20 Trendy Icy Blonde Hair Tone You Have to See

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Icy blonde hair is a light, cool-toned color with traces of beige that is both attractive and stylish. While new hair color trends are expected in 2022, frosty icy blonde will remain a popular choice. The best thing is that there are so many ways to make this popular color your own, from blonde highlights to dimensional balayage. We’ve compiled a list of 20 distinct ways to wear icy blonde hair this year.

Trendy Icy Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Icy blonde hair is a light, cool-toned hair color that is as white as snow and with slight beige undertones. Since recent years, this high fashion hue has been stealing the show. From Lady Gaga to Cara Delevingne almost everyone has been posting their beautiful ice-princess looks all over social media and their snowy hairstyles continue to inspire white-hair aficionados all over the world!

#1: Short Icy Blonde Hair

Short Icy Blonde Hair Ideas

This is the most extreme icy-true white-blonde hair. It takes a lot of work to get there, but the result is undoubtedly one of a kind. The hair looks matte as it is dyed a fairly consistent platinum shade, which is admittedly fashionable but not for everyone. This color is especially evident in short hair.

#2: Platinum Icy Blonde Hair

Platinum Icy Blonde Hair Color

If you want the phrase ‘ice queen’ to come to mind when you look at your hair, take inspiration from this platinum icy blonde hair color. The hair has been dyed a consistent ultra-light blonde with a trace of shadow at the roots. The look is mesmerizing when styled in this type of wavy yet voluminous.

#3: Straight Icy Blonde Hair

Straight Icy Blonde Hairstyles

Although this is really a blonde hairstyle, a few icy blonde accents assist to lift it to something brighter and much more enjoyable! There are also some deeper streaks in the mids that maintain the hair healthy and give it a vibrant appearance when straightened.

#4: Long Icy Blonde Hair

Long Icy Blonde Hair Ideas

It might be intimidating to color your hair when it is really long and healthy, but as this example illustrates, you can keep that healthy brightness as long as you go slowly! This is the sort of clean icy blonde that requires numerous bleaching treatments over the course of a few months to attain, but with deeper roots, you know it’ll be easy to maintain.

#5: Dirty Icy Blonde Hair

Dirty Icy Blonde Hair Color

Icy blonde doesn’t have to be all squeaky clean! You may include some dirty blonde vibes into the appearance, as shown in this stunning streaked example. The blend of deeper warm tones with a light, neutral platinum gives this style a natural vibe, which is accentuated by the naturally colored roots.

#6: Icy Blonde Hair with Bangs

Icy Blonde Hairstyles with Bangs

If you prefer the rock ‘n’ roll vibe, a shaggy haircut is definitely worth a try. It’s a great way to add a little punk vibe to all-platinum blonde hair but leave the roots just a little bit darker for that stealthy dark touch. Also, don’t forget to add bangs to the hairstyle!

#7: Icy Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

Icy Blonde Hair

Purple highlights are incredibly flexible and are the most creative hair color for both strong and bold fashionistas and modest and delicate women with extraordinary taste. If you want to make your icy blonde hair different, you can try purple highlights.

#8: Light Icy Blonde Hair

Light Icy Blonde Hair Color

This extra light variant on icy blonde hair is almost white – the type of style that requires lightening hair above level 10. You can see how wonderfully these pearly waves complete the hairstyle. Gorgeous princess hair styled in waves!

#9: Warm-Toned Icy Blonde Hair

Warm Icy Blonde Hair

This warmer take on the light blonde hue is perfect inspo if you’re taking things slowly or like a more natural take on icy blonde. While there are flashes of bleached blonde throughout this look, the gold threads make it warm and pearly, complementing the romantic waves into which this hair was done.

#10: Dark Roots with Icy Blonde Hair

Icy Blonde Ombre

This is an example of how icy blonde streaks can give a lot of gloss to hairstyles that have other dominating colors. Whether you’re a natural blonde or wish to be one, this highlighted style is gorgeous and sparkly without being overpowering.

#11: Icy Blonde Hair for Older Women

Icy Blonde Hair Ideas for Older Women

Hairstyles and haircuts for older women are inspired by the biggest trends rather than mindlessly following hair trends. Simple yet cute short haircuts for older women are in vogue now. One of the most beautiful colors for them is icy blonde tones.

#12: Icy Blonde Medium-Length Hair

Icy Blonde Medium-Length Hair Ideas

Medium-length hair is the most versatile, especially for fine hair, allowing you to create a variety of creative hairstyles even if you want your hair to be thicker. If you have straight hair and are looking for a new color, you can choose one of the icy blonde tones. In this way, you can have more stylish hair.

#13: Icy Blonde and Blue Hair

Icy Blonde and Blue Hair Colors

Bright and dramatic hair colors are the center of attention, and teal is a hue that’s hard to ignore. It can be a refreshing color that adds youthfulness to your look. Combining this color with icy blonde will be like bringing summer to your hair. Sun and sea side by side!

#14: Icy Blonde Hair with Highlights

Icy Blonde Hair Ideas with Highlights

If you love your icy blonde hair color but want to add depth, dimension, and a modern flair to it, you’ll probably choose highlights that are applied loosely and without foil. You can use orange, yellow, and green together to add some color to your hair.

#15: Thin Icy Blonde Hair

Thin Icy Blonde Hair Ideas

You can choose icy blonde hair color to make thin hair look thicker. Although thin hair is not preferred with long haircuts, if you do not want to cut your hair, your hair can stay long. However, choosing medium hair length will make your hair look healthier.

#16: Icy Blonde and Brown Roots

Icy Blonde Hair Ideas

This rich icy blonde balayage features a few extremely subtle warmer blonde streaks that only serve to accentuate the platinum shine. It’s a heavy balayage to be sure, but there are a few deeper blonde strands running through it. If you want a natural look, leave your roots natural.

#17: Wavy Icy Blonde Hair

Wavy Icy Blonde Hairstyles

This gleaming icy blonde hair color is perfect for the summer! Waves are the key to obtaining a beachy look, although a multi-dimensional dye job also helps! Anyone may create this style, but those with light hair will find it easier because just a portion of the hair will need to be bleached, while the rest can simply be toned.

#18: Cold-Tone Icy Blonde Hair

Cold-Tone Icy Blonde Hair Color

With proper technique, even an all-white blonde can look cool-toned! Straight hair can look winter ready as long as it is extremely long. Other than the darker roots, the icy blonde hue is intense in this dramatic style. However, the coldness of this tone does not make it suitable for summer.

#19: Silver Icy Blonde Hair

Silver Icy Blonde Hair Color

On the other hand, if you want your hair to seem hyper-glossy and full of depth, this style is terrific inspiration! This look starts with shaded roots for a smooth grow-out, but they gradually give way to a beautiful combination of icy streaks, which come together to create the most shimmering blonde conceivable.

#20: Icy Blonde Lob Hair

Icy Blonde Hair

The contrast between neutral icy blonde hair and cool-toned skin isn’t fierce, but it does have enough presence to create a very striking look. Long bobs aren’t typically thought of as bomb hair, but when dyed in such a striking hue and combed straight, they definitely get that seductive attitude.

How to Make Icy Blonde Color?

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