40 Hottest Summer Hair Color to Copy This Summer

by thedailyhairstyles

If the hair color has a big impact on our mood, this summer will be even more fun. The booming emphasis and Balayage trends are your go-to story, but share the same tone of optimism. The color trend is moving if you’re blonde, cooler, brighter, or the only criterion you don’t need to schedule a fix until September. If you’re out of isolation with a new generous attitude towards 5-inch long root growth and color, improve what you already have by emphasizing less the more.

If you’ve been looking at a particular hair color for a while, give it a try. Find the right medium for you, including red, pink, brown, and black. You can easily change your hair color even if you don’t like it, but these are the shades you want to keep forever!

40 Best Summer Hair Colors

Hair color today is nothing like what we used to wear, but there are certainly lasting solutions. There are great ideas for summer beach hair, denim hair, mermaid hair, pastel strips, two-tone cuts, rock white blonde, icy blonde layers, and more!

#1: Face-Framing Blonde for Summer Hair Color

Face-Framing Blonde for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @patriciajhair

Face-framing is a coloring technique that intelligently reveals the most attractive features. Explain to your hair stylist that you are looking for clues to carefully selected colors, and provide waves and strategic clues about eye-catching locations. For blondes, it’s all about nudity and blonde tones, while maintaining a natural waistline for texture balance.

#2: Red Brown Balayage for Summer Hair Color

Red Brown Balayage for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @beautybysusym

If you have dark hair, you can try red balayage. In this respect, red-brown balayage provides a perfect introduction to summer. In this way, you will attract attention on the beaches by adding a difference to your appearance.

#3: Baby Pink for Summer Hair Color

Baby Pink for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @teklabeautyblast

Baby pink hair is very beautiful, especially in spring and summer. If you plan to try pastel colors in the coming months, choosing pink will help you emphasize the lines and quickly improve your style. If you prefer this hair, you will get a sweet color. You can dare this color that many people want to try but do not dare!

#4: Bright Blonde for Summer Hair Color

Bright Blonde for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @hairbyroseeee

If you want to enter the summer by shining, a bright blonde is for you! This color, which is especially compatible with the sun, will brighten you like the sun. In addition, it goes well with any color of your outfit. Whether pink, blue or red, you can harmonize with bright blonde!

#5: Iridescent Unicorn for Summer Hair Color

Iridescent Unicorn for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @mageofhair

An iridescent unicorn hair color is distributed over the entire case, giving it a magical charm. Looks like she’s coming out of a magical fairy tale like this spring. This look takes the silver trend to the next level, updating it this season. Especially if you have long hair, you can choose this.

#6: Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair
Instagram / @themanemichael

Long, glamorous stones are a hit this season, paired with pastel or neon shades that perfectly complement your hair and skin tone. Weave the rich color all over your hair or stick the color patches to the edges. In this way, you can look like a mermaid from a fairy tale.

#7: Alien Hair

Would you like to get away from the ordinary and make a different entrance to the summer? If you answered yes, you might consider alien hair. This hair, which highlights green with green and blue transition tones, makes you different from everyone else. This way, you can express your style.

#8: Honey Blonde for Summer Hair Color

It’s not strictly brown, but it’s not blonde either. If you’re looking for something in between, this is a good solution. Brown keeps things warm and adds a three-dimensional effect. With this brightly shining color, you will have a dazzling look. That way, everyone around you won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

#9: Black Hair with Caramel Brown Highlights

Black Hair with Caremel Brown Highlightes
Instagram / @hair_byanaya

The caramel brown color is always romantic and trendy at the same time. Add some sparkle to this lovely cool warm shade of beautiful hair and feel like it’s in your movie. Thus, you can stand out even on hot summer evenings. At the same time, this hair color will not make you regret it.

#10: Ash Blonde for Summer Hair Color

Ash-blonde hair, which has always been indispensable, has managed to enter the trends this summer as well. This color, which has a royal appearance, will make you like a princess. In this way, you will catch a beautiful harmony with light-colored hair in the summer months.

#11: Smokey Baby Blue for Summer Hair Color

Smokey Baby Blue for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @ernielovescolor

You should try the smokey baby blue color to feel like a baby. Personalize this pastel color for this year’s summer hair and pair it with denim and other shades of blue. This color, which also pairs wonderfully with pink, will not bother you about what color clothes you should wear.

#12: Sun Kissed Hair

Sun-Kissed Hair
Instagram / @hairbykieraspinks

When spring and summer come, women love a little lightness. For the perfect sunny look, choose light browns and warm blonde. In this way, you can have radiant hair. You can also achieve a healthy appearance. Whatever your hair color or tone, there are beach highlights for you.

#13: Chocolate Latte for Summer Hair Color

Chocolate Latte for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @number_76

Chocolate brown hair is very trendy and celebrities all over the world are enamored with this pretty hair color. Caramel chocolate or cherry chocolate? Will it be delicious? Imagine wearing this amazing color every day. Keep the shadow simple and brighten your skin tone with highlighters that frame your face.

#14: Pearly Blonde for Summer Hair Color

Pearly Blonde for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @carleejo.locks.kc

During the hot summer months, most people prefer blonde hair. If you want to adapt to this preference of people, you can try the pearly blonde color. In this way, you can take on a beautiful appearance without risk. All you have to do is get up and dye your hair!

#15: Sandstone Hair

Sandstone Hair
Instagram / @wellaprobnl

This look, which changes from cool shades of dirty blondes to warm buttery tones, is the perfect transition! If you want to have a perfect look, try this. Then sit back and watch people who can’t take their eyes off you. This color, which will increase your self-confidence, will also turn you into a different person.

#16: Shadow Roots

Shadow Roots
Instagram / @somer_walter

If you care about your hair and want to prolong the life of your dyed hair, keep the dark roots and combine it with light-colored hair. Create a beautiful and smooth transition. In addition, this method can be used with all hair dyes.

#17: Multicolored Hair

Multicolored Hair
Instagram / @sammy_scissorhands

If you like trying colors, pick up a variety of colors and color trends. Moreover, this trend is a good opportunity to reflect your colorful personality. If you want, you can catch this trend with two or three different colors. However, by gathering your courage, you can collect all the beautiful pastel tones in your hair.

#18: Silver Hair

Walk on ash blonde hair and you will see gray hair. Several celebrities and influencers have recently started the gray hair trend. Particularly suitable for masking grays without retaining darker colors. The combination of glossy white gray and platinum gold resembles the lining inside an oyster shell. The most important thing is the state. Super-gloss pearl-like luster makes the color stand out.

#19: Copper Red Hair

Copper Red Hair
Instagram / @luxxehairlounge

The subtle highlights in this fiery red combination create depth and make this hair color trend look like real shiny copper hair. And it is particularly suitable for balancing the pink tones of the whites. It is also perfect for looking hot in the hot summer months.

#20: Chestnut Brown for Summer Hair Color

Chestnut Brown for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @gemmalowehair

Chestnut brown hair is a combination of bold, warm reds and natural shades of brown. The rich combination of this sensual color creates shades that aren’t too heavy or too dark, giving them the perfect bright look. The unique thing about this chocolate color is that it automatically converts textured or straight hair into multi-dimensional hair, making styling very easy.

#21: Dark Chocolate for Summer Hair Color

Dark Chocolate for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @hair_bynikki85

These one-way dark chocolate shades have become a popular color choice for 2022 and luckily one of the colors on this list and are very easy to make yourself with a small tin of dye. However, even if you choose to dye your hair this year, it’s best to choose a shade that’s twice as bold as your natural color.

#23: Strawberry Blonde for Summer Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @kreivinaika

It’s a beautiful red, darker than the usual strawberry blonde, but a little brighter and more natural than the shiny coppers. Because all the shades of the color red require a lot of maintenance. But with this hair color, you get easy to use. Moreover, it provides you comfort in summer.

#24: Orchard Red for Summer Hair Color

Orchard Red for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @wellaprochile

Red is common. Want to try a trend but don’t know where to start? Orchard Red comes in two colors – bronze and brown – and can enrich the overall appearance. If your hair is natural, you can achieve it in just one process. If you have a previous color, you will need a base color to achieve that multi-reflective look.

#25: Jet Black for Summer Hair Color

Jet Black for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @kayleesmileyhair

Whether your hair is natural jet black hair or is ready for a dark color, the super light shade of dark blue will look stunning. But unless you’re ready to put in the long-term effort, choose a semi-permanent or permanent color. Long-lasting formulas can darken and damage your hair if you remove them to infuse your hair with a large amount of pigment.

#26: Ginger Beer for Summer Hair Color

Ginger Beer for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @majaspeluqueria

Red is notorious for requiring maintenance, but this makes it easy to understand. Even with a base gray cover color, you can add highlights once or twice a year. It is recommended to try the brown and gold halftone highlights. Also, this color is ideal for those who do not want to be completely auburn.

#27: Money Piece Highlights

Money Piece Highlight
Instagram / @aheadhairmedia

When it comes to hair, the term money piece refers to the highlights that strategically compose the face along the hairline. Often combined with balayage or foil as a service or treatment, it can also be a standalone application if the client wants to add a little shine around the face.

#28: Soft Buttery Blonde for Summer Hair Color

Soft Buttery Blonde for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @_pinitup_

This summer, create a light style that highlights your natural personality. The soft buttery blonde looks soft and feminine yet retains a sophisticated vibe. Buttery blond is a warm and natural blonde color. It has a mid-yellow base with a mixture of warm yellow and cool yellow highlights, creating a lot of movement shatter.

#29: Dark Purple

Dark Purple
Instagram / @connie_cuts

Dark purple hair is an elegant, stylish and unusual hair color. Choose from a variety of colors to elegantly refresh your skin, accentuate your eye color and make your eyes look more youthful. This is the most suitable dark purple hair color if you want to show your adventurous personality without being bound by the flashy colors of fashion.

#30: Dirty Blonde Hair for Summer

Dirty Blonde Hair
Instagram / @alydavishair

This dirty blonde color contrasts with her ivory skin tone and looks just as natural as the dark brown we’re used to. As you can see on Instagram, dirty blonde is one of the hottest styles women are looking for. Plus, if you change to going brown, this color is great for lighting without spoiling it.

#31: Caramel Hair Color

Caramel Hair Color
Instagram / @janwetter.friseur

If you want to elevate the brown strand a few steps without an overall overhaul, add a subtle touch of caramel. But don’t worry about the maintenance. You can use a scarf, bandana, or wide headband to cover overgrown roots. At the same time, you can add vitality to your life with this color.

#32: Sherbert Hair Color

Sherbet Hair Color
Instagram / @greenopalsalon

Enjoy shades inspired by the summer desserts you loved as a kid. To get Sherbert’s hair color, the colorists combined bright peaches, oranges, and pinks to create the perfect summer rainbow hue. Rainbows and colorful hair are all the rage. Mermaid’s hair is the most popular, but not everyone likes to dye their hair blue, green, or purple. If you don’t like cool colors, try using sherbert instead. The basic color scheme is hot pink, orange, and yellow.

#33: Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom Brown Hair
Instagram / @excellenthairsalon

There is a new hair color that everyone absolutely loves: Mushroom Brown Hair. The name alone may not sell it, but the cool, rustic, and delicate tones are awesome. The best way to explain this new trend is to think of mushrooms. Its distinguishing feature is the beautiful tone of the semi-ash floor created by applying a series of lowlights and highlights against a gray background.

#34: Blue Ombre Hair

Blue Ombre Hair
Instagram / @hairxcflo

It is firmly believed that ombre hair will never go out of style. This color technique has been around for nearly a decade and hasn’t fallen off this summer. Also, you have the shades of blue blending seamlessly to create a mermaid-like feel with the main beach.

#35: Rose Gold Hair for Summer

Rose Gold Hair
Instagram / @sadesmaxhair

Rose gold is one of the most popular new hair trends. The classic version is a mixture of yellow, rose, and red gold, but the rose gold family comes in a variety of colors. So everyone has a rose gold look! Make a strong impression with straight hair like rose gold wavy hair. This is because the natural shine of straight hair accentuates the metallic luster of rose gold hair.

#36: Bright Orange Hair

Bright Orange Hair Color
Instagram / @littlehair.co.uk

Bright colors are rumored to be in vogue this summer, so you’ll see an electric tone wherever you go. Try using bright orange to compliment women with different skin tones. You may need more conditioning than your hair highlights from the point of view of spending time in the salon and conditioning your hair to get this shine, or you may need a color close to your natural hair color. Orange hair or copper hair tones are less curing but may require more maintenance to maintain their luster.

#37: Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum Blonde Hair Color
Instagram / @salongamme

Cool this summer with platinum blonde hair color. Light and cool, it’s perfect for a summery look. Platinum blonde is a blonde hair color that reduces shiny pigments to cool tones such as ash, silver, metallic, and pearl. Platinum has the same shine as hair color, just like a ring you wear, and can be darkened or lightened depending on your taste and skin tone.

#38: Lemon Yellow Hair Color

Does someone say lemonade? These vivid colors are sure to stand out from the crowd, perfect for summer. This is how you ask your stylist to give you an icy blonde, adding that perfect sunny blonde. This is the perfect summer hair color for dark and medium tones.

#39: Pastels for Summer Hair Color

Pastels for Summer Hair Color
Instagram / @christina.dibello

Fashion trends are reappearing with a few updates to help keep you fresh. We actively wear pastel colors on our clothes, and now pastel colors have taken hold of us. The best thing about the trend is that you can customize it however you like. You can keep your natural hair color and add a shade of highlighter, or go for a fun pastel rainbow hairstyle.

#40: Coconut Cream Blonde Hair Color

Coconut Cream Blonde Hair Color
Instagram / @hairbysahararose

Speaking of delicious colors, how about creamy coconut blonde? This shade uses the whole coconut as inspiration and combines a white gold inner and brown outer shell to create a shiny lock. The root of the hair is chocolate brown and it transforms into a beautiful blonde. It’s a great combination among blondes because the hair looks natural and shiny. It’s a great choice especially in the summer when there are waves where your hair looks like a beach.

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