40 Long Bob Haircuts That’ll Convince You to Cut Your Hair

by thedailyhairstyles

Long bob haircuts, you are a great detail! Beautiful bob hair on the shoulders is among the favorite haircuts of the new year. There are great on-trend haircuts for these long bob cuts, women’s hairdos work wonders and provide us with great hair inspiration.

The main reasons for long bob haircuts to be popular may be the ease of use, the fashion and the great look of the hair.

Another reason why this long bob haircut is of great interest is that it works with every hair color and hair type, as you can see from the following hairstyles, bob haircuts are a harmonious haircut for women of all hair colors and all ages.

Long Bob Haircuts to Try in 2022

Choosing a long bob cut in 2022 is a logical choice in many ways. The color and cut of your bob cut can vary depending on your age and taste. Long bob hair will work well with a great balayage, ombre or any other great hair color you want.

The long bob haircut is a haircut that can be used comfortably in autumn, winter or spring, summer. One of the advantages of this haircut is that your hair is long enough to be gathered.

1. Long Bob Highlights

Long bob haircuts
Instagram @wmhair_wagnermartins

These long bob highlights are a great hair color choice for hair. This hair color can give your hair incredible shine, women who love shine in their hair can use highlights transitions in this way.

2. Extreme Wavy Bob Haircut

Long Bob Haircuts
Instagram @hairbymmeri

If you are interested in natural colors, you may like this hair color as much as I do! You can give the ends of your hair a wavy look on special occasions, this wavy look will make your long bob haircuts look light and lively.

3. Straight Long Bob Haircut

Straight bob hair with blonde color
Instagram @tmiemmipeltoniemi

Light blonde colors with shading will go well with your long bob haircuts, but it would be a good choice to choose such straight hair and light blonde colors, I think this style will work more harmoniously with formal wear when straight and long bob hair is preferred with this hair color.

4. Long Bob Hair with Blonde Highlights

long bob haircuts
Instagram @kevinmurphychez

You can have beautiful highlights and shiny looks with your long bob with slightly wavy hair. A slightly wavy look can help your hair look shinier. This blonde highlights hair color will work in harmony in fall and winter.

5. Bob Haircut with Dark Red-Toned

reddish long bob haircut
Instagram @Hairbyiisa

Dark red tones are great winter hair colors. Also, this hair color goes well with bob hair. Dark red shades are generally not used much, but you can see these deep red hues in many hairstyles, especially with long bob haircuts.

6. Light Brown Bob Hair

Light brown as well as heavily wavy and long bob haircut. One of the features of light brown hair is that they have an intense shine. It will be a great hair choice for your hair to always look shiny and healthy. Also, these hair shades go well with long bob haircuts.

7. Bob Haircut with Shaded Blonde Color

long bob haircuts
Instagram @sandrasartory_team

This light blonde hair color is a great choice for glamorous bob hair. Also, light blond works well with all long hair. Another feature of this color is that it has intense shadow transitions. Great shading can be done using dark blonde hair colors between light blond hair.

8. Matte Brown Bob Haircut

dark blonde hair on bob haircut
Instagram @carolinehbeauty

Matte brown shades don’t shine, but that doesn’t make them bad, as matte shades are also very much loved and admired hair shades. It may be more appropriate to use in the spring and summer months because brighter hair tones attract more attention due to the cold and dark weather in the winter months.

9. Long Bob Hair with Blonde Balayage

long bob haircuts
Instagram @lucassanchezvip

In this great hairstyle, we can see how the ombre color transitions add shine to long bob hair. Contrasting colors are not always needed for an ombre, as you can see in this hair, great ombre can be created with classic blonde balayage hair tones.

10. Long Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

Long bob haircut
Instagram @simonisstefanie

This hair has thin hair, this thin hair look gives the hair a fragile and delicate look. For this reason, women with thin hair would be right to decide on a haircut suitable for their hair type when choosing their haircuts.

11. Bob Hair with Shining Black Color

black bob hair
Instagram @salonebhair

Shiny black hair has a simple and cool look. Also, this shiny black hair can be a great color choice for bob hair. It can be ideal for those who want a simple and cool look in their hair, but at the same time, it is a color tone that attracts attention due to its bright color structures as well as its plain appearance.

12. Soft Long Bob Hair with Blonde Balayage

blonde highlights
Instagram @alisa_colorist

Soft long bob hair. A key factor in giving this bob a soft look is a hairdresser who is a master of blonde balayage. A good hairdresser should set the desired hair tone very well. Achieving the right shade may take a few sessions, but believe me, it’s worth it!

13. Golden & Brown Balayage

Long bob hair with blonde highlights
Instagram @ilegalleryestilistas

A wonderful color tone created by the mixture of golden and brown color tones. This shade can work great with many haircuts, not just for long bob cuts. If we need to give this hair color a name, golden brown balayage or honey brown balayage might be a suitable name for this hair.

14. Black & Blonde Ombre

Long bob hair with blonde balayage
Instagram @loungeandhair

If you love ombre, I am sure you will like this hair! You will see a charming example of ombre on this bob hair. An ombre going from black to platinum blonde. This ombre hair color is great for long bob hair!

15. Straight Blonde Ombre Bob Hair

Long bob haircuts
Instagram @loungeandhair

If your hair is straight or you want to use it straight, here is a hairstyle that will give your long bob hair great ombre shadows. We highly recommend using ombre like this for straight hair, as this ombre look gives the hair a glamorous look!

16. Long Bob with Thin Hair

This hair color is a great hair shade that ranges from blonde to brown. We can see that this hair color is great for thin hair. Balayage shades that flow through the hair give this hair type a great look.

17. Long Bob with Brown & Purple Color

In order to increase the shine of a hair, it is very important to maintain the hair without disruption. We can understand that a good care is done for this hair from its shine. Of course, we can say that the photo has the effect of being taken under sunlight.

18. Warm Colored Long Bob

long bob haircuts
Instagram @Hairbyiisa

Warm colored long bob hair can be your favorite in any season. Also, choosing warm colors in hair tones will make you look very sweet. A long bob can be a good choice to give your hair a wavy look and add fullness to your hair.

19. Dark Roots and Blonde Layers

long bob haircuts
Instagram jaquehairstylist1

Hair that I think every brunette woman who loves long bob hair would want to try: Dark Roots and Blonde Layers. Since it does not require extra effort, dark roots are generally preferred by women with dark hair. Also, many dark-haired women can apply layers of blonde to their brunette hair as they want a blonde breeze in their hair, this long bob hair is a good example.

20. Long Bob with Shaggy Hair

long bob haircuts
Instagram • @antonio_cozza_tura

Shaggy looks great on bob hair! It can be a great bob hair choice for those with curly hair. The shaggy look gives the hair a light appearance like a feather and at the same time it looks very cool.

21. Layered Bob Hair

long bob hair with blonde
Instagram @jaxx.hair

It is not easy to pass such a platinum hair color, for this color, the hair has to go through many dyeing steps, the hairdresser, who is the architect of this hair, describes the process as follows:

Who doesn’t want to be a clean bleach blonde?

Moving from highlights to a global blonde is not the easiest. We did an open air method, and painted very carefully with many different formulas. Watching carefully and rinsing out the finished sections. If you are taking a client to a platinum, be careful, take your time, and don’t rush the process!

22. Golden and Ash Balayage

Golden waves look very harmonious with this haircut! The hair roots with dark ash hair color and the blonde colors moving towards the ends give this bob haircut a rebellious look.

23. Dark Ginger Hair

This hair color looks both extraordinary and very cool. This hair color is called dark ginger. We can see that the ginger color towards the ends of the hair tends to light tones, I can say that this look is a simple ombre.

24. Pastel Pink Hair

Bob haircut with rose gold color
Instagram • @hairmania_amelie

A pastel pink hair color is very vibrant and vibrant. Although it takes effort to achieve this shade, I am sure it will be worth it. If you are someone who likes pastel color tones, definitely dare and try this color! I should also mention that you need to go to an expert hairdresser for this shade.

25. Bob with Shaded Hair

Long bob hair
Instagram • @karina_leao_bessa

You can see great shade hair color example for many bob haircuts. This shaded bob example is one of them as well, it is also a great example of shading for hair. It will be a good color choice for those who like cool shades. It’s cold but cool.

26. Under Shaded Bob Hair

long bob hair with curls
Instagram • @madamechicklorena

Can you see the black shadows underneath this blonde platinum hair? This hair style with under shades offers a great look to these hairstyles. Just to give a hint, the reason that the curls at the ends of these hair are dense is to make the under shades appear more prominent. You can use this tip if you have hair with under shades.

27. Wavy Blunt Bob Hair

Sassy long bob haircut
Instagram • @wmhair_wagnermartins

We can call this bob hair wavy and blunt. Also, if we talk about the hair color, we can see that many blonde shades are lined up from dark to light. This multi-colored blonde look works great with wavy and blunt bob hair.

28. Silky Looking Hair

bob haircuts
Instagram • @Hairbykaisa

Check out how silky these hair looks! The reason for this silky look is not only because of good hair care, but also because of the great hair colors. You may need more than one dyeing session to achieve this hair color. You can find out if your hair is suitable for this haircut and hair color by showing this hair color and haircut to your hairdresser.

29. Effective Long Bob

Another great example for those who want to have a natural look in their haircut and hair color. The hair color fits perfectly with the skin tone and a light make-up, that’s what looks great.

30. Wavy Light Blonde Bob

long bob haircuts
Instagram • @Hairbykaisa

With this hair style that reveals its beauty, you will be noticeable even in the dark! It will be easier for you to combine with your clothes with its lively appearance and healthy structure. Besides that, your round face will have a edgy look thanks to this wonderfully wavy dark blonde hairstyle and fine layers.

31. Bob Dark Roots on Thick Hairs

Make your style magnificent by combining dark roots, which are indispensable for fine hair, with small waves while gathering interest in your hair. Let your hair look fuller and voluminous with the stylistic design that comes with the ombre detail. Allow this easy-to-make hairstyle to be scorched in the summer sun.

32. Straight Bob Light Blonde

bob hair
Instagram @leikkuteekki

Combine your perfect length hair with this dazzling blonde color in this bob cut that reaches up to your shoulders. Don’t let the volume in your hair get lost while getting a classic look with this hairstyle. Although round-faced women prefer a bob haircut, it goes well with blonde color for other face shapes as well.

33. Sleek Bob with Dark Roots

Straight bob haircut
Instagram @ar.hairstudio

How would you like to recreate your style with this catchy stylish hair style that provides a classy look? It helps fine hair to look confident and plump with perfect dark root hair detail. It will also help you improve your elegance with sharp hair cuts. Nurture your elegance with this slender long bob hair style.

34. Dark Curtain Bangs on Bob

Bob haircut
Instagram • @kainandecaine

Detail your bob haircut with the curtain bangs favorite of brunette and round-faced women. Do not lose the fullness of your hair while increasing the attention on your face. Test this glamorous bob haircut with dark curtain bangs while creating your own style.

35. Ombre on Wavy Bob

Long Bob Haircuts
Instagram • @irinalier37

Dress up the fall with this light brown ombre detail. Combine your blonde hair with a bob cut, ramping up your sharp waves with ombre. Combining your blonde ombre bob hairstyle with curtain bangs is inevitable for you to get a more detailed cute look.

36. Classy Brown Bob Look

Brown bob haircut
Instagram • @lifeforhairlucerne

If you like confident styles, this hairstyle will be your new style. It will allow your fine hair to gain volume and look classy with its cute appearance underlying its harsh appearance. With this cool bob hairstyle, you will end up looking boring under your fabric outfits.

37. Sleek Silver Bob Hair

Blonde bob haircuts
Instagram • @_bylaura_

How about cheering up your bob haircut with the incredible change of silver? Combine your wonderful fine hair with the sparkle of silver and help it get fuller. With its lively and soft look, you will look as attractive and stylistic as possible.

38. Layered Black Bob

Long Bob haircut on dark hair
Instagram • @wmhair_wagnermartins

You will be faster, ready and beautiful with this hair style that can easily adapt to your daily life. With its long layers, it makes your black bob haircut look more stylistic. It will add volume to your fine hair with layers that will support your cute and attractive looks.

39. Sharp Layered Brown Bob

Layered bob haircut
Instagram • @wmhair_wagnermartins

How about trying sharp layers that will make your body details more attractive and sharp? The combination of long and thin layers creates the perfect level of detail in this bob haircut. Try the hair style, which can be easily applied on special occasions as well as in daily life, as your own style.

40. Baby Pink Bob Hair

pinky bob hair
Instagram • @_bylaura_

How would you like to jump into your style with this light-toned pink color that decorates your dreams? Embrace this wonderful subtle pink bob hairstyle that embellishes dreams as your style. You can love stylish and cute looking baby shades. Keep your round face sharp and attractive and your fine hair to look saturated.

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