25 Best Finger Waves Hair Ideas for You Have to See

by thedailyhairstyles

Finger waves hair ideas are a feminine hairstyle that is transformed into even S-shaped waves with hair and finger gel or hot tools. What better way to complete your glamorous look than beautifully shaped buckles and a bold look? This 1920s signature, reimagined for modernity, will never disappear from the agenda.

Finger waves are defined as S-shaped waves that are commonly worn on the head. This style first appeared in the 1920s as a way to bring the austere bob to life for fun people. It then resurfaced in the 90s as a popular style. Now the finger waves hair ideas are back, for short and long hair, in more ways than we can wrap around our head! The good news is that finger wave ideas can still look very feminine, but still be completely modern, even futuristic.

25 Best Finger Waves Hair Ideas

Looking for a new hairstyle or something quick and cute to try next semester? Are you interested in a formal hairstyle for a prom, wedding, or birthday party? If you are a person who likes classic hairstyle ideas and finger waves for your hair, you will love this article. Below there are 25 of the best finger waves hair ideas options.

#1: Finger Waves Short Hair

Finger Waves Short Hair
Instagram / @fruklinko

Soft finger waves are perfect for short haircuts like pixie cut. Messy layers appear with this combination.

#2: Finger Waves Hair

Finger Waves Hairstyles
Instagram / @theblowoutelkgrove

Curls don’t get prettier than those curls. These waves look perfect in shape without hair shedding, while black and bleached blonde make classic waves modern, fun and youthful.

#3: Finger Waves Long Hair

Finger Waves Long Hair
Instagram / @silverscreenvanity

These long finger waves replicate the old-school gel and finger techniques. This is a modern long hairstyle done on dry hair with a curling iron. The larger the iron curling, the larger the wave.

#4: Finger Waves on Natural Hair

Finger Waves on Natural Hair
Instagram / @hersource

To add volume to your hair with conditioner or conditioner, you can combine high perm creams and styling gels, as well as a wide variety of hair straighteners. To change your hairstyle, use a bristle brush to penetrate the strands and fit into the hair. After you finish styling your hair, use a hair band to keep it from bouncing as it dries.

#5: Finger Wave Wig

Finger Wave Wig
Instagram / @saharamooaghaei

Finger waves are often recognized for their flat wavy nature, but not all finger waves are the same! You may not know, that this hairstyle is actually sew-in. Wearing a wig regularly is a great hassle-free alternative to your regular hairstyle.

#6: Finger Waves Updo

Finger Waves Updo
Instagram / @lilyday2018

The iconic look of the classic wavy toe bun or any other hairstyle that brings you vibrant waves is a thrilling showcase for even more toned hair.

#7: Finger Waves Hair with Bangs

Finger Waves Hair Ideas with Bangs
Instagram / @briannajoi.beauty

When the hair is ready and dry, comb through it, then press down on it with your hands and gently lift it up to reveal the S-shaped waves. Place a clip inside the S to create a finger wave. Trace the curve of the wave and determine the next point where you can place the clip in the opposite direction. Blow-dry and add enough polish to keep your hair in place longer.

#8: Deep Finger Waves

Deep Finger Waves
Instagram / @silverscreenvanity

These beautiful finger waves can only be obtained by styling your hair neatly and tightly. If curled perfectly, your long hair can achieve the volume it needs with this retro look.

#9: Loose Finger Waves Hair

Instagram / @silverscreenvanity

This classic Hollywood finger or wavy hairstyle is reminiscent of the big screens of the 1940s created by New York stylist Jason Vieira.

#10: Finger Waves on Black Hair

Finger Waves on Black Hair
Instagram / @extensionsby_samantha

Finger waves can work well paired with shorter curls as well as long hair, especially black African American hair. In this case, the raised waves on the sides of the head create a great contrast to the thick curls. Add waves to the top of the hair and place the entire hair under the hair dryer.

#11: Finger Wave Curls

Finger Wave Curls
Instagram / @beautytouchbyliana

These finger curls have a balanced texture. The central silhouette of Marseille’s beautiful wave, with exaggerated crests and soft spikes, turns into a messy texture that allows this hairstyle to be raised or lowered.

#12: Finger Waves on Straight Hair

Finger Waves Hair Ideas on Straight Hair
Instagram / @silverscreenvanity

For a more delicate look, apply the gel to your hair (you can always add more as needed), but don’t leave it on the mousse. Foaming material that helps keep hair in place. This softer wave with less gel will make it easier to blend into the straighter strands on the back if you decide to skip the rest.

#13: Finger Waves with Pixie Cut

Finger Waves with Pixie
Instagram / @hairbysharon_

The product used to create the waves is a foam and gel wrap, then placed under a hair dryer for 20 minutes.

#14: Half Up Finger Waves Hair

Half Up Finger Waves Hair Ideas
Instagram / @wrywilyriley

This elegant hairstyle will take you to the golden age of cinema. Apply a lot of gel with a precision comb to create those beautiful waves on your fingers.

#15: Soft Finger Waves Hair

Soft Finger Waves Hair Ideas
Instagram / @merakibyzaral

An interesting difference between finger waves and regular beach waves is the precise placement of the finger waves that make your long blonde hair stand out. The folds and the S-shape created by the waves reveal the tone of your hair, complementing the caramel and ash brown hair tones. Do this with French braids and transform them into more trendy waves with your fingers.

#16: Retro Finger Waves

Retro Finger Waves
Instagram / @studisilverscreenvanity

Clip your hair and rotate the curling iron about half a turn from your head (in the opposite direction), freely pulling the hanging hair out. Continue down the same section, creating as many waves as you like.

#17: Finger Waves Hair for Prom

Finger Waves Hair Ideas for Prom
Instagram / @lumehair

If you’re looking for a unique look that blends not just one but two decades, try combining a 20s finger wave with a winning 40s roll. This style will require the help of a professional, so make an appointment with a stylist. Even the combination of two different styling techniques makes this timeless hairstyle perfect for prom, formal, and evening hairstyles.

#18: Super Short Finger Waves Hair

Super Short Finger Waves Hair Ideas
Instagram / @studioxviii

Take a section of hair above your forehead and apply some gel to it. Using a comb, press along the hairline, then curl the curls towards the forehead and back to the hairline. Take another curl towards the end of your last wave. This clever technique gives the impression of a long wave of fingers but is actually a series of shorter curls that frame the face.

#19: Finger Waves with Bob Cut

Finger Waves Bob
Instagram / @almightyashh_

Similar to the original 1920s style, these light finger waves are the hallmark of timeless bob hair. Take a wide straightener. If you style your waves with your fingers on thicker, longer hair, these styles will let you dry the waves with a straightener or curling iron.

#20: Finger Waves on Blonde Hair

Instagram / @jadealycemua

This is Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood hairstyle with finger curls with a modern twist. It was created by stylist Phoebe Keir of Rutherglen, Victoria.

#21: Red Finger Waves Hair

Red Finger Waves Hair Ideas
Instagram / @salonposhbykali

Slightly tangled finger waves instead of the usual neat rows are the best curly hairstyle for short hair. These red hair-colored waves alternate in direction and size to add interest to the look as well as vary the textures. This style also creates a much more modern interpretation of classic finger waves.

#22: Quick Weave Finger Waves

Quick Weave Finger Waves
Instagram / @ellie__jay

Shorter waves can be seen in the rapid interweaving of the finger waves, which creates layers and makes them more complex and interesting. Plus, this short hair is still styled thanks to these wonderful waves.

#23: Mohawk Finger Waves

Mohawk Finger Waves
Instagram / @roqmohair

If you’re under the impression that only one style can be used with a Mohawk. This unique mohawk consists of a pair of curls at the top joined by waves of fingers at the back. This is a combination of colors and textures! Flamboyant and attractive, yet elegant and punctual.

#24: Formal Finger Waves

Formal Finger Wave
Instagram / @papachichistylebridal

You don’t have to have a short haircut and tight curls for sporty finger waves. This beautiful formal hairstyle combines curly locks and loose toe waves. However, creating this hairstyle at home will take a lot of time and patience as it requires both frills at the back and waves to cover this tall bun.

#25: Finger Waves for Medium Hair

Finger Waves For Medium Hair
Instagram / @shelby_rider

As you may have noticed, when it comes to medium-length hairstyles, finger waves are not just about size. Most medium wavy hairstyles can also add movement and fullness to a silhouette. It is enough to shake the top layer of hair to lift the curls!

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