15 Ways to Get The Light Blue Hair Trend in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a daring new hair color that’s far from natural, light blue hair color is one of the most fashionable methods to do it. There are tones of light blue hair color that may complement every skin tone and appear good in every season, ranging from cold greyish blue to brighter colors like aqua or Tiffany blue.

The Most Beautiful Light Blue Hair Colors

Many people think that light blue hair is completely out of place. By the way, many women consider it fashionable. Light blue peekaboo highlights or ombre color trends are ideal for experimenting with a touch of hair blue, while extremely daring women can choose one of the ideal light blue hues and dye their entire hair this color.

#1: Short Light Blue Hair

Short Light Blue Hair Ideas

This is pastel blue hair that is extremely understated in its own right. Her hair is practically grey or silvery since it is so icy blue. It’s a pretty vibrant hue that looks wonderful in the winter but can also be worn in the summer. It’s also a short haircut, therefore it’s not only cute but also uncomplicated.

#2: Light Blue Pixie Haircut

Light Blue Pixie Haircut Ideas

It’s a lot of fun to have short light blue hair. It’s a simple hairdo, but you can do a lot with it. Besides, pixie haircut is a great fun cut that’s also quite popular right now. Many folks are going for the huge chop with short attractive simple hairstyles.

#3: Light Blue Asymmetric Haircut

Light Blue Asymmetric Haircut Ideas

Light blue is a lot of fun and something anyone can do. You don’t have to be particularly old or young to enjoy this trend. Blue can be lively and dramatic or delicate and gentle and still very playful. For more difference, asymmetrical haircut and light blue hair can be tried.

#4: Wavy Light Blue Hair

Wavy Light Blue Hair Ideas

Here’s a light blue that’s a lot of fun and, while brilliant, isn’t too loud. It’s a gentler blue that will work with a variety of different blues if you chose to add some highlights to your hair or wear other bright blue colors on your outfits. This is a lovely blue that is lighter in tone but still adds a lot of vibrancy to the table.

#5: Straight Light Blue Hair

Straight Light Blue Hair Ideas

This is an extremely vibrant and brilliant nearly neon blue hue. You’d recognize this hair from a mile away, and it’s one you’ll have a lot of fun with if you decide to make it your own. This is a truly unique hue that is becoming increasingly trendy as people want to achieve mermaid hair.

#6: Light Blue Ombre

Light Blue Ombre Ideas

This gorgeous hair ombre will instantly turn you blue. Blue hair is no longer just for vagrants and cartoon characters; Women of all ages are trying this daring hairstyle. If your natural hair color is dark, you can try light blue to add color to it.

#7: Very Light Blue Hair

Light Blue Hair

This hair color is significantly lighter than the others; in fact, it is virtually grey. This hair color is great if you already have light colored hair because it will require a lot of bleaching to get this look. This hue has a worn denim aspect to it and is quite nice.

#8: Blonde Roots with Light Blue Hair

Light Blue Hair Color

This is a haircut that begins with blonde hair at the top and progresses to a stunning light blue color. It’s a really interesting look because it starts out “regular” and then gradually transforms into a wonderful piece of art because it’s such a stunning blue. If you’re searching for adorable hair colors, this is the one to go for.

#9: Layered Light Blue Hair

Layered Light Blue Hair Ideas

If you want to not only go with light blue but also change your haircut, you can try a layered hairstyle. A layered hairstyle includes hair with the top layers cut shorter than the bottom layers to give the illusion of volume and length. Adding bangs to this model makes you different from everyone else.

#10: Light Blue Bob Haircut

Light Blue Bob Haircut Ideas

This blue is considerably more subdued. It nearly appears like a denim hue, like the color of your favorite pair of jeans. It’s short and wavy, and it’s extremely attractive. This appears to be a simple hairdo, but it is nevertheless a lot of fun. The nicest part about blue is the variety of tints available.

#11: Dark and Light Blue Hair

Dark to Light Blue Hair

This beautiful blue color combination starts with a dark blue at the roots and gradually turns to a light blue. This is known as ombre. The ends of the hair will not be as dark as the roots. This is a pretty fun and different mix of blues that is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. This requires a lot of blue hair colors, but it’s well worth the effort.

#12: Green and Light Blue Hair

Green and Light Blue Hair Colors

Here is another mermaid shade. There is some green in this blue mix. Green is a really distinctive hair color that looks great with shades of blue as shown below. Her hair appears to have blue roots and turns into a gorgeous ocean-like mix of blue and green.

#13: Light Blue Hair with Black Roots

Light Blue Hair and Black Roots

This cheerful, light blue hair color is a great way to add some color to your short waves. The style is a fresh and trendy approach to ombre. Romantic waves look even better in this stunning shade of blue. If your hair roots are dark, give it a try without any fear!

#14: Baby Blue Hair

Baby Blue Hair Color

For sure, some baby blue hair color was necessary for this one. This is another extremely subtle appearance that is clearly blue, but it is light. It is still a really vibrant hue, and it will most likely look beautiful in the sunlight since you will be able to see the blue in it.

#15: Light Blue Balayage

Light Blue Balayage Ideas

This is a pretty lovely hairdo. It begins with dark hair and gradually fades into a lighter shade of blue color. The top and bottom look great together because they are comparable hues that are only a few shades different. If you want to go with a blue theme, this may be a fun way to accomplish it because you don’t have to stick to just one shade of blue.

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