22 Feminine Pixie Cut That’ll Convince You to Cut Your Hair

by thedailyhairstyles
pixie cut

The fashionable feminine pixie cut is a captivating short-length style for ladies of all ages. It has a certain grace about it that conventional pixies don’t have. Pixie haircuts are very adaptable, since they may be charming or elegant, feminine or androgynous, and can be styled to fit any face shape.

Cute Feminine Pixie Cut Styles

The feminine pixie cut can make you seem trendy and chic. Because of its youthful appearance and elegance, it is an excellent choice for mature ladies. Not all pixie hairstyles are the same, and you may create your own pixie cut based on your face shape and personality. Shorter layers and various types of bangs would benefit you greatly.

#1: Short Feminine Pixie Cut

Feminine Pixie Cut

The classic feminine pixie cut is a hairstyle that will never go out of style. It’s short all over, which flatters most facial types and creates a dramatic fashion statement. A short pixie hairstyle does not need a lot of styling or upkeep. However, for a more casual appearance, use styling tools to create some sloppy texture, or attempt a sophisticated side part for a more polished look.

#2: Long Feminine Pixie Cut

Long Feminine Pixie Haircut

If you want to gently transition into a cropped style, a lengthy pixie haircut is a good choice. The haircut is a little shorter than a bob haircut, yet it’s still fashionable and feminine. These haircuts are usually longer in the front to create face-framing layers and provide you with more style options than a shorter pixie cut.

#3: Feminine Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob

Do you adore the 1960s style? Consider a feminine pixie bob. The pixie bob haircut is ideal for folks with fine hair and round features since it is basic, fresh, and feminine. Add on-trend hair clips or a hairband to complete the look. It also looks nice slicked back for a more polished look.

#4: Feminine Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Feminine Pixie with Bangs

Add hair bangs to your pixie cut to tailor it to your face shape, especially if you have angular features or a strong jawline. A side-swept fringe complements a heart-shaped or square face, while short, blunt bangs complement oval faces and give the whole hairstyle an elfin appearance.

#5: Asymmetrical Feminine Pixie

Asymmetrical Feminine Pixie Cut

The asymmetrical pixie is one of the most well-known hairstyles. The asymmetrical pixie cut is a stylish and edgy look that is longer on one side than the other. It helps your face appear smaller and longer while emphasizing your eyes and jawline.

#6: Feminine Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Feminine Pixie for Fine Hair

With the correct elements and styling tools, a feminine pixie haircut is great for fine hair. The issue is to add body, texture, and lift to the hair so that it does not fall flat. Choppy bits and detached layers offer the illusion of extra volume, adding dimension to your hair. If you have fine hair, a side-swept fringe is a terrific way to embrace the pixie look.

#7: Feminine Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Feminine Pixie for Thick Hair

Thick hair and feminine pixie haircuts are a perfect fit. A traditional pixie haircut or extremely short pixie cut is an ideal choice for folks with thicker hair since the trimmed length makes the hair more manageable, helps it dry faster, and is easier to style. Highlights and choppy pieces can be used to add dimension to the hair.

#8: Undercut Feminine Pixie Haircut

Undercut Feminine Pixie

Add an undercut to your feminine pixie cut to give it a bit of an edge. The undercut is a fashionable haircut that involves shaving away the lower area of the hair and gives a stylish and rebellious feel. Make sure your stylist keeps your pixie cut longer on top for a nice contrast so you can style it with plenty of volume and structure.

#9: Feminine Pixie for Curly Hair

Feminine Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

With curly hair, a feminine pixie cut looks terrific. It will make you look attractive, fresh, and youthful. Depending on your curl pattern, your hairdresser will cut your hair into a pleasing shape that maximizes the natural bounce and volume of your hair. Frizz is the nemesis of all curly styles, so apply a curl-defining product to make your coils appear their best.

#10: Feminine Pixie Cut Faux Hawk

Feminine Pixie Faux Hawk

When it comes to styling a feminine pixie cut, one of the more daring options is the faux hawk. It’s excellent for people with lengthy pixie cuts who want to update their style without cutting their hair short. To get the style, tease the middle portion while flat-combing the sides.

#11: Edgy Feminine Pixie Cut

Edgy Feminine Pixie

Feminine pixie cuts are a perfect match for edgy features like vibrant colors, asymmetrical fringes, and undercuts since they are so eye-catching. Opt for an edgy pixie cut if you want to make a genuinely dramatic alteration to your hair. Brown is a trendy hue that goes well with short, semi-shaved hairstyles.

#12: Textured Feminine Pixie Cut

Feminine Pixie Cut

A textured haircut has a lot of dimension and direction, which is created by using well-placed jagged layers. It thickens the hair and adds volume and liveliness to it. As a result, a textured pixie cut is ideal for people with fine hair. A feminine textured pixie cut has an intentionally undone look, making it suitable for people who like a more casual, bohemian style.

#13: Feminine Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Feminine Pixie for Black Women

When it comes to feminine pixie cuts, black women have a lot of alternatives. If you want to appreciate your natural hair, try a ’big chop’ with a short pixie. Short natural curls are popular right now and look great. Otherwise, a pixie cut looks just as beautiful on relaxed hair as it does on curly hair.

#14: Messy Feminine Pixie Haircut

Messy Feminine Pixie Cut

A messy feminine pixie cut is the ultimate in casual yet stylish hairstyles. Most pixie cuts may be styled in a haphazard manner with items like matt clay or putty. Because your hair is shorter in a pixie cut, styling will be quick. For a smart contrast, pair your disheveled hair with a more structured ensemble, such as a blazer and trousers.

#15: Feminine Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Feminine Pixie for Wavy Hair

The wonderful thing about wavy hair is that it has a texture that can make even the most basic haircut seem intriguing and textured. The feminine pixie cut looks great on wavy hair and may be a really attractive alternative because of the way the hair flows around the face, which softens your features. Alternatively, it might aid in the creation of a haphazard and unorganized look.

#16: Blonde Feminine Pixie Cut

Blonde Pixie Cut

There are several advantages to having lighter hair since it may make you appear more sensual and glamorous, as well as younger. Furthermore, it is more prominent than dark hair. However, darker hair hides damage easier, such as split ends. However, the main advantage of a short hairstyle like a feminine pixie cut is that it helps to maintain your hair in the greatest condition possible, and this is a terrific haircut to wear with blonde or platinum strands.

#17: Shaved Feminine Pixie Cut

Shaved Feminine Pixie

Shaved sides and longer hair on top characterize the shaved pixie cut. It’s a daring and bold decision for a woman who wants to stand out. With textured hair, this may be really fashionable, enhancing the contrast. The chopped sides modernize the traditional pixie, making it exceedingly easy to wear and saving down on styling time.

#18: Short Curly Feminine Pixie Cut

Short Curly Pixie

Short hair is quite adaptable and may fit a wide range of hair types. Curly hair may be difficult to care for and style, which is why opting for a lovely pixie cut and keeping it short is such an enticing alternative. It also modernizes the traditional pixie by allowing you to experiment with materials and sizes. Longer bangs are ideal for a young and energetic look.

#19: Feminine Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Feminine Pixie for Oval Face

Among the numerous advantages of the feminine pixie cut is that it flatters most face types, but it is especially flattering on an oval face. This facial type is extremely adaptable and can carry off almost any hairdo. So, whether you want extremely short pixie or face-framing bangs, the option is yours. The cut may draw attention to your facial features while also creating balance and symmetry.

#20: Silver Feminine Pixie Cut

Feminine Pixie Cut

Dying your hair bright or vibrant colors is a great way to express yourself, and silver hair will stand out. Because a pixie cut is so short, it looks best when the entire head is colored silver. It’ll look stunning on women with warm skin tones. Another advantage of dyeing your hair while it is short is that the process is considerably easier and less likely to cause harm.

#21: Voluminous Feminine Pixie Cut

Voluminous Feminine Pixie

The feminine pixie cut looks great on hair of various textures and lengths. It’s a flexible cut that can be worn in a variety of ways and looks great on ladies of all ages. It’s also a functional appearance that’s fashionable, easy to maintain, and great for adding volume. This is accomplished by maintaining the hair longer on top of the head and shorter on the back and sides.

#22: Feathered Feminine Pixie Cut

Feathered Feminine Pixie

Feathering is a great way to add delicate layers to your hair. This method, which is suitable for women with fine hair, is more adaptable than jagged and severely layered styles. The cut will make the hair look thicker and fuller. Feathering may also be used to eliminate weight and thickness from thick hair. A feathery feminine pixie cut is great for creating dimension and can be styled as you like.

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