40 Effective Golden Brown Hair Ideas You Need Right Now

by thedailyhairstyles

Golden brown hair ideas are a very popular choice for women this year. Most auburn hairstyles have a brown base with a few golden brown curls blended to create a warmer, more vibrant color. Golden brown hair idead are a mixture of brown and light blonde. This is a great way to lighten natural to medium brunettes or darken natural blondes. This gorgeous shade captures the sun’s rays in a variety of shades and styles that you can wear with ease.

Light golden blonde adds extra shine to hair, not to mention depth and texture. You are sure to light up your beautiful face with this double shade. Combined with any hair length, this color will never go out of style to give you just that. You can lighten your brown hair color or reduce the light color. Here are 40 great golden brown color ideas to inspire your next look. Take a look and make your choice.

Golden Brown Hair Colors

Whether you are a blonde looking to spice up your foundation or a brunette looking to spice up your hair, this color combination has an approach for every possible test. Beautiful shades come in all shapes and sizes, from soft accents to vibrant colors. Before making any major changes, you can try out the natural, voluminous and rich look that you can get by adding a few new shades to your hair. See how to combine familiar shades to create a new and unique color!

#1: Golden Brown Balayage

Golden Brown Balayage
Instagram / @poppylocks.hair

This hairstyle is dreamy with a mix of bright caramel highlights and vanilla. The length makes it easy to hold the color, and the golden light color that wraps around the face and closer to the ends is perfect for those looking for a lighter shade on the lighter side.

#2: Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Brown Hair with Golden Highlights
Instagram / @peachstockholm

This is a seductive blend of dark chocolate hair with shimmering auburn for the perfect goddess look. Volume, deep waves and contrasting golden brown highlights add charm to this hairstyle.

#3: Long and Layered Golden Brown

Long and Layered Golden Brown
Instagram / @nycesouza_exoplastia_capilar

A great color for those with auburn hair on the darker side, medium auburn hair blending into gold is the natural look for you! Great for every women to dye your hair blonde.

#4: Light Golden Brown Hair

Light Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @kncolourandcuts

Light golden brown hair is a light ash brown hair color with shades of light tones. This is a rich, radiant shade that will give your hair a warmth and shine.

#5: Medium Golden Brown Hair

Medium Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @peacheshairstudio

Decorate your brown hair with a multidimensional shade of golden with a red tint. Medium length hair adds beauty to the hair. In this way, you can catch the latest trends.

#6: Brown Rose Gold Hair

Brown Rose Gold Hair
Instagram / @colorbycarlos

Brown rose gold hair is what you would call brown curls, with a touch of pink. It’s a bit like rose gold, except it’s based on a bold base color rather than blonde or red. Rose gold provides a lighter shade while a brown rose gold is a softer kiss of color in berry, raspberry, or pastel shades.

#7: Honey Golden Brown Hair Color

Honey Golden Brown Hair Color
Instagram / @ashleylora.hairextensions

The length, delicate blonde hair tones and cascading waves of this hair create a stunning effect. Honey golden brown hair color looks really tanned and shiny. The autumn brown tresses are adorable.

#8: Warm Golden Brown Tones

blonde highlights
Instagram / @kir.hair

For adorable natural brown hair, choose golden brown or warm tone, will suit girls with warm skin tone or even fair skin with green eyes. This is accentuate dreamy color. The base of the hair can be dyed to match the tonal highlights for the perfect color match!

#9: Golden Brown with Money Pieces

Golden Brown Hair with Money Pieces
Instagram / @senna_alexandrasena

This look conveys a harsh atmosphere and style. For an elegant and unique look, try a combination of dark brown hair and gold moneypieces against a natural brown background. Layered cut adds drama to the hairstyle.

#10: Long Golden Brown Hair

Long Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @ulisescastillo87

Neutral yet natural, this is the perfect brown hair color for women with light highlights. This is because brushing is easy and stays the same color over almost the entire top of the hair, rather than more ombre. It’s simple and works for everyone.

#11: Golden Strawberry Hair Color

Golden Strawberry Hair Color
Instagram / @thatbrunettelauren

For those transitioning from auburn hair to light auburn hair, strawberry golden can make the perfect hair color transition. It is right and vivid, with excellent clarity and a variety of sizes. If you like warm hair tones, choose a slightly red color.

#12: Golden Brown Layered Tresses

Golden Brown Layered Tresses
Instagram / @gloriosasalon

The tons of transparent layers of hair reflect the golden hue of the light. So show off your new golden brown highlights with lots of motions, layering, and hand runs through your hair.

#13: Reddish Golden Brown Highlights

Reddish Golden Brown Highlights
Instagram / @greentrendskhammam

If your goal is to freshen up your look without disturbing your natural brown hair color, try adding some red and gold highlights to your hair. The result is incredibly beautiful.

#14: Cinnamon Hair Color

Cinnamon Hair Color
Instagram / @misty_bambi_

A slight golden highlights mixed with the right shade of red in the base color makes this hairstyle messy like cinnamon. If your hair is naturally red hair tones, or if you have a chestnut base, adding a little gold balayage will give you a unique look.

#15: Very Light Golden Brown

Very Light Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @cut_loose_hair_designs

These are shiny golden brown hairs that start at the root. A professional shoulder cut makes your hair look sophisticated.

#16: Simple and Soft Golden Brown

Simple and Soft Golden Brown
Instagram / @ennihair

Sometimes the best golden brown hair color is also the simplest. These gold effects light just enough to make it seem like the sun did all the work. Add some waves and shadows for a sophisticated and simple look.

#17: Dark Golden Brown

Dark Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @glambyhannahkay

Add some golden brown shade to all of your natural black hair to refresh it. It will easily transform your dark brown hair into a more beautiful and modern color work.

#18: Caramel to Golden Brown Ombre

Caramel to Golden Brown Ombre
Instagram / @rubykhanps

Finish the waves with sweet caramel hair tones that wash away rich brown skin. This hair color trend makes your curls much softer and prettier! Hair color from caramel to golden brown is a beautiful transition.

#19: Copper Golden Brown

Copper Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @hairdotcom

It’s always good to add copper hair and gold highlights to add appeal and sophistication. Also, this is perfect for fall.

#20: Auburn and Golden Brown Balayage

Auburn and Golden Brown Balayage
Instagram / @hair_by_keri_m

This hair is spicy and so tempting. The combination of warm auburn, deep blonde and medium auburn tones in her hair is mesmerizing. Striped tone arrangement and blunt cutouts gives hair a unique, bold and rich look.

#21: Tiger-Inspired Golden Brown

Tiger-Inspired Golden Brown
Instagram / @chillbreeze_thoraipakkam

Not sure which hair color you want? You may find a mixture of copper and gold as shown here. These stripes are placed in her hair against a dark background and people love that.

#22: Golden Brown Waves

Golden Brown Waves
Instagram / @hairby.lyndsay

Accentuate every curve of your beautiful waves with an enchanting golden brown for more texture and movement. This hair is sure to be loved! This is the best golden brown hair color you have ever seen.

#23: Light Golden Chestnut

Light Golden Chestnut
Instagram / @tm_barber_official

Create a lively style by adding golden brown hair with light highlights using a sweeping technique, leaving a few inches of root in place. This not only refreshes your look without overpowering the natural color, but also requires little maintenance.

#24: Golden Brown Highlights and Dark Roots

Golden Brown Highlights and Dark Roots
Instagram / @juniormartinez94

For lush and shiny hair, decorate your natural dark base with a golden brown hair dye that sits somewhere between copper and gold. The way you can decorate your dark hair with golden brown highlights is impressive.

#25: Sandy Golden Brown

Sandy Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @burlesquehairco

If you have a neutral skin tone, a sandy golden brown hair color with highlights will suit you! It’s easy to be warm or cool depending on what you’re wearing for the day, and your perfect soft tone will go with any outfit.

#26: Light Golden Ash Brown

Light Golden Ash Brown
Instagram / @camilaf_hair

Refresh your long and healthy locks with this sparkling golden ash brown shade that exudes sophistication and elegance! Style your hair straight for shine, or wavy for a voluminous look with this brown shade.

#27: Deep Golden Brown Dimensions

Deep Golden Brown Dimensions
Instagram / @lydiameliahair

Sometimes dying all the colors in dark chestnut can be the most fun activity for a brunette. This deep golden brown color has nutty tones and soft curls that accentuate them.

#28: Golden Brown with Blonde Highlights

Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @bishops.charlottemidtown

People’s favorite is this light brown hair with golden highlights hair in different sizes, a mixture of light and dark brown color, so it is smooth and light, especially in the sun. The sun shines in the hair, the color is beautiful.

#29: Matte Golden Brown Balayage

Matte Golden Brown Balayage
Instagram / @jenndstyle

This long golden brown hair with layered accents bouncing around back and shoulders is amazing. The blend of sweep and ombre paired with long layers is eye-catching.

#30: Blonde Balayage Brunette

Blonde Balayage Brunette
Instagram / @allure_studiosllc

Every time a brunette turns into a little blonde, on the verge of bronde, the results are too good to ignore. Golden highlights frame the face and thicker ones at the bottom, the best place for blonde.

#31: Sunkissed Golden Brown Hair

Sunkissed Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @sarahdidmyhair

Your hair needs a tanned golden light. Because you need a full light with a little bit of lighting that will give your volume and warmth to achieve those golden highlights.

#32: Pale Golden Brown Hue

Pale Golden Brown Hue
Instagram / @hairbymoniquecooper

Sometimes a little gold to a simple light brown base is enough to take your hair color to the next level. Pale golden brown hair, highlighted with soft honey accents, looks incredibly delicate against a background of warm skin tones.

#33: Golden Brown Ends

Golden Brown Ends
Instagram / @flaviohair_oficial

Don’t forget that you can choose how your brown hair will work well with each other, whether it is a light curl or bangs with bright caramel or honey tones, the added color will change your appearance no matter how much or how intense it is. Refresh your dark brown base, but you don’t want to ruin the curls, you can simply add a new color to the ends.

#34: Deep Reddish Brown

Deep Reddish Brown
Instagram / @angelsalonbinjai

At first glance, you might mistake this dark golden brown color for the popular mahogany color, but if you look closely, you will notice light curls and small red dots at the ends. This time, the gold part is not too intense, but it gives a rich effect.

#35: Light Brown with Pastel Gold

Light Brown with Pastel Gold
Instagram / @beautyby.keana

This light brown hair color is truly a masterpiece that stands out from all modern trends, a little faded but very bright with pastel light tones, you can see that the color is not too saturated, but still looks very delicate and luxurious. This color will perfectly emphasize the beauty of porcelain and pale skin.

#36: Ashy Golden Brown Hair

Ashy Gold Brown Hair
Instagram / @meredidmyhair

If you know what reflection is, it is impossible not to know about low light. While lowlights is the brightest fiber that produces the most movement, lowlights comes in darker shades to match size and depth. This ash brown hair is so bouncy and deep it’s hard to look away from it.

#37: Brown with Golden Copper

Brown with Golden Copper
Instagram / @crewstylists_queenstown

There is no better way to give your chestnut strands a brown shine than to spice them up with a coppery golden hue. Although copper tones belong to the red hair family, they also have a lot in common with chestnut tones. They are similar in color, but can they make each other even better? For example, gold will lay down evenly on your brown, adding a beautiful shine.

#38: Golden Brown Partial Highlights

Golden Brown Partial Highlights
Instagram / @anghairdesign

With partial highlighting, you can not only refresh your hair color, you can do this without much damage. This toning technique involves dyeing specific curls to add some dimension to specific areas of the hair with minimal dyeing. Plus, your tan highlights can only hit the front braids, giving you a showy face.

#39: Light Golden Brown with Black Roots

Light Golden Brown with Black Roots
Instagram / @hair_by_katerina

To keep your new hair color looking natural, avoid dyeing in one color. First of all, as a result of such coloring, the hair becomes very dull and flat. Secondly, when they start to fade, the hair becomes very weak and lifeless. In order not to be disappointed in your new color, be sure to dye your hair at least two tones, for example, this light brown is suitable for natural hair and a few dark curls in the lower layer.

#40: Coffee to Golden Brown Hair

Coffee To Golden Brown Hair
Instagram / @wellaeducation_danmark

Like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, this idea is designed to energize your hair with a beautiful blend of natural blonde and brown tones. To achieve the look you want, it is best to pair a messy blonde with a light caramel. Dark roots will be a good ending!

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