26 Best Ways to Get Hime Cut Hair Trend in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

With the growing popularity of anime, it should come as no surprise that hime cut styles are the most popular hairstyles! This princess cut, also known as the hime katto, developed in Japan during the Heian period. Royals in the imperial court would let their hair grow out yet keep their bangs brow-length. They would also trim their sidelocks close to the length of their cheeks. Swipe up to see the greatest hime cuts to make you feel like a king!

What is the Hime Cut?

The ’hime cut’ is a popular Japanese haircut that mixes long, straight hair with blunt, cheek-length sidelocks and face-framing frontal fringes. During the Heian Period of Japanese history, Imperial court noblewomen grew their hair while keeping the brow-length hair bangs and cheek-length sidelocks. As a privilege of the Japanese imperial and royal dynasties, it became known as the ’princess cut’ across Japan and the rest of the globe.

#1: Classic Hime Cut

Hime Cut

A typical hime hair cut includes a long straight clump of hair, two sidelocks that lie up to the jawline, and a straight fringe laid across the forehead. As you can see, the frontal fringe ends just above the brows, whereas long hair can reach the waistline.

#2: Short Hime Cut

Short Hime Haircut

This hime haircut style is one of a kind like its name. This haircut has fascinated people all over the world. If properly maintained, this style can make anyone look beautiful and attractive. If you want to stay away from a classic look, you can redesign short hair with a hime haircut.

#3: Blue Hime Haircut

Blue Hime Cut Ideas

Here’s another modern take on the princess hairstyle that may be anything you want it to be. You will be able to play with your hair blend if you get your ends layered. Today, you may rock a short hime haircut with distinguishing side locks. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to combine them into a single entity, designing the layers flawlessly and causing them to curve at the same spot.

#4: Hime Haircut with Bangs

Blonde Hime Cut with Bangs

The hime hairstyle, handed down from many generations to generation, has become the most popular trend for women all over the world. Although it originated in Japan and is especially popular with manga and k-pop lovers, the style can be worn by anyone looking for a fresh and elegant twist on their casual outfits. So, if you’re looking for trendy changes, don’t forget to add bangs!

#5: Medium Hime Haircut

Shoulder Length Hime Cut

The majority of facial shapes do not look good with all forms of hair bangs (unless you have an oval face). So, attempt this contemporary hime style that combines sidelocks with long side bangs. The middle parting may make your face appear longer, which is ideal for people with broad cheekbones.

#6: Black Hime Cut

Hime Cut

If you’re a genuine fan of hime haircut, you’ll appreciate this ultra-black variation of the hairdo. The glistening texture of the locks may effortlessly boost your glam factor. Furthermore, the fringe’s somewhat inward form gives a bit of zing to it.

#7: Long Hime Haircut

Long Hime Haircut

Here is a slightly reworked variation of the traditional hime haircut that looks both new and stylish. Side locks should not be longer than chin length, although most hair in this style is kept long and straight. This will ensure that the attractiveness of the contrasting look is retained. Keep the front fringe and side locks the same thickness to add volume.

#8: Blonde Hime Haircut

Blonde Hime Cut Ideas

Anime culture has popularized this hairstyle in various colors. The female characters in these movies have various hair colors. Blonde hair color is rarely used, but it is beautiful and suitable for this hairstyle. That’s why you should not miss trying this color.

#9: Hime Haircut with Short Bangs

Hime Cut with Bangs

Women with thick hair understand how difficult it is to have thick bangs. You have to continuously trim them, and your brow is usually sweaty. You may avoid these problems by wearing your bangs small and your sidelocks thick. This will give a lot of depth to your hime haircut.

#10: Hime Cut with Balayage

Hime Cut Balayage

Its thin, light and controllable curtain bangs distinguish it from other hime haircut styles. It frames the face gently without overlapping the brows. Furthermore, the tiny frontal fringe may be simply styled to elevate the overall appeal.

#11: Blonde and Brown Hime Cut

Blonde and Brown Hime Haircut

With this stunning yet simple twin sidelocks hime cut, you may enhance your hair styling game. Cut the first sidelock at the length of your cheeks and add one more step a bit lower. The first should always take precedence over the second. This will give your graded and defined design more depth and beauty.

#12: Black and Purple Hime Cut

Black and Purple Hime Haircut

If you have a round face, you will look amazing in this type of haircut. It even looks good on oval faces. For a little difference, you can consider purple and black hair colors. Thanks to this, you will look like a real princess!

#13: Hime Cut with Highlights

Hime Cut and Highlights

There are several haircut styles available, but the most popular is to leave it a few inches above your shoulders and cut at an angle below the jawline. This style has become popular with Korean students in recent years, thanks to superstars like Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. While joining this trend, you can also consider adding highlights.

#14: Hime Cut with Curtain Bangs

Hime Cut and Curtain Bangs

The basic hime cut is often worn very straight. Most hime cuts nowadays still adhere to this aesthetic. But what if you want your hime cut to be noticed? Choose this curved hime cut with curved sidelocks at the ends. It may not appear to make much of a difference, but it does assist bring attention to your facial characteristics.

#15: Blonde Hime Cut with Dark Roots

Blonde Hime Cut

Consider going in the other direction of the extreme hair contrast seen on most women with a classic hime cut. You just need to get your hair tapered around the edges. This will soften the hair and make it simpler to integrate various portions seamlessly.

#16: Blonde and Black Hime Cut

Hime Cut

Black and blonde hair have been shown to add depth and texture to any type of hair and radically change your look. Brightening naturally dark hair may seem like a time-consuming and difficult task, but you need to know that this is not the case. To reflect these colors more strikingly, try the hime cut.

#17: Chin-Length Hime Cut

Hime Cut

The classic hip cut is done just below the cheekbones, but you can take it a step further by cutting it up to your chin. This helps frame your face by emphasizing your jawline. If you have long hair, you can also include long hair bangs in this haircut.

#18: Cheek Length Hime Cut

Hime Cut

While the traditional hime cut has side locks with hair bangs at cheek level, you don’t always have to wear hair bangs. This season, go fringe-free and refresh yourself with this gorgeous hime cut. Moreover, if you have thin hair, you can reflect it better.

#19: Long Hime Cut and Bangs

Long Hime Cut

Long-side bangs can decorate any hairstyle. So why not pair your cut with long side bangs? This is a terrific technique for reducing the number of frequent trims required to keep your cut looking fresh. You can also add long bangs with the long hime cut. In this way, you will have more voluminous hair.

#20: Shaggy Hime Cut

Hime Haircut

It definitely looks like the classic hime cut, but in reality, it’s quite different! This hime cut gives your hair lots of layers which looks great on teenagers. It also adds volume to the shaggy appearance of the hair. For a little more variation, you can combine yellow and black.

#21: Hime and Aurora Cut

Hime and Aurora Haircut

This sophisticated and elegant take on the traditional hime cut is ideal for thick hair that wants to show off its volume. The straight frontal fringe has grown short and harsh here, as you can see. In addition, the remainder of the hair is trimmed into many well-defined layers beginning with the sidelocks for a stunning face-framing finish. Just make sure that each layer of your hair is different while being properly integrated with the rest of your hair.

#22: Blonde Hime Cut with Pink Ends

Blonde and Pink Hime Cut

Pink and blonde hair is no longer a daring women’s hair trend. From softer pinks like champagne, peach, and rose gold hair color to vibrant pinks like fuchsia and bubble gum, there’s a pink for everyone, and you can pick one to add color to your ends. If you want to look like a princess, combine these colors with a hime cut.

#23: Blunt Hime Cut

Blunt Hime Cut

A stylish hime cut features blunt bangs and sidelocks. Add some hair gel to your side locks and bangs before brushing. You don’t want the cut to look greasy or heavy, so use very little gel. In this way, your hair looks healthier and more vibrant. For a difference, you can use two-tone hair.

#24: Hime Cut with Pigtails

Hime Cut and Pigtails

The Hime cut is worn by the majority of female anime characters. This is due to the versatility of the hime cut. When you put your hair in a ponytail, the side locks and bangs stand out and serve to frame your face. In this way, you can reflect your face better.

#25: Wavy Hime Cut

Wavy Hime Cut

Curtain bangs for straight hair is very important for a Hime cut. But what if you stray from the guide and wave while keeping all the other features of the princess cut? Take a look at this very casual look and get inspired! Irregular fringe and long thin waves will make the look even more beautiful.

#26: Two-Tone Hime Cut

Two-Tone Hime Cut

Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, there is no limit, only ultimate freedom in self-expression. You can use very delicate pastels, natural tones, silver tones, or bright colors to make your new hime cut stand out in contemporary hairstyles. If you like cute colors, you can use pink and purple hair color.

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