20 Medium Length Layered Haircuts That Will Blow Your Mind

by thedailyhairstyles

We can say that medium length layered haircuts are simple yet very effective. Medium hair, by definition, expresses a very large area of ​​hair style. However, if we need to make a definition to give an idea, we can call that hair length as starting at shoulder level and ending without passing the shoulder blades. When you look around, you will see that the vast majority of women wear medium length hair. Do not be afraid of the popularity of this haircut and think that it will make you ordinary. Because, medium hair can make you shine like a star when it used correctly.

Medium Length Layered Haircuts

If you don’t want to give up medium hair, but want to make a refreshing change in your style, we have a great suggestion for you: Medium length layered haircuts! With this cut, you will protect the length of your hair and make your hair look much more lively. Moreover, your hair will look healthier and it will shine thanks to the layered cut. So how about taking a look at the 20 medium length layered hair ideas we can recommend for you?

Shoulder Length Shaggy Haircut

Shaggy Hair
Instagram / @madellainemerry

If you want to add some movement to your straight hair, layered cut would be the ideal choice for you. At the end, it’s not a bad idea to give your straight hair a slightly messy look! You can use short or long layers to give your medium hair the beauty and care it deserves, and can enjoy the quick change in your appearance.

Medium Length Layered Curly Hair

Curly Dark Hair
Instagram / @hologlam

A medium cut for your curly hair is like a safe haven. Curly hair is easily styled when used medium length and is easier to control. If you think this is the right length for your hair, how about making it a little more fun? Layered cut can also be used safely on curly hair. Moreover, if you feel your curls are fading a little, the layered cut will give them their former glory.

Mid-Shoulder Length with Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Instagram / @niko_edwardsandco

We can’t think of anything better than curtain bangs to complete a layered cut hair! You can choose a curtain bangs model that will suit the beautiful layers of your hair and suit your face type. If you have decided to use the layers in your hair longer, you can keep your bangs long enough to surround your face instead of using it at eyebrow length.

Messy Medium Length Layered Hair

Wolf Cut
Instagram / @laurengreeny

There are many ways to use the curtain bangs model with your layered hair. We can say that the most striking of these is the messy look. This very rebellious model will make your hair look even more voluminous. To do this hairstyle, you can try the blow-dry method, then fix it with some hair spray. An another alternative is to apply a styling mousse to your hair before blow-drying it.

Feathered Layers with Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Hair
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

Want to get a feathered look in your hair? You can achieve this hairstyle that looks both romantic and confident best with a medium length layered haircut. Try getting a more feathered look by keeping the layers on your hair a little shorter. Blow-dry after cutting will make it easier for you to reach the model you want.

Blonde & Medium Length Hair

Curtain Bangs
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

You can make the shiny look of blonde hair even more beautiful with the medium length layered haircut. This color and haircut harmony, which is quite beautiful for the summer months, will both refresh you and help you reach a new and younger look.

Medium Length Layers with Fun Colors

Rose Gold Hair
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

Would you like to reflect your enthusiastic and young spirit that laying inside you? Then there is a very cool styling idea we can recommend to you! Using fun, unusual colors such as pink, blue or purple in your hair instead of classic colors can help you in this regard. Moreover, medium length layered haircuts are also a good choice to achieve your goal.

Tight Wavy Layers with Medium Length Hair

Light Brown Hair with Curls
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

Instead of hiding your gorgeous waves, we suggest revealing them with a beautiful, medium length layered haircut. If your hair is not naturally wavy, don’t be upset! Alternatives such as curling iron or curler are ready for you. Medium layered cuts look much lush when used with tight waves, so why not giving it a try?

Shoulder Length Beach Waves

Layered Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

There are few things that more beautiful than beachy waves, which stand under the warm lights of the sun. Moreover, if you prefer a warm tone like blonde in your hair, it is impossible not to feel all eyes on you. If you want a warm touch on your hair, you don’t need to be limited to just blonde. Hot browns and coppers are also very suitable options.

Layered Lob Hair

Medium Length Layered Hair
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

Speaking of warm tones, how would you think about include gold color in your hair? You can see how beautiful this style looks from the photo. The golden color you will apply to your medium length layered hair as stripes will make you look much more vivid and bold. To apply this color, you should make sure that the main color of your hair is also a warm tone. Warm brown can be a good choice in terms of contrast.

Scandinavian Mid-Length Layered Hair

Scandinavian Mid-Length Layered Hair
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

There is no limit to the models you can make with your medium layered hair. If you want an easy, eye-catching hairstyle, you can try using one of the layers in your hair as in the photo. All you need for this style is a rope of suitable length and thickness! The rest is entirely up to your imagination.

Curly Medium Length Layered Hair

Curly Mid-Length Hair
Instagram / @jhair_stylist

It is not a dream to have voluminous curly hair that looks like a crown that will make you look like a princess. You can get much more voluminous and magnificent curls by adding short layers to your medium length hair.

Medium Length Layered Hair with Soft Waves

Medium Length Layered Hair
Instagram / @emmaroberts

Want to have Emma Roberts’ perfect hair? Then all you have to do is to give your hair long layers and leave your waves as they are. If you want your hair to be silky and not messy, as in this example, you can get help from anti-frizz hair products.

Shaggy Curls with Long Layers

Curly Hair
Instagram / @curlysmania

Sometimes not giving too much attention toyour hair can help you get the best look. With this hair style, which is very suitable for daily use, you can have perfect hair without struggling in the morning. Try to give your curly and medium cut hair long / medium layers. You will see that it works.

Peachy Medium Length Hair with Longer Layers

Peachy Hair Color
Instagram / @lakmecolour

If you are looking for a naive look, you can try using peachy colors and shades. The long layers you will use with your hair of this peach tone will give you a melancholic atmosphere. If you wish, you can support your appearance with bangs suitable for your face type.

Medium Length Layered Hair with Ponytail

Ponytail Hair
Instagram / @lakmecolour

A high ponytail can give you a completely different vibe. If your hair is cut in a longer model, not a bob, you should definitely try this style. You will be surprised to see how you can change your look by using the daily ponytail model you always use, but higher.

Light Brown Shoulder Length Hair

Layered Brown Hair Color
Instagram / @lakmecolour

Light brown hair tones which contains golden reflections are especially suitable for women with olive skin. If you have your hair cut in medium length and you are thinking about which color will suit your beautiful layers, you can try a hot brown shade that will give your hair a shining look.

Georgeous Curls with Medium Layers

Medium Length Curly Hair
Instagram / @lakmecolour

If you think short layers in your curly hair would make your hair really frizzy, you may want to consider giving medium length layers a chance. Medium length layers are ideal for giving your hair a nice volume withoutmaking it frizzy. By highlighting your hair with balayage, you can provide a nice sense of depth.

Half Bun Hair for Mid-Length Layers

Layered Hair with Dark Roots
Instagram / @ultrafadebyrich

Being the favorite style of those looking for an easy-to-make hairstyle, half buns are also the biggest savior of medium hair. Moreover, you can easily display the perfect layers in your hair this way. If you complain that your half bun hair is without volume, using a hair donut will be really helpful.

Multi Colored Medium Length Layered Hair

Blonde and Copper Hair
Instagram / @kitsu.mae

You don’t have to limit your hair with just one color. Choose two colors you think will suit you and use them together! Life is too short to decide what color to use. Getiing two different hair colors with your medium length and layered hair will also give you an extraordinary look.

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