20 Cute Pink and Purple Hair Ideas to Copy This Year

by thedailyhairstyles

Pink and purple hair is a hair color that includes both pink and purple tones, generally in the form of highlights or an ombre. For all you weird females out there, this is your best chance to flaunt a stunning two-toned or half-and-half hairstyle! Attract the most enthralled stares everywhere you go. You only need a decent hairstylist!

The Most Beautiful Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Using pink and purple in your hair still shows how two simple yet beautiful colors can come together in a wide variety of looks, styles, and hues. The amount of hair color you use in various shades of pink and purple will also give you a brand new look. However, all these differences make a significant impact in terms of look, feel, and style.

#1: Half Pink Half Purple

Half Pink Half Purple Hair

If you want to show off the colors pink and purple in the most striking way, consider making half your hair pink and half purple. In this way, you can show both colors to the end. You are also free to choose the two tones that best suit each other. However, choosing pastel tones as in the photo will make your face look better, especially if you have fair skin.

#2: Dusky Purple to Pink Hair

Purple to Pink Hair

If you’re looking to fade away from your current hair color, this is a terrific look for you. Assume you already have a tint of pink or purple in your hair. This style demonstrates how dark roots work well with the pastel lilacs and baby pinks that fade down. You may also add a little wash to your fading hair color to give it a fresh lease of life. Figuring out what to do in-between hues, or making the hair color change itself, is frequently what makes dying your hair color such a daring experience.

#3: Pink Roots and Purple Ends

Pink Roots with Purple Ends Hair

If you want to try a different version of the pink and purple hair ideas, make your roots pink and your ends purple. Moreover, if you choose these colors from soft and pastel tones, you will get a more elegant look. Try this without fear to be stylish on your date with your girlfriends!

#4: Pink Money Pieces

Purple Hair with Pink Money Pieces

If the front strands are lighter than the rest of the mane, you can get a stylish coin part hairstyle. It is a highlighting treatment that illuminates your skin and draws attention to your facial features. The most suitable colors for this are pink and purple! Whether you use pink or purple, you get a cute look either way.

#5: Pastel Pink and Purple Hair

Pastel Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

The soft shade of pink and purple will give you the most beautiful colors. With such a sweet shade, a professional hair colorist should be consulted because most at-home hair colors will not be long-lasting. Once you’ve found the right shade of light pink and purple for your skin tone, the next step is to pre-blond your hair for a surprisingly bright effect.

#6: Bold Pink and Purple Hair

Pink and Purple Hair

Bold pink and purple hair is a must-have for every fashion-forward lady. This hue was developed as a beautiful gift for us females by hairstylists from above. It’s everywhere, from jewelry to clothing. So why isn’t it on your head? The combination of bold pink tones and purple hair coloring creates an incredible color transition! This notion is best suited to natural blondes with pale skin tones.

#7: Pink Hair with Purple Bangs

Pink Hair Color with Purple Bangs

If you want to create a trendy and pioneering alteration in your hairdo, colorful dyed bangs are the treasure you’re looking for! Colorful bangs, which have recently been popular on social media, introduced a fresh and young look. Hair bangs, which are available in a range of hues regardless of age or style, are an ideal alternative for women who want to draw attention to their appearance. It is suitable for a variety of styles, including thick, wispy, side, and colored hair bangs!

#8: Purple Roots and Pink Ends

Purple Roots and Pink End Hair

If you like purple more, you can dye your roots purple to show it more. Then you can add the pink color between the ends and the ends of the hair. In this way, these two sweet colors go into a beautiful harmony and guarantee you the look you want.

#9: Pink and Purple Mixed Hair

Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

This hair color, obtained with a mixture of pink and purple, will fascinate you! Although the difference between the two colors is not very clear, you can add more to your hair if you want to highlights which color more. If you wish, you can add more pink color towards the ends of the hair to get a look like in the photo.

#10: Wavy Pink and Purple Hair

Wavy Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Wavy hairstyles are a great way to update your image. Many wavy hairstyles like a textured twist or beachy waves can be swapped out for medium-length hair. Pink and purple waves, in particular, are sophisticated and quickly elevate your hair to celebrity status. In this way, you can have the most striking hair in every season.

#11: Long Pink and Purple Hair

Long Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Long hairstyles are still in vogue as long as you get the right shape and color. If you have long hair or are considering growing it out, you should know that this year is all about layers, feathers, and texture. Join the pink and purple hair trend to make the length of your hair more beautiful! In this way, you can be the most fashionable and stylish woman of the year.

#12: Pink and Purple Hair with Bangs

Pink and Purple Hair Ideas with Bangs

Combining short pink and purple hair with hair bangs is still a fashionable short hairstyle. Bangs attract emphasis to your lovely eyes and can also highlights your cheekbones. Another fantastic advantage of having bangs is that they are the quickest method to look styled. If you’re short on time but still want to look good, focus on getting your hair bangs just perfect and pulling the rest of your hair back in a fast up-do.

#13: Pink and Purple Undercolor Hair

Pink and Purple Undercolor Hair

Looking for a technique to change up your hair color while keeping it healthy and shiny? Undercolor hair ideas, therefore, are the solution to your problem. This entertaining style changes your ‘do without inflicting damage or split ends by adding some color without the necessity for the prior all-over bleach.

#14: Pink and Purple Hair with Green

Pink and Purple Hair

Whatever your style or personality, there is a mermaid hairstyle for you. Choose opposing colors or colors that are adjacent to each other on the color chart. Prepare to put your passion for color into your hair. Mermaid hair that has been expertly colored is a visual feast. This hair color is ideal for those who want to add more color to their pink and purple hair.

#15: Pink and Purple Hair with Blue

Pink and Purple Hair Ideas with Blue

The mermaid blue hair look that doesn’t go all the way to the root for various reasons is great. The most important aspect is that it gives you a cute attitude. After equipping your hair roots with this color, you can complete your look by using pink and purple tones.

#16: Reddish Pink and Purple Hair

Reddish Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Today’s current hair color is often complex, which means flat tones are still acceptable, but if you want a truly stylish hairstyle, integrate some light or more pronounced highlights into your strands. It is remarkable how color can change the whole attitude of a hairstyle in an instant. This half pink half purple hair looks perfect on its own and looks unruly.

#17: Short Pink and Purple Hair

Short Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Short hairstyles built on short choppy haircuts provide the sassiest, glamorous, low-maintenance hair looks that quickly earn the most style points. Women’s short hairstyles are stylized haircuts that run between a pixie and a neck-length bob cut. After choosing one of these cuts, consider the colors pink and purple to add a cute and youthful air to your look.

#18: Straight Pink and Purple Hair

Straight Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

Natural straight hair is easily beautiful when it comes to straight hairstyles. It doesn’t take much effort to look stunning and perfect on its own. Its smooth texture gives you an edge when shaping it in various forms. In addition, dyeing your naturally straight hair with pink and purple colors will give you a different look.

#19: Pink and Purple Ombre

Pink and Purple Ombre Hair

While ordinary pink and purple hair color may not appear to be a good match for most skin tones, pastel pink may be worn with almost any base. That’s why many females prefer this color for their delicate and one-of-a-kind ombre appearances. Also, while ombre is a little more difficult to produce than all-over color, it is still doable at home.

#20: Bright Pink and Purple Hair

Bright Pink and Purple Hair Ideas

If you can’t decide which new color to try, pink purple hair color is the perfect way to spice up your look and draw attention to yourself. Its bright pink and purple colors open up endless possibilities to produce a bold, colorful and gorgeous statement that elevates your look to extraterrestrial proportions. You can do a few lines or head-to-toe haircuts that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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