest redhead color ideas to try today.

40 Shades of Red for Everyone

Red hair is more than just color and attitude. Red head is fun, aggressive and ready to challenge the world! If you’re looking for a red hair color, you’ve come to the right place. Red hair comes in a variety of shades such as strawberry, bronze, sepia and burgundy. All you have to do is find the red hair color that best suits your skin tone and eye color.

Wine Red Hair Color Ideas

Wine Red Hair Color
Instagram / @valecatscoiffure

The red hair color of wine has long been a popular trend for good reason. The reflections of the bright red frame of the face give a slight impression of dynamism to the neutral shades of red. Polish the deep, bold red and subtle purple highlights to create a dramatic look that goes well with a small black dress.

Violet Red Hair Color Ideas

Purple red is an exotic color that mixes red and purple. The color is bold and stylish, perfect for women who need a little attention. It is particularly suitable for dark skin and dark eyes.

Ruby Red Hair

Inspired by the gemstone of the same name, ruby ​​red head has a vibrant, intense red color. The dramatic color is especially striking when paired with porcelain skin tones with eye-catching blues or greens.

Rose Gold Hair

Rose Gold Hair Color
Instagram / @charliecancolor

Rose gold is one of the most popular hair colors today. The unique shade is a mix of red and pink, which can be hard or subtle. The dye is best for women with naturally light hair, but women with dark hair can use chocolate rose gold.

Red Velvet Hair

Instagram / @_debby95

Named after colorful cupcakes, red velvet hair shade is rich and intense in a cool shade. A bold and sophisticated look is perfect for dark or olive skin with a pretty tone and brown, ice blue, or emerald green eyes.

Red Brown Hair

Red Brown Hair Color
Instagram / @dreaded.whit

Mixed hair colors are one of the best hair trends, and sepia is one of them. Similar to sepia, but chic, the richer color will work best for monotonous light brown hair who wants to try red.

Medium Auburn Hair

Medium Auburn Hair Color
Instagram / @joico

Medium auburn is slightly darker than light auburn and combines a golden red with a neutral brown. The color is white or flesh-colored, which is especially noticeable in people with warm blue, green or brown eyes.

Maroon Hair Color

Maroon Hair Color
Instagram / @pyureaveda

Maroon hair color consists of a combination of dark brown and dark red or crimson. So women with medium, dark, or olive skin should consider using this red for a chic look.

Mahogany Hair Color

Mahogany is ideal for women with cool, fair or medium skin tone. Cool colors are ideal for creating an equally bold, stylish and sophisticated look. This way you get the look you want.

Magenta Hair Color

Magenta Hair Color
Instagram / @wellahair_ro

The magenta red hair color, which is a mixture of purple and red, is very vivid and expressive. The ideal shade for a bold personality looks best when worn with dark eyes and medium to dark skin tones. Instead, if you have different skin tones or prefer a softer look, try the fuchsia highlighter.

Light Auburn Hair Color

Light brown dyed hair is a mix of light blonde and light brown tones. A beautiful color that matches the warm blue, green, and brown eye creams, peaches, and yellow skin tones.

Golden Copper Hair Color

Golden Copper Hair Color
Instagram / @abrilsotelohair

Gold copper are the shadow of the sun. The color is a mixture of dark gold and bright red, making it warm and spicy. Ideal for blue, green, light brown, warm brown, peach, yellow and neutral skin tones.

Ginger Red Hair Color Ideas

Ginger Red Hair Color
Instagram / @courtney_jean_m

Redhead red hair is perfect for women who love a bit of bold natural red. Slightly warmer than your typical ginger color, the color is a medium sepia along the spice tip. Warm colors are suitable for people with white skin and green or brown eyes.

Dark Burgundy Hair Color

Dark Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @ice_dramatics

If you have natural black or dark brown hair, changing to dark burgundy may be a good choice. Deep colors can look nice and you can easily import new fashions into your look. If you want, you can add a difference with just dark burgundy balayage.

Fire Engine Red Hair Color Ideas

Fire Engine Red
Instagram / @sidney.styles

Make a different and use the red hair color of the fire color to draw your attention wherever you go. This shade looks good with warm skin tones and looks great when specifying waves or loose curls.

Neon Red Hair Color Ideas

Neon Red Hair Color
Instagram / @focus_hairdesign

Neon red hair is a bold way to brighten up a room and give a girl a cool vibe. If you’re aiming to be in the spotlight wherever you go, then this color is for you.

Cherry Hair Color

Cherry Hair Color
Instagram / @erica.hairjoi

Cherry is a flashy and showy hair color with blue / brown accents. Dark tones are most noticeable when used with medium or dark skin tones with brown eyes.

Bright Red Hair Color Ideas

Bright and bold red is not suitable for the faint of heart. It often happens that an effective hair color attracts attention and becomes the main characteristic of women. The shade looks great when you first receive it, but be aware that it needs regular maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Blue Red Hair Color Ideas

Blue Red Hair Color
Instagram / @redhead.passion

The blue red hair color is a bit blue and red. You can’t see the color blue, but it serves as a base to darken the red. The color also looks much cooler than the regular orange-based red.

Aubergine Red Hair Color Ideas

Aubergine Red Hair Color
Instagram / @valentinossalon

The red hair of eggplant has an impressive distinctive tone. The color is basically dark branched red, suitable for women with cool skin and blue or green eyes. For warm skin with a golden undertone, don’t forget to pay attention to this color.

Amber Red Hair Color Ideas

Amber Red Hair Color
Instagram / @redhairzz

Golden orange is mixed with red and brown tips to create an amber red hair color. These tones work particularly well with warm tones and light skin tones, but also work well with certain eye colors.

Coral Red Hair Color Ideas

Coral Red Hair Color
Instagram / @antheaguiost

If you can’t decide to dye your hair pink or red, try coral. This neon shade is a fun way to express your personality on any skin tone. This color, which can be preferred for those who love pink, is quite sweet.

Dark Copper Shade

Dark Copper Shade
Instagram / @belllbelle

Bold bronze, known as one of the natural red hair colors, is perfect for cases that demand a simple, natural approach. Dark bronze introduces a perfectness to the head and gives it a sophisticated fashion look.

Red Curly Hair

Red Curly Hair
Instagram / @beyulabs

Whatever your hair shape is, you can try red hair color. In this respect, you should choose red for your curly hair. In this way, your hair will look brighter and livelier. Moreover, everyone will like you very much!

Light Auburn Red Hair Color Ideas

Light Auburn Red Hair Color
Instagram / @johsmar.salon

You can create a unique color by mixing different shades of red hair. The image in this photo uses dark colors for size and light colors to emphasize shape and structure. For old-fashioned Hollywood curls, comb the curls made with a 2 inch barrel color.

Fiery Ringlets

Fiery Ringlets
Instagram / @florida.maam

There are many red hair colors for you to choose from. The key to finding the perfect shade is paying attention to your skin tone. Cool tones work as deep tones like burgundy, while warm tones can break up reds with orange bases like fawn.

Red Riot Hair

Red Riot Hair Color
Instagram / @saloncyan

The punk rock style tends to be more creative and versatile. When you want an oversaturated red, it can be difficult to get size and depth in bright tones. You can get it without changing your favorite color by mixing different shades of red with similar tones.

Simple and Straightforward Red Hair

Simple and Straightforward Red Hair
Instagram / @wellahair_ro

This may not be the most edgy innovative hairstyle, but it does show the gist of its versatility. Long, boring cuts can be worn with a variety of appudo blades, or simply long and loose. It’s a bold color, so balance it out in a soft purple eyeshadow and floral top.

Chic Dark Red Hair

Too many people naturally have red hair. If you want to try red instead of naturally red-haired brunettes, a brown tan is probably the least risky. This is also a subtle fawn of cute caramel at the end. Very sweet and cute!

Chocolate Red Hair

Chocolate Red Hair Color
Instagram / @sarahashtonhair

There are some interesting unrecorded rules. Changing hair color to an unexpected new hair color is to evoke positive changes in life. The color of chocolate red is a mixture of chocolate and red hair. Subtle colors are to attract your attention and show your taste and style.

Peachy Red Hair Color Ideas

Like rose gold, this subdued red pre-ranju hair dye offers a color combination that is welcomed by most. Only no metallic luster. It is recommended making a reservation at the salon for the perfect blend of orange and red tones throughout the sharpening process.

Rosewood Shade Of Red Hair

The rosewood color appeals to women with medium brown and dark brown hair. The right hair color not only brightens her eyes, but also brightens her entire life! Pinkish-red tone is a hair color suitable for everyday life, but at the same time it is very glamorous when it looks casual or glamorous.

Black Hair with Red Highlights

Black Hair with Red Highlights
Instagram / @ohlucyy

Do you have a black hair? You can try the red highlights to spice it up. Moreover, this way you can combine the color red and black very beautifully. In addition, these two colors add nobility to you.

Red Hair Ombre

Red Ombre
Instagram / @nard_yap

You can consider the color red for your dark hair. If you do not dare, choose red ombre for your hair! In this way, if your hair is long and you do not like this color, you can cut your hair.

Red Hair Highlights

With a variety of shades and undertones to choose from, red highlights will always look hot and sexy when done properly. You can choose from red highlights on the whole or on the edges to accentuate the hairstyle, but this hairstyle provides incredible contrast and a crisp finish. For naturally brown or black hair, the bright red highlights can add a dramatic and warm touch to the hairstyle.

Natural Dark Red Hair

Natural Dark Red Hair
Instagram / @nickysatanabis

If you have to doubt, dark hair attracts women and trust. Copper and ginger-latch hair hair are famous blue colors, but they can be a good option if you are blessed with this fun color and record. Although you are not born, there is a way to get this traditional style with the help of professional skills.

Bold Hot Red Hair

Bold Hot Red Hair
Instagram / @hc.salon

Red hair is all it takes to really stand out and be in your style. For thick red hair, consider jewelry like garnets and rubies. This gemstone gives a dramatic look and is truly stunning when exposed to light. It’s like finding a fiery personality that you can’t control with bright colors.

Cherry Cola Red Hair Color Ideas

Cherry Cola Red Hair
Instagram / @wildvinebeauty

Like the centerpiece of your favorite beverage syrup, this cola-inspired hue adds red accents to the dark brown mane. This shade is a maintenance-free red and is perfect for brunettes who want to mix things up.

Red Box Braids

Red Box Braids
Instagram / @elina_pechalova

You can dye your hair red before getting it done as box braids. In this way, you catch both trends. At the same time, you will get the innovation you want. In addition, as you can see in the photo, you can highlight the red hair color with the make-up you will do.

Short Red Hair Color Ideas

Short Red Hair
Instagram / @hiusnurkka10

For versatile and attractive red hairstyles, consider cutting short. Short hair looks gorgeous and unique and goes really well with red, but requires less effort when going through the dyeing and conditioning process. Keeping your hair short not only saves you time, but also reduces stress on your hair and helps keep your hair strong and full.

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