55 Trendy Hairstyles with Bangs for Every Hair Type

by thedailyhairstyles

Hair bangs are one of the most efficient and fast ways to improve your look. They have the power to change your style immediately. There are a lot of different curtain bangs that you can try and find which one of them is best for you.

55 Hairstyles with Bangs to Copy This Year

Hairstyles with bangs never go out of style! Yes, we still see bangs very often. Also, a new hair bangs trend has been very popular in recent months, yes you know that, curtain bangs. Anyway, hair bangs will stay popular for a long time, here are some models to copy that I think are in vogue this year. Just click the next style button to review!

Hair Bangs

1. Medium-Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Medium-length hair is adaptable and allows you enough length to experiment with different hairstyles, such as updos, without being too high-maintenance. Making bangs short and blunt, providing an interesting contrast, is one method to test them out on this hair length. Choppy layers may be used to create volume and dimension to your hair, or highlights can be added throughout for movement and brightness. You may also go for loose, beachy waves or keep it straight and smooth.


Hair Bangs with Short Hair

2. Fluffy Hair with Bangs

Fluffy and wavy hairs are wonderful when you combine them with choppy bangs. To achieve this look, try giving your hair some long layers and thick, classic, and long bangs. If your haircut is perfectly done, you won’t need to style your hair for a long time like you used to do.


Hair Bangs

3. Mid-Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs that reach the mid-eyebrow are ideal for faces with sharp edges and long faces. Also, you can see that a lob haircut with eyebrow-length bangs is really stunning together. You can add some layers to your lob cut and get more movement.


Grown Out Layered Bangs With Colorful Hair

4. Grown Out Curtain Bangs with Colorful Hair

Long and two-sided curtain bangs are one of the best hairstyles for square faces. Because square faces tend to look edgier, covering edges with long layers could help your face to seem more ‘gentle’. This girl could give you an idea about coloring your bangs with two different colors.


Baby Bangs With Two Colored Hair

5. Baby Bangs with Two Colored Hair

Baby bangs were a huge flex back in 2021, but there are no rules that say you can’t try them any longer. The baby bangs are really cute and easy to style so they could be your next hairstyle. Hairstyles with bangs are good with small faces mostly and you can try this if you have a narrow forehead.


Thin Bangs With Ponytail Hair Style

6. Thin Hairstyles with Bangs

If you have thin hair you should avoid getting thick hairstyles with bangs because they require a lot of hair. Despite this, a thin bang would look better on you. If you have long faces you may think of getting them longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. Also, square faces can use longer sides with eyebrow-length fringes.


Hair Bangs

7. Long Straight Hairstyles with Bangs

One of the advantages of fringes is you can use them with literally every haircut and every length. If you want fringes with a pixie cut, you can get them without hesitation. ıf you want fringes with really long hair, you can have them too! Here is an example how what hair bangs with long haircuts would look like.


Purple and Black Hair

8. Purple Black Hairstyles with Bangs

Two colored hairstyles reached their most successful era with Suicide Squad. Who can say no to Harley Quinn’s striking two-colored hair after all? Two-colored hairstyles with bangs are mostly preferred by young women, but you can use them at any age if you are keeping your young & rebel soul.


Long Bangs on Lob Hair

9. Lob Hairstyles with Bangs

You can use long hairstyles with bangs that get through your eyebrows and reach your eyes with your lob haircut. Long hairstyles with bangs are generally good with wide foreheads and long faces, but you can use them if you have an oval face too. Although this is an example of how thick long bangs would look like, you may choose thinner bangs with your lob.


Short Hair Bangs

10. Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Short hair can look just as good with bangs as long hair, and bangs can make fine, short hair appears thicker and fuller. A shaggy or perhaps a mullet with side-swept bangs is an on-trend alternative for the bolder sorts. A feminine pixie cut is an even shorter and sharper option. For added cool points, style your short bangs hairdo wet.


Long Bangs With Glasses

11. Long Hairstyles with Bangs and Glasses

If you are thinking glasses are barriers between you and getting fringes, think about it again. This lovely lady with glasses may inspire you to get fringes with glasses. You can choose to get a long bang like this one if your glasses are suitable for it. If your glasses are much bulkier and thick, you can get wispy, eyebrow-heightened hairstyles with bangs or baby bangs.


Short Haircut With Bangs

12. Short Messy Hairstyles with Bangs

Thick hairstyles with bangs with short haircuts will be a real trend in 2022. If you have a square face, you can use your hair bangs like this lady. Also, you can use this style with round faces if you swept your bang to the sides of your face. On the other hand, if you have a long face you may want to stay away from really shortcuts like this.


Long Fringes For Diamond Faces

13. Long Fringes for Diamond Faces

Diamond faces can rock long, straight and layered fringes very well. If your hair is thin like this woman, you should stay away from bulky bangs. But don’t worry, there are other options! You can use wispy and uneven bangs with your thin hair.

If you have a diamond-shaped face and narrow forehead try keeping your bangs shorter.


Braided Hair with Bangs

14. Braided Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs could fit with your braided hairs really well. This one looks naive and romantic at the same time. Braids are really useful when you want to reach a more youthful style, so hairstyles with bangs can help you with it. Although this photo shows only a one-sided braid you can use your bangs with other braid styles like the French braid.


Bangs with Layered Haircut

15. Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Layered hairstyles with bangs are beneficial when you want effortless beauty. Because layered haircuts tend to look stylish even if you just get out of bed you could have more time. On the other hand, bangs could be more difficult to handle so you may want to spend your time on them.


Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

16. Shoulder-Length Hairstyles with Bangs

This one shows Anna Karina in Made in the USA movie. Although it was the year 1967, Anna Karina’s lob classic hairstyles with bangs are still trendy and fabulous. You can try arched tips with your lob too and try different bang styles like longer or thinner.


Subtle Bangs For Round Faces

17. Curtain Bangs with Blonde Hair

This one could consider under the curtain bangs category. You can see that curtain bangs contains more volume at the sides and tend to part apart. You can use them like feathered hairstyles with bangs while you can just release them to spread to the middle. Subtle bangs would look really good with round faces especially.


Bangs With Beanie

18. Hair Bangs with Beanie

Beanie hats are one of the coolest styling elements you can combine hairstyles with bangs. While bangs could be not long enough to show themselves through the beanie hat, longer bangs would look chic and stylish with beanies. If you are looking for a fresh hairstyle for autumn or winter, try bangs and use them with beanies or berets.


Hair Bangs For Straight Hair

19. Classic Hairstyles with Bangs for Straight Hair

Sometimes classics are the best ones. If you are looking for an elegant hairstyle with bangs, try getting classic bangs with eyebrow length and straight hair. You can complete it with some classy hair clips and chic earrings. Also, you can adjust the length of bangs according to your face shape.


Baby Bangs For Square Faces

20. Baby Bangs for Square Faces

Although baby bangs are not the best option for square faces, you can try them and get some wonderful results like this lady. Sometimes you can’t know if a hairstyle or haircut will suit you well, so you have to try and see it yourself. Just follow your heart and let it guide you.


Curtain Bangs

21. Curtain Bangs with Wavy Hair

Are you ready to bring retro Hollywood inspiration to your hair? These retro, mussed-up bangs are really useful when you want to be stylish like an old movie star but also want it with little effort. Retro bangs are not perfect, but this is what makes them beautiful and eye-catching.


Bangs With Ombre Hair

22. Ombre Hairstyles with Bangs

If you are trying to find a way to add more movement to your fringed haircut, you can try dyeing your hair with two colors – like ombre. Ombres are really beneficial when it comes to adding some fun to hair and making it glamorous.


Curly Fringes With Shoulder Lenght Hair

23. Shoulder-Length Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

You don’t have to use long fringes with your curled hair, look at this beautiful woman with short and curly fringes. Try cutting your hair to a shoulder-length haircut style like lob or some long layered hair cut. Short layers may make your curly hair fuzzier, so try to stick to long layers.


Wolf Cut with Bangs

24. Wolf Cut Hairstyles with Bangs

Wolf cut hairstyles with bangs that give direction to one point are called arched bangs. Arched bangs are good with long layers. Bangs with layers just hitting your eyebrow would look great with square, round or oval-shaped faces. You can use your arched bangs with bob, lob, or longer hair cuts while you can use it with pixie cuts too.


Short Curly Hair with Bangs

25. Short Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

Curly hair girls could rock arched bangs too. While a lot of arched bangs mostly headed in the same direction, your curly arched bangs would tend to point to different angles. Don’t think of it as a negative point, messy arched bangs are just cute as ‘shaped and handled’ arched bangs if they are not better.


Copper Colored Hair with Bangs

26. Copper Hairstyles with Bangs

This shiny copper color is really wonderful for women with cold under-toned skin. You can combine your beautiful copper hair with eye skimmy and thick bangs. You may try to style your hair with a curling iron to add some waves.


Short Silver Hair with Bangs

27. Short Silver Hairstyles with Bangs

This hair is ideal for a girl out there who wants some rebel and chic look at the same time. Let the elegance of silver go through your hair with the mysterious character of eye skimmy fringes. You can cut your hair chin length like this woman, or you can keep them bob, lob, or really long. It is your choice.


Straight Dark Hair with Bangs

28. Straight Dark Hairstyles with Bangs

Highlights and bangs are both good when it comes to creating some movement and youth. If you are bored with your old, ordinary, one-color straight hairstyle you can add some highlights with eye-skimming bangs. You can shorten your bangs’ length or thickness until it will suit you.


Curtain Bangs With Wavy Lob Hair

29. Curtain Bangs with Wavy Lob Hair

This one would look really wonderful with square faces with plump cheeks. The layered pattern of the hair would help you to soften your square edges and hide your cheeks. Mid-eye-brow length bangs are good with square faces, so you can comfortably add them to your hairstyle. You can make it longer like this lady if you want.


Red Hair Ombre with Short Bangs

30. Red Hair Ombre with Short Bangs

We already said that ombre is good with hair bangs, but you can use them reversed. This kind of ombre will create a nice depth illusion in your bangs while giving your hair an unordinary, eye-catching appearance.


Baby Bangs With Hair Bun

31. Baby Bangs with Hair Bun

Baby bangs were also the favorite fringe style of Audrey Hepburn. If you want to steal the elegant look of beautiful Audrey Hepburn you can try baby bangs. Although Hepburn’s bangs are not short as these ones, you can decide length according to your face shape and forehead length. Big accessories can help you with completing your look.


Curly Hair with Bangs

32. 3A-3B Curly Hair with Bangs

Curly girls with 3A or 3B curl type can try this look. Maintaining the curly fringe could be hard, so we suggest you try products that are special for curly hairs. You can dye your hair with warmer colors in the summertime like this lady to create a ‘sun kiss’ effect.


Curly Dark Hair

33. Dark Colored Curly Hair with Bangs

Medium-length natural hairstyles are beautiful with every color and every length. When you add them bangs, they become much more glamorous. You have already seen light-colored curly hairs with bangs, so look at this dark-colored one. Both of them seem wonderful, aren’t they?


Blonde Higlights with Hair Bangs

34. Blonde Highlights with Hair Bangs

Subtle bangs could be a form of grown-out curtain bangs or baby bangs. Despite cutting them again, you can keep them as how they are and use them like this gorgeous lady. Also, you can see that vanilla-colored blonde hairs are a good fit with subtle bangs in this photo.


Hairstyles with Bangs

35. Hair Bangs for Oval Faces

Side-swept bangs are often recommended with round faces, but oval faces can use this style too. Oval faces can use side-swept bangs with more thickness and with more length like eye skimming bangs. Keeping sides longer could be a good idea to make it more fabulous like this woman.


Micro Bangs With Choppy Hair

36. Micro Bangs with Choppy Hair

No one can deny the imperfect beauty of choppy haircuts. When you use choppy haircuts with micro bangs which are also uneven and choppy, they create an irresistible attractiveness. Having colored highlights can create more depth. Because your eyes will be shown more with micro bangs, you can make extra makeup to complete your style.


Hair Bangs for Square Faces

37. Hair Bangs for Square Faces

Keira Knightley could be the best example of how square faces could rock a fringe. You can see that Keria Knightley’s fringe is up to mid-eye brow length and shortest point and longer when it comes to the sides. You can try this look on yourself too.


Curtain Bangs

38. Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are really on point and if you have a round or oval face, you can try it too. This model’s blonde curtain bangs are nearly eyed skimmy but you can shorten it a little bit if you want.


Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

39. Curtain Bangs for Oval Faces

Curtain bangs with oval faces are so good if you ask us. Try combining them with beachy waves and see the difference it brings to your hair. Feathered bangs have a good coherence with layered, long, and wavy hair so you can try getting long bangs instead of shorter ones.


Long Curtain Bangs

40. Long Curtain Bangs

Let your bangs grow out with the rest of your hair. Curtain bangs or classic bangs generally look like this if you let them grow and we think this is really pretty. They can frame your face to highlight your beauty. If you are not into getting classic bangs, try getting face-framing bangs in the first place.


Pixie Cut

41. Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Pixie cuts are good choices with round faces, so you can complete them using side-swept bangs. They will bring an uneven appearance to your face and it will create an illusion that your face is actually much longer and oval-shaped.


Hair Bangs with Hair Band

42. Hair Bangs with Hair Band

Combining bangs with cute hair bands could be the best choice you can make. Try to combine your feathered, classic, or thick & parted bangs with the hairband you love the most. If your hair is short, you may want to use shorter hair bands. On the other hand, if your hair is longer like this woman feel free to use larger and longer hair bands.


Pink Color Hair Bangs

43. Pink Dyed Long Bangs

Dyed bangs require bravery, but once you decide to do them we guarantee that you will not regret it! You can dye only a part of your bangs and color different parts of your hair including your bangs like this girl. The best part of doing this is you can apply it to every haircut.


Thick, Long And Parted Fringes

44. Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

If you think your hair is thick enough to use thick and parted bangs, why are you still waiting? Just go to your hairstylist and show them this photo. You can have thick and parted bangs like this or you can choose to use them with blunt ends.


Thick Bangs With Beret

45. Thick Bangs with Beret

A chic beret is the constant trend of autumns and winters. You can combine it with a good curtain fringe like this woman. Curtain fringes are going along well with mostly oval faces, but you use them if you have a long face structure. Also, you can consider getting curtain bangs if you have a wide forehead.


Hair Bangs

46. Beach Waves with Bangs

Choose beach waves with bangs for a lovely, carefree look. Bangs may be customized to fit your facial shape, hair texture, length, and texture. They have the ability to change your look and bring out your greatest characteristics. They can also help you seem younger by masking age symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Beach waves will look great with your bangs, and the disheveled look is lovely and feminine.


Short Hair With Long Bangs

47. Short Hair with Long Bangs

You can try the irresistible contrast of long bangs and short hair. If you wish, you can keep your hair very short as in the photo or you can choose a longer cut. You can also cut your bangs in shortness and shape to suit your face shape.


Long Hair Bangs

48. Long Hairstyle with Bangs

A long haircut with bangs is one of the most traditional and feminine ways to adopt a fringe if you’ve never had one before. The goal is to give your face a lovely frame and highlight your greatest features, such as your eyes and cheekbones. Try curtain bangs or another center-parted style for a trendy look.


Short Hair With Buns

49. Short Hair with Buns

Short hair cuts with bangs were already really cut, but imagine you also add them buns that make you even more pretty. Cheek-length short hair with eye skimming and wispy bangs are truly cool if you ask us. Half buns with that cool style will make you more gorgeous.


Short Bangs

50. Short Hair Bangs

Short bangs are a fashionable and edgy complement to any hairstyle. These bangs are rough or blunt and trimmed much above the brow. They’re more bold and obvious than lengthier cuts, so they’re a good choice if you want to attract attention to your face, particularly your forehead. The remainder of your hair may be kept short for a fuss-free, low-maintenance look that is edgy and stylish.


Side Bangs

51. Copper Side Bangs

These bangs look especially lovely on round features with broad cheeks since they serve to shape the face into an oval shape. Choose bangs that touch the cheekbones. Bangs may update your look while also flattering your face. They can also give you a more youthful appearance and highlight your greatest features. Try a copper hair color if you wish to go for a distinct look.


Curly Bangs

52. Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

Curly hair looks great with bangs, and the texture will make them look bouncy and full. It may also help you get a more blended look by blending your bangs into the rest of your hair. This is a great alternative for someone who wants bangs but doesn’t want to spend too much time styling or maintaining them. You may adjust your bangs to fit your face shape and play around with different hair accessories.


Bob and Bangs

53. Long Bob Cut with Bangs

The bob cut comes in a variety of lengths and may be tailored to your hair texture. A long bob cut with bangs is perfect for experimenting with a short haircut while maintaining the illusion of length. The longer length provides you with additional style options, while the bangs provide a nice contrast. The length in the back may also give your hair movement and volume, giving it a full, healthy appearance.


Side Parted Bangs

54. Side-Parted Hair Bangs

The short haircut is a popular choice among women of all ages because it can be tailored to fit various hair types. It has a surprising amount of adaptability, enabling you to trim the hair in various lengths, add layers for dimension, and play around with fringes. A side-parted fringe may be quite attractive. Fringe may also enhance volume and draw attention to your best features. Most facial shapes will look better with a side part, and it’s typically simpler to wear than harsh bangs across the face.


Curtain Bangs

55. Curtain Bangs with a Bun

Because they are so elegant and easy to wear, curtain bangs have made a reappearance in recent years. These bangs are appealing because they can be customized to suit hair of various lengths, textures, and kinds. They’re also quite attractive since they’re parted, which helps to frame the face and give emphasis to your features. You may style your hair in a variety of ways, like leaving it long and free, cutting it into an edgy short bob haircut, or tying it up in an updo.


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