60 Stunning Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

New year brings you ombre hair ideas! If you are looking for a change, we can suggest you to touch up your hair. You can give it a new cut or a new color, but the best and the most trendy thing you can try is ombre hair. Ombre hair will be the most desirable hair style in 2022 which you don’t want to miss.

What Does Ombre Means?

Ombre is a beautiful hair style that consist two or more colors. To occur an ombre, colors should be gradually blended together. Most ombres consist two harmonious colors like different shades of a same base color. Ombres generally consist darker color at the top and the middle of the hair and lighter color at the ends.

Ombre is a really good choice when you want to try new things but don’t know what to do. Although there are outstanding ombres, you can choose a natural looking ombre to try. Natural looking ombres are easy to come back, so if you are not happy with the results you can fix it with less effort.

So, if you are ready, here is some beautiful and trendy ombres:

Three Color Hair Ombre

Three Color Hair Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

If someone say ‘ombre could only done with two colors’ stay away from them! This woman proofs that no ombre should be containing only two colors. You can use three or maybe four color together to create a colorful and cheerful ombre. You can use some unusual colors like pink or blue and make it even more stunning.

1. Ashy Cold Brown to Light Blonde Ombre

This is a great example how an ombre hair style should look like. No matter how long you look a at it, you can’t see where the brown ends and where the blonde begins. You can use two ashy or cold colors together like this. If you have cool and light skin, ashy ombre will suit you perfect.

2. Bob Hair with Vanilla Blonde Ombre

Bob Hair With Vanilla Blonde Ombre
Instagram /@panda.retro

Ombre is a really good hair style with bob hairs too. You may think keep the darker roots more narrow. If you want to try lighter hair colors than your natural hair color, you can try it. It will help you to see how lighter hair colors look on you. In addition, you will no longer worry about your roots starting to grow.

3. Ombre Hair with Eye-catching Red Auburn Color

Ombre Hair With Eye-catching Red Auburn Color
Instagram /@hairbysoa

You can be more brave with your ombre hair style. If you want to add some remarkable color in your hair, red auburn is a really good alternative. It is not that unusual but no one can deny that red auburn is ordinary. We can suggest red auburn ombre to you if you have light or medium skin color.

4. Ashy Brown to Chocolate Brown Ombre

Ashy Brown to Chocolate Brown Ombre
Instagram /@hairbyaudreym

You can use to different shades of the same color like this lady. You don’t have to choose between the warm chocolate and ashy brown anymore. Just tell your hair stylist that you want an ombre with these two colors and you will have your absolutely stunning hair.

5. Brown to Metallic Light Purple Ombre

You may looking for a more ‘different’ ombre hair style. Fortunately, there are beautiful and outstanding ombre hair style colors too. Actually, many people who want to dye their hair with unusual hair colors like purple or blue tries doing it with an ombre first. With this way, you can see how this color will suit you and whether you still want it or not.

6. Black to Light Blond Ombre

Black to Light Blond Ombre
Instagram / @jomeirellesporto

You don’t have to have lighter base color to try blonde ombre. Just look at this well done blonde ombre with black base. This woman seems really confident with her new hair style. We can suggest you to try this style if you have light skin or light/medium olive skin.

7. Dark Brown to Ashy Blonde Ombre Hair Style

Dark Brown to Ashy Blonde Ombre Hair Style
Instagram / @lu.fariasbueno

Here is an another example how blonde ombre suits with dark hair colors. In this photo, you can see that dark brown blends really well with ashy blonde color that you can’t see any borders.

8. Purple Gradient Ombre Hair

You don’t have to choose your base color from your natural hair color. Here is an example of how you can apply ombre with only purple but different shades. The soft transition of hair color looks really good with braids and beach waves. You may choose starting with darker purple at the roots and lighter at the tips.

9. Bright Pink At The Tips

Bright Pink At The Tips
Instagram / @klayhair_

Ombre can present in only tips of the hair too. We must admit that bright pink looks really good with dark brown or black hair. If you try the color you want to see in your hair in the tips first you could see how this going to turns out. If you don’t like it, you can simply cut the tips and keep on with your old hair.

10. Ombre With Fringes and Bob Hair

Ombre With Fringes and Bob Hair
Instagram / @lomeservehair

Ombre could be used with fringes. All you have to do is dying your fringes with same color as it come across with your hair. Also, bob hair style and ombre looks pretty good together, so if you want to thinking about getting bob hair you should consider getting an ombre too.

11. Gray Ombre Hair Style

Gray Ombre Hair Style
Instagram / @jonathan_colors

This one if for the women who looking for something unique and also stylish. Gray ombre with long hair and soft waves could be the best duo of all time! You can add gray stripes in front of your hair and makeit even more fashionable. Gray ombre is best when you us eit with black base, but you can choose another darker or lighter base color according to your skin color.

12. Ombre With Neon Blue Color

Ombre With Neon Blue Color
Instagram / @kristal_zarios

Neon colors will help you to show your young and daring soul. Neon blue could be one of the best ombre colors you can choose. Try combine it with black or dark blue base and you will be shocked with your new, beautiful look.

13. Golden Bronze Ombre Hair Style

Who can say no to warm mixture of golden and bronze? Using golden and bronze together is a good choice when you decided to use your ombre at summer. You may use warm chocolate for your roots.

14. Dark Brown to White Ombre Hair Style

Many could think otherwise, but we think dark colored roots are wonderful with very blonde or even white tips. A lot of woman thinks white hair will make them look older, but this lady proofs otherwise with her lively white hair.

15. Black Roots with Deep Purple Tips

Black Roots With Deep Purple Tips
Instagram / @presleypoe

Deep purple looks great with brunettes! If you have light do dark olive skin color we can say that the mysterious character of deep purple will suit you well. If you choose to dye your hair with deep purple ombre you may have to use more make up to make your face go along with your rich hair color.

16. Ombre Like A Fire

Ombre Like A Fire
Instagram / @presleypoe

Let’s admit, we are all attracted to the beautifulness and elegance of fire. So why don’t bring this wonderful fire to your hair as well? Fire colored ombres will suit you well if you have lighter skin but you can use it with almost any skin color if you are daring enough and ready for the eyes looking at you.

17. Brunette Ombre Hair Style

Brunette Ombre Hair Style
Instagram / @rodolfoteohair

All tones of brunette hair is absolutely beautiful. When you blend them together to create a stunning ombre, it will be really glamorous and charming. You can choose cooler brunette tones for winter and fall while you can use warmer brunette tones for summer.

18. Ombre with All The Tones Of Sea

Ombre With All The Tones Of Sea
Instagram / @presleypoe

Think about beautiful colors of the sea and how they go along together with a great harmony. It is really fascinating, right? Good news, you can bring sea to your hair too! The beautiful blue of the sea with different tones and purple / pink lights to resemble sea stones and corals will look enchanting like a sea.

19. Ombre For Tanned Skins

Ombre For Tanned Skins
Instagram / @rodolfoteohair

We all agree with tanned skins are really attractive. So why not adding more glomor to it? Try using ombre with warm colors like dark brown, warm chocolate or honey. When you use them together with a gradient you will see your skin shines as well as your hair.

20. Ombre with Four Colors

Ombre With Four Colors
Instagram / @presleypoe

Let’s flashback to the example we said ‘ you can use four colors too’. Remember it? Here is the proof! This ombre contains dark bronw, rich blue, light blue and blonde and look at how they get together so well. There is no reason why you can’t steal this look.

21. Shining Black with Warm Chocolate Ombre

Shining Black With Warm Chocolate Ombre
Instagram / @ombrehairworld

You may want to keep your natural, shining black hair with you. But time to time, we all want to do some changes to out hair other than just cutting or styling it different. Ombres are really heplful when you can’t decide between keeping your natural and healthy hair and coloring your hair. Here is an example how your brown ombre will come up if you try this.

22. A Little Bit Purple On The Tips Ombre

A Little Bit Purple On The Tips Ombre
Instagram / @ombrehairworld

You can add color to your tips only. It will bring your hair some movement and your hair will look more lively with purple tips. Coloring only tips are best when you have a bob cut hair or shorter hair.

23. White Hair with Colorful Ombre

White Hair With Colorful Ombre
Instagram / @ombrehairworld

Let the innocence and softness of white conquer your hair roots to tips. When you dye your hair with white, you can add some colorful stripes to make it more vibrant.

24. Ombre with Cool Tones

Ombre With Cool Tones
Instagram / @ombrehairworld

Here is an example how you can blend to cool tones to create a stunning ombre hair style. Try adding it some variant with an unexpected hair color like blue. You can see that brown and light brunette tones are expected to using together but blue is a surprising factor.

25. Emerald Green Ombre Hair

Emerald Green Ombre
Instagram / @ombrehairworld

Oh the elegance of emerald! Black and emerald green’s harmony is real and it look literally captivating. You can use emerald ombres with long or short hair, it is all up to you. Are you ready to capture all the eyes with your emerald green ombre hair?

26. Ombre Hair with Pinkish Copper

Ombre With Pinkish Copper
Instagram / @ombrehair_tr

Copper is a really warm tone which goes along with warm under toned skin colors. It generally suits best to lighter skins with brown eyes. You use the warm of the copper with adding it some pinkish tones and make it like a sweet blush.

27. Hot Red Ombre with Beautiful Hair Style

Hot Red Ombre With Beautiful Hair Style
Instagram / @presleypoe

If you looking for some advise to style your red ombre here is an example how to do it. When your hair is unusual, you can use unusual hair style tactics too. It will look really brave and eye capturing at the same time.

28. Ombre with Afro Hairs

Ombre With Afro Hairs
Instagram / @ombrehair_tr

Ombres are beautiful choices with afro hair too. If you have questions in your mind like which color to use this lady could give you some inspiration. Using pinkish colors with afro hair creates real wonders. You can use pink ombre with dark base colors like black or dark brown or use it with a darker pink color.

29. Light Blonde Ombre with Wavy Hairs

Light Blonde Ombre With Wavy Hairs
Instagram / @ombrehair_tr

Look at this beautiful gradient with absolutely lovely waves. While omrbe brings your hair more variant, waves could add it some movement and make it really captivating. You can use beachy waves or more thick waves with your ombre hair.

30. Ombre Hair Color for Dark Olive Skins

Ombre Hair Color For Dark Olive Skins
Instagram / @ombrehair_tr

Dark olive skins goes along really well with warm colors like rich brown. Coloring tips with lighter but also rich brown tones could create a beautiful hair style. While your hair looks lively and shining, your skin will keep pace with it. You can use your new ombre with bob cuts or lob cuts and even pixie cuts.

31. The Mixture Of Cool and Warm Pink Ombre

The Mixture Of Cool And Warm Pink Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

You don’t have to use a basic color as your base color. For example, if you want pink ombres you can color your roots with darker and richer pink and make it more cooler while it goes to the tips of your hair. With this way you can create moevement in your hair.

32. Ashy Light Brown Ombre

Ashy Light Brown Ombre
Instagram / @balayageombre

Using ashy colors in ombre hair styles getting more and more popular. While you can use it with another ashy but darker color at the roots, you can use it with warm colors at the top and a gradient effect which getting lighter and cooler.

33. Ashy Pink Ombre Color

Ashy Pink Ombre Color
Instagram / @presleypoe

All the tones of pink is really perfect, but ashy tones of pinks are even more georgeous. Long hair with ashy pink ombres and balayages are a chance to show your true colors to everyone. Pink ombre could boost your self-confidence.

34. All The Tones Of Sun Hair Color

All The Tones Of Sun Hair Color
Instagram / @presleypoe

This a really powerful ombre style which contains all the warm tones of summer sun. While it seems confident with itself, it is also a really cheerful ombre which resembles youth and live -just like a fire

35. Copper Ombre with Dark Brown Roots

Copper Ombre With Dark Brown Roots
Instagram / @presleypoe

Copper’s metalic and shiny look could add your hair an energetic character. Although this copper color is much more cooler than usual, it still looks really warm and also lively. We recommend cool tones of copper to lighter skin tones. Because copper is a really stong color you can use much more basic colors at the top.

36. Mermaid Ombre Hair

Mermaid Ombre Hair
Instagram / @presleypoe

Look at this stunning ombre style just look like a mermaid tale! You can bring the legendary mermaids to your hair and make everone in the street look at you with admiration. To steal this look, your ombre should contain rich tones of purple, blue and geeen. You can style your hair wavy or straight.

37. Pink Stripes with Black Base

Pink Stripes With Black Base
Instagram / @presleypoe

This one looks really rebel and unusual. Using different tones of pink in your hair as stripes could be the best idea you ever have. This one need some bravery, but we can guarantee that you will be happy with the final results. To make it more vibrant you can use your hair wavy or curly.

38. Soft Gradient Peach Colored Ombre

Soft Gradient Peach Colored Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

Peach is a really soft and lovely color which goes with literally every other base color. Because peach is a pale color you may not want to use it if your skin is pale too. Peach suits best with more darker and tanned skins with cold under tones.

39. Blue and Light Purple Ombre with Pixie Cut

Blue And Light Purple Ombre With Pixie Cut
Instagram / @presleypoe

Blue and purple’s harmony is really good when you out them together. Because both of them cool color we suggest blue and purple ombre to women who have cool under toned skins. Two-colored ombres are also stunning when you use them with a cute pixie cut like this lady.

40. Aquamarine Ombre with Long Hair

Aquamarine Ombre With Long Hair
Instagram / @presleypoe

You can color your hair with the colors of the beautiful aquamarine stone. This ombre has all the under tones of aquamarine and we can say that this hair style done by a really good hair stylist. There is no way someone saw this aquamarine ombre and don’t like it.

41. Baby Blue Ombre with Wavy Hair

Baby blue looks really cute when you use them at your tips. Someone could use baby blue with white base or darker base colors like black or dark brown. Baby blue is good with darker blue tones like electiric blue or ‘night blue’ which contains more black than blue.

42. Brunette Ombre with 3C Curly Hair

Brunette Ombre With 3C Curly Hair
Instagram / @lyssamariexo

This one is for curly girls who has 3C type curly hair. 3C is one of the most difficult hair types to manintain but it is just beautiful like a crown. Curly hairs generally need more care than wavy and straight hair so it means coloring your hair could harm it more. Avoid the harm you can choose not to touch roots and only coloring the tips with an ombre style.

42. Neon Blue Ombre with 4B Curly Hair

Neon Blue Ombre With 4B Curly Hair
Instagram/ @hairpaintwax

If you have very curly hair – like 4B or 4C, you can rock a ombre too. Just remember that coloring your hair may harm your hair more then wavy hair or straight hairs. Fortunately there are more natural hair dyes today so you can choose a less harming hair dye brand.

43. Blonde Ombre with Pixie Cut

Blonde Ombre With Pixie Cut
Instagram/ @ombre.kuafor

If you want to change your style but don’t want to give your hair a new cut or don’t want to grow them, just try using ombre for a while. We know that you will obsessed with your new ombre pixie cut and use it for forever.

44. Pastel Colored Ombre

Pastel Colored Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

Pastel colors really living their best decade since 2010’s. It became more and more popular over time and they have every right to be popular if you ask us. So, there is no reasons you don’t try a new style with pastel colored ombre. You will see that was the best decision you ever made.

45. Purple Ombre with Curly Hair

Purple Ombre With Curly Hair
Instagram / @hairpaintwax

This woman looks like she has a 3B or 3C curly hair. By looking the healthy curls she has we can say that her hair dye is really good with contents it has. This could be an inspiration for you to try new and lively ombre color on your 3B hair without fear.

46. Sea Blue Ombre with Front Stripes

Sea Blue Ombre With Front Stripes
Instagram / @hairpaintwax

Here is an onether example of having ombre with hair stripes. They make your face more ‘defined’ and also they add some charming feautres to your hair. Looks like using blue as ombre color went well with this lady so you can try having a blue ombre with tanned skin/black hair.

47. Silver To Ashy Blonde Ombre

Silver To Ashy Blonde Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

Silver hair dye is one of the best inventions that made in this century! They look absolutely stunning and stylish. So, do it even more chic you can add it some ombre. Silver base and blonde tips are good with each other so you can give it a try. To add your hair some movement you can style your hair with curling iron.

48. Ombre Like A Blooming Rose

Ombre Like A Blooming Rose
Instagram / @manicpanicnyc

Here is an inspirational idea for those women who just like blooming flowers. You can show your fresh and young mind with your hair. Using pastel tones when it is winter or autumun time could be good idea while using same colors but rich tones in summer or spring time.

49. Silver Base – Pink Tips Ombre Style

Silver Base - Pink Tips Ombre Style
Instagram / @presleypoe

This could an another example how you can use your silver hair with ombe style. If your hair is in coold side of silver you can choose using pastel pink with it. Slowly fading effect looks so good when it is come to ombre hairs.

50. Natural Looking Ombre with Short Hair

Short hair styles like pixie cut or long layered short bobs (like in this photo) goes along well with natural lookikng ombres. You can choose using 1 to 3 tone lighter hair color than your base color to implement this absoluletely beautiful look. You can use it with shorter layers too if you want to add more volume to your hair.

51. Metallic Ombre with Long Hair

Metallic Ombre With Long Hair
Instagram / @presleypoe

Metallic ombres will become a trend again in 2022. This woman knows how to blend three different colors in a metallic ombre. To successfully steal this look you can go with safer colors like brown. Using different sahdes of brown would be much easier than blending three irrelevant colors together.

52. Pastel Purple Ombre Hair Style

Pastel Purple Ombre Hair Style
Instagram / @manicpanictr

Pastel shades are ideal for cool under toned skins. But, if you combine it with deep purple like this lady you can use it with warm under toned skin too. You may want to make puple a little bit darker than this photo. Try using aubergine.

53. Forest Green Ombre with Long Waves

Forest Green Ombre With Long Waves
Instagram / @manicpanictr

If you are looking for a charming and eye catching ombre you can try forest green (or electric green with it’s other name) at your tips. You can make green color more gradient like making it darker at the tops and lighter at the tips. If you have really long hair you can sart it from middle of your hair like this beautiful lady.

54. Hot Pink Ombre

Hot Pink Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

Hot pink is one of the colors that looks good with everyone and every skin color. If you have olive or tanned skin it means hot pink will look great on you. Don’t worry if you have lighter, pale skin. You can use it with making pink a little bit lighter and you will be all fine.

55. Short Ombre Hair with Orange Color

Short Ombre Hair With Orange Color
Instagram / @manicpanicnyc

Orange resembles youth, changing and improvement. If you think you have all this features on your soul it means electric/neon/rich orange will look amazing on you! You can use it with red shades at the top like this elegance woman did.

56. Metallic Pink Colored Ombre

Metallic Pink Colored Ombre
Instagram / @thehairguides

If you are daring enought you can use pink shades with metallic looking. Because metallic shades are vibrant, cool and shining at the same time they are really useful and advantageous.

57. Slowly Fading Ombre Style with Brown Hair

Slowly Fading Ombre Style With Brown Hair
Instagram / @thehairguides

Slowly fading colors look so stylish and graceful at the same time. Also if you choose to using fading effect with layers it will look more stunning. You can use long layers if you are using two colors . But, you can choose using short layers if you want to use three or more colors together.

58. Pastel Pink and Peach Colored Ombre

Pastel Pink And Peach Colored Ombre
Instagram / @presleypoe

This one looks like a real cotton candy. If you want something sweet but stylish at the same time try blend peach and pink together at the same time. The gradient will look lovely and your hair will be beyond your expectations.

59. Cool Blonde Ombre with Long Layers

Cool Blonde Ombre With Long Layers
Instagram / @ombrehairworld

Ombre with long layers will keep it’s popularity during 2022. Because long layers and ombre are timeless trends as individuals, they will be continue to using together as long layered ombre. Curling iron may help your layers to show themselves.

60. Silver Base Colorful Ombre Hair

Silver Base Colorful Ombre Hair
Instagram / @manicpanicnyc

This is one of the most succesfull ombres ever. It looks like there are lights playing in silver base. This one is ideal for woman who looks for a magical appearence. We can assure you that everyone will look at you again after they saw you the first time.

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