40 Latest Short Bob Haircuts with Layers

by thedailyhairstyles

Why Are Bob Haircuts Preferred?

One of the main reasons why the bob haircut is still preferred by most people, is the charm; Although interpreted differently by most people. In our opinion, bob haircut provides a very natural, reassuring hairstyle according to your preferences.

Generally, people prefer layered, Combover, stacked, wavy, shiny and reverse cut styles. Of course, as with other haircuts, there are personal preferences in these haircuts. As an example to these; The majority of people who prefer to use it in a messy, curly, sleek straight and asymmetrical way.

#1: Short Combover Bob with Dark Roots

short bob haircut
Instagram / @styled_by_carolynn

You probably think a combover is designed for men only, right? You are wrong, this ultra-hip choppy bob hair will add a sporty look to us women as well. If you have a triangular head shape, this ultra-hip choppy bob hairstyle will highlight your face and give you a confident look.

#2: Layered Short Stacked Bob Blonde Haircut

Layered Short Stacked Bob Blonde Haircut
Instagram / @kelkelhair

With this short Stacked Bob Haircut, you can keep your face looking round and soft. Your fine hair will have a fuller and brighter hair structure with the Stacked Bob Haircut. If you have a round face, you can try a short less Layered Pixie Haircut.

#3: Auburn Wavy Bob

Auburn Wavy Bob
Instagram / @lynziland

Are you preparing for a special day? Do not worry! The attention of people will be on you with the Auburn Wavy Bob Haircut. The Wavy Bob Haircut adds more texture and volume to your hair. It makes your smile stand out and gives you a soft and cute look.

#4: Shiny Silver Wavy Bob Haircut

Shiny Silver Wavy Bob Haircut
Instagram / @rossmichaelssalon

Tired of casual color and faded haircuts? Then this haircut is for you! Keep eyes on you with this stunning Shiny Silver Bob Haircut. Your hair will look shinier and softer than ever with a Shiny Silver Bob Haircut. Shiny Silver Bob Haircut looks prettier with Oval head shapes.

#5: Short Bob Haircut with Long Bangs

Short Bob Haircut with Long Bangs
Instagram / @styled_by_carolynn

Want to make a change using your Long Bangs haircut? How about transforming your Long Bangs hair into a Short Bob look by shortening it a bit? In this way, you can combine your curtain bangs with a Short Bob Haircut for a simpler and more impressive style.

#6: Inverted Short Bob Haircut

Inverted Short Bob Haircut
Instagram / @bobbedhaircuts

Want to bring your bob haircut into more luxurious style? The Short Inverted Bob cut is all you need to give your silky hair a more beautiful look. This Short Inverted Bob haircut makes your cheekbones stand out for people with long faces.

#7: Short Messy Bob Haircut for Curly Hair

Short Messy Bob Haircut for Curly Hair
Instagram / @hairbygunny

Do you have Curly and Short hair, so why not try a Bob haircut? You may want to bring your hair into a Short Messy Bob to make your Curly hair look more attractive and natural. This Messy Bob will make you cuter than you are.

#8: Cropped Curly Bob Haircut

Cropped Curly Bob Haircut
Instagram / @love_jomy

You can make your curly hair as short as you want! If your Curly hair is too long, you can trim it to a softer and natural shape. After the Bob Trimming, your cheeks will look more defined and cute. And remember, this will make you even more attractive!

#9: Awesome Sleek Bob Haircut

Awesome Sleek Bob Haircut
Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

Are you going through a bad time? This Awesome Sleek Bob haircut will make you look strong and confident. In the Sleek Bob haircut, all hair strands are the same length. If you want, you can separate it from the sides or the middle. It looks amazing on people with fine hair and round head shapes.

#10: Bob Haircut With Caramel Highlights

Bob Haircut With Caramel Highlights
Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

Can you say something bad with Caramel in it? With this Short Bob Caramel Highlight haircut, you will turn into a work of art. When combined with the Chocolate color Caramel surrounding your hair, your face will instantly stand out. If you want to get an even more attractive look, don’t forget to blow dry your hair ends after the Short Bob Caramel cut!

#11: Stacked Bob with Strawberry Highlights

Stacked Bob with Strawberry Highlights
Instagram / @hairbyjammie904

The Stacked Bob Haircut will bring your short hair into great shape with subtle Strawberry touches. Your accessories will stand out with a short Stacked Bob Haircut. Every accessory you wear will shine brightly. It looks beautiful on people with small faces.

#12: Center Part Bob Haircut

Center Part Bob Haircut
Instagram / @clintmattoni

With the Center Part Bob Haircut, your face will look so sweet, your nose and eyes will be the focal point of your face. The simplicity of make-up that you will use with this Central Bob Haircut helps your hair look natural.

#13: Funky Bob With Lavender Color

Funky Bob With Lavender Color
Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

How would you like to have an attractive look by combining your fine hair with Lavender colors? The Lavender Funky Bob Haircut accentuates your head shape. This Lavender Funky Bob Haircut, which is usually used with plain accessories, will look brilliant because the neck area is short and the side areas are long.

#14: Long Asymmetrical Inverted Bob Haircut

Long Asymmetrical Inverted Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @googlystyle

The Short Asymmetrical Inverted Bob Haircut is a haircut generally used by middle-aged people. It focuses the right or left part of your face. With this Short Asymmetrical Inverted Bob haircut, your hair is soft and attractive. Make sure that the clothes you will wear and the accessories you will wear are plain colored, so your hair will look natural.

#:15 Spiky Bob Haircut

This Spiky Bob Haircut looks a bit like a Pixie Cut. The Spiky Bob Haircut makes your hair look Messy in general, but it makes you attractive with colorful shapes. It looks great on people with round heads. Since the hair is short, the jewelry you will wear will be very compatible with this Spiky Bob Haircut.

#16: Curved Short Bob Haircut

Curved Short Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @stylecraze

Curved Bob Haircut will give you a Vintage look. Your face will gain a serious and attractive look with this Curved Bob Haircut, which is preferred to be used without accessories. It will be compatible with any outfit you will wear. Curved Bob Haircut will keep all the attention on you.

#17: Square Face Bob Haircut

Square Face Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @liveabout

This Square Face Bob Haircut with a mesmerizing look looks great on people with a Square face as you can see from the name. This Square Face Bob haircut, which can be supplemented with light colored make-up, goes well with white-toned accessories.

#18: Blunt Bangs Bob Haircut

Blunt Bangs Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @thehairstyler

You can create a clear look with the short Blunt Bangs Bob. By adding bangs to your short Bob hair, you can add interest to the makeup on your eyes. Make-up with this Short Blunt Bangs Bob haircut will be more compatible with your colorful hair. Dark tones are more preferred in this haircut.

#19: Mushroom Short Bob Haircut

Mushroom Short Bob Haircut
Instagram / @yoko_for.hair

Mushroom Bob haircuts are mostly preferred in the Asian region. This Mushroom Bob haircut, which is generally preferred by white-skinned people, goes well with people with fine hair and round heads. This Mushroom Bob haircut, which is the focal point of leather clothes, will make you look very attractive.

#20: Short Champagne Blonde Bob Haircut

Short Champagne Blonde Bob Haircut
Instagram / @elonsalon1

Add a stylish look to the Blonde Champagne Color with a Bob cut. With this Blonde Champagne Bob Haircut, which is mostly preferred by green and blue-eyed people, your chin and facial lines will be more prominent. Used with plain make-up and bright accessories, this haircut will make your low-cut dresses look more beautiful.

#21: Full Undercut with Bowl Cut to Short Bob Haircut

Full Undercut with Bowl Cut to Short Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @retailhairproducts

The undercut Bowl Haircut is designed for people who love accessories. Often preferred with leather outfits, this Undercut Bowl Bob haircut goes well with tall people with a round head shape. Undercut Bowl Short haircut can be kept longer and more attractive depending on your wishes.

#22: Inverted Bob with Hidden Undercut

Inverted Bob with Hidden Undercut
Pinterest / @short-hairstyles

Want your Undercut to add a cute look to you without being visible? Then the Undercut Inverted Bob haircut is for you. Hidden undercut hair makes you look more confident. Popularly used with dark accessories. It looks beautiful with medium toned makeup too.

#23: Pastel Balayage on Short Angled Bob Haircut

Short bob haircut
Instagram / @bhairdressing

With a Pastel Balayage Short Haircut, plain clothes are more interesting. It makes you look natural in luminous jewelery that you can wear with plain clothes. But what if you don’t want to look natural? Why not try it out with more fancy clothes and jewelry.

#24: Curly Blue Bob Haircut

Curly Blue Bob Haircut
Instagram / @elissawolfe

How about trying this Curly Blue Bob Haircut preferred by young girls? I can hear you say yes. With this sky blue preferred in cold weather, you will keep looking beautiful in winter clothes! Of course, if you are using piercings, the Curly Blue Bob haircut is worth a try!

#25: Soft Silver and Copper Balayage Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut
Instagram / @american_salon

Do you love getting tattoos? What about using glamorous jewelry? So why not replace her hair with the charming Copper and Silver Crop Balayage Bob cut? By coloring your fine hair with Copper and Silver colors, we can draw attention to their tattoos! Then give it a try and enjoy.

#26: Copper and Brown Loose Curls Bob Haircut

Copper and Brown Loose Curls Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @lovehairstyles

How about trying this Brown and copper mix loose curled bob cut preferred with sheer outfits? We recommend that you use this gorgeous Bob haircut that combines two colors without accessories. Thus, you will get a natural look. Of course, the decision is yours.

#27: Voluminous Bob Curls

Voluminous Bob Curls
Instagram / @shorthair_love

Do you always wear dark makeup and dark clothes and do you like them? Then don’t say no to trying Voluminous light Blonde Curls. You will look like a Hollywood actress with these bold Curls that add beauty to the beauty of people with heart face shapes.

#28: Wild Curled Mane Bob Haircut

Wild Curled Mane Bob Haircut
Instagram / @nothingbutpixies

Similar to a Pixie haircut, this Wild Curled Mane will emphasize that you are a party girl. We know you love the party and the colors. Then this Wild Mane with a slightly Curly Undercut is for you. Definitely try this Messy haircut that goes well with blue and green!

#29: Simple Textured Short Bob Haircut

Simple Textured Short Bob Haircut
Instagram / @katierosehair

Do you love to laugh? Who doesn’t love it anyway? You can try this Simple Textured Short Bob haircut that will put your smile in focus. The simple textured cut, which is still more interesting with light colored clothes and make-up, is the choice of people with a round head.

#30: Natural Waves with Textured Curls Bob Haircut

Natural Waves with Textured Curls Bob Haircut
Instagram / @sarahprenticehair

Textured Curly, which comes with Natural Waves, which is the favorite hair style of autumn, can be for you. Because it gives your silky hair a softer look by decorating it with the color of autumn. And of course you will be cuter with long dresses! You will be just like an autumn flower.

#31: Platinum Loose Curls with Bob Haircut

Platinum Loose Curls with Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @tophairstyles

Here is the Platinum Loose Curly haircut, the winter hair preferred by skinny people as a majority. It will take the eyes from your body and draw all the attention to your hair. You can look great in any outfit with this shiny Platinum hair! Give it a try and start shining.

#32: Tousled Two-Tone Brown Bob Haircut

Tousled Two-Tone Brown Bob Haircut
Instagram / @petermenezes

Are you a midtone lover too? Then you want to try a mix of these two shades of brown. Although people with round heads generally prefer it, we can get the perfect look by mixing two shades of the color that most people love. We are curious about your comment after trying it.

#33: Wild Ombre A-Line Bob Haircut

Wild Ombre A-Line Bob Haircut
Instagram / @alaya_spalon

We were looking for a way to change the popular Shaded hair by decorating it with the wild look; We found exactly what we wanted by mixing the black and green color. Yes, it’s an incredibly bold hair color, but it radiates vital energy thanks to its density. Look how it sparkles with some light! Simply fascinating.

#34: Pink and Violet Bedhead Bob Haircut

Pink and Violet Bedhead Bob Haircut
Instagram / @hairdosbyirene

Although it is the fashion of the past years, the color purple keeps its place in fashion. This purple and violet bob that everyone should try out locks the experimenters on themselves. By enriching your blonde hair with violet and purple colors, adding flawless highlights; adds a vibrant pastel look. With these super messy curls, the ‘bead head’ is written all over the glamorous look.

#35: Short Red Wavy Bob Haircut

Short Red Wavy Bob Haircut
Instagram / @windhamryce

When you want to look seductive and attractive, nothing is more effective than red colors. We love this shade of red that complements your skin tone beautifully while framing the face in a slightly wavy way. After all, every shade of red is eye-catching. Don’t forget to amp this Haircut with pink or red lips and a silver necklace!

#36: The Micro Bob Haircut

The Micro Bob Haircut
Instagram / @annaferrerslowhair

One of the sharpest short haircuts, the Micro Bob haircut is really fierce, but if the goal is to be neat and neat, make sure your trims are neat. It’s best to avoid split ends, as super cropped parts are more visible. Your dark-themed accessories and makeup will be powered by your hair!

#37: The Blunt Cut Bob Haircut

The Blunt Cut Bob Haircut
Instagram / @kai_sohn

Another killer cut for your fine hair gives the illusion of fuller thin hair ends that look wavy, blunt, frayed or wavy. In order to make the most of this illusion, a skillful and precise cut is required. It will add a serious and attractive look to you after taking advantage of master hands.

#38: The Bob Haircut with Bangs

The Bob Haircut with Bangs
Instagram / @laila.wella

Bob haircuts with bangs look sleeker on faces that feature heart, long, and oval shapes, but a side-hanging fringe makes this cut a style that suits everyone. No matter what type of bang you wear, get rid of moisture by using a quality hair spray to suppress frizz without crunching.

#39: Natural Looking Bob Haircut

Natural Looking Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @tophairstyles

A slight curl in your hair and a bit of natural Ombre will make you look younger than ever. Show yourself very flirty and stylish with a light toned pink lip and metallic accessories.

#40: Short Casual Elegance Bob Haircut

Short Casual Elegance Bob Haircut
Pinterest / @morgannolan

This type of bob cut radiates elegance. Well-groomed and perfectly polished hair will make you look hard and stylish at the same time with deep brunette tones. Additionally, this haircut with oversized earrings and checkered shirts gives you a cool look.

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