35 Best Examples of Feed in Braids to Try in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

Feed in braids is protective braids that use sections of hair pressed strand by strand into your natural roots to give them extra length and thickness. You may also know them as invisible braids. You can even add vibrant colors. Hair extensions will give your hairstyle a unique and beautiful look! It’s up to you whether you want to make it thin or powerful, short or long. Anything is possible with this truly versatile and modern technique.

This braid will take your creativity and your stylist to the limit with a variety of styles to choose from! Styles such as herringbone, zigzag, side braids, and Fulani braids are just a few of the long list of great options you have. Many women also choose it because of its low maintainability. You can create a style that will last for weeks without losing your beauty!

Gorgeous Feed in Braids

To create a feed in braids, a stylist will insert synthetic hair into your natural hair outside the top of the roots. This is because of creating the illusion of naturally thick braids. For regular braids, your stylist ties each braid in a knot to match your hair with synthetic hair with the filing method. Synthetic hair is added slowly after your stylist starts braiding.

#1: 2-Feed in Braids

2 Feed in Braids

The feed in braids hairstyle is the most common defensive style in African countries. You can style this 2-feed in braids in different ways. A unique look where the hair is separated by a deep curl, each part is braided around the head and joined at the back. It’s easy for your stylist to achieve this with just the bend of the comb.

#2: Goddess Feed in Braids

Goddess Feed in Braids

Goddess feed in braids is a feminine and beautiful way to braid hair for ethnic women. As with many other braid styles, some Goddess braids can stay in place for several weeks, while others only last for a day.

#3: Feed in Braids to the Back

Feed in Braids to the Back

What could be better than this iconic braid? Although feed in braids has been around for thousands of years, became fashionable in the 90s and is still popular today. You can also braid your hair with synthetic hair to add length and volume to your braids.

#4: 6-Feed in Braids

6 Feed in Braids

6 feed in braids may seem like a hard job, but the results are worth it. While they will look good with brown-colored hair, they will look better with blue and purple.

#5: Layered Feed in Braids

Layered Feed in Braids

Give your hair a glamorous look with layered feed in braids! Long, warm tan braids make this look complete. What people really like is the royal style. Pulling layered feed in braid this way is just a pretty and chic way to style your hair. This hairstyle is versatile and can be used anywhere from work to evening. If brown doesn’t work for you, recreate this hairstyle with any color.

#6: Feed in Ponytail

Feed in Ponytail

Gather the braids at the crown and secure them with an elastic band in the ponytail. Then dip the ends in hot water to tie them together and make the extension more flexible. Wrap one of the braids around the base of the ponytail and back. Mousse on the head, wrap and blow dry for a sleek hairstyle.

#7: Small Feed in Braids

Small Feed in Braids

Small feed in braids is one of the newest braids you will definitely want to see. Braiding creates a very natural look as if the braids are coming straight out of the skin.

#8: Bohemian Feed in Braids

Bohemian Feed in Braids

Bohemian feed in braids are one of the must-have styles for women for a variety of reasons, including their glamor, but also because they are practical, and the hair looks lush, curly, and acceptable. You make very long braids without too much weight.

#9: 2-Layer Feed in Braids Side Part

Feed in Braids

Do you love to wear trendy braids? If so, this is for you. 2 layer feed in braids side part is decorated with a center knot braided into beautifully patterned braids. As you can see, the braids look amazing and really stand out. This hair is perfect for those who want to braid their braids more boldly.

#10: Long Feed in Braids

Long Feed in Braids

Thin edges are a stylish highlight of asymmetrical braids. Long feed in braids curls around the head to the sides and forward to create a face. Wrapping one or two thicker braids with a little gold or copper wire is an elegant touch that really draws attention to the length.

#11: 3 Feed in Braids

3 Feed in Braids

Three feed in braids are one of the most subtle hairstyles out there, but they look great in pigtails. This braiding style involves creating small, naturally parting braids while keeping most of the hair loose. This style is an easy way to add a little touch to braided hair. Bring fresh contrast and comfort to your natural roots, whether you have straight or loose hair.

#12: Braids with Waves

Feed in Braids with Waves

Braiding is an easy way to make your hair longer, thicker, and smoother. One of the standout styles to try is feed in braids with waves. This hairstyle is especially eye-catching if you choose a braid that is different from your natural hair color. Not only does this hairstyle look great and draw attention, but it also protects your natural hair and works well any time of the year.

#13: Curved Feed in Braids

Curved Feed in Braids

One of the most beautiful things about feed in braids hairstyles is the artwork that goes with different styles. Giving the look of a goddess, the graceful parting gives the hair a completely new look. This one is shaped like the heart.

#14: Black and Caramel 2-Layer Braids

Black and Caramel 2 Layer Braids

Feed braids in caramel and black hair is one of the people’s favorite braids. Caramel braids go well with braided hair color. Also, a ponytail wrapped around the top of the head is a great way to create some growth.

#15: Goddess Braids with Color

Feed in Braids

Who said you couldn’t braid your hair in a different color? These braids twist at an angle around the crown of the head in a vibrant pattern, accentuated by vibrant purple and black. This is a great option if you are looking for a feed in braids. Styles can be completed relatively quickly.

#16: Braids with a Bun

Feed in Braids with a Bun

Perfectly divided braids, gathered into a delicately curled low knot, are a great choice. Beautifully positioned patterns around the knot and shiny black hair woven into the extensions contribute to a versatile design that can be worn at work or date.

#17: Pink Red Feed in Braids

Pink Red Feed in Braids

If you’re bored with hairstyles that only have 2 or 4 braids, check out this hot pink figure that has at least 8 thick and thin braids. In this way, you can add a difference to your appearance.

#18: Geometric Feed in Braids

Geometric Feed in Braids Design

Feed in braids offers the ability to combine two hairstyles into one. If you want to customize tried and true braids, add corner braids in between and tuck them into your main braids.

#19: Large Feed in Braids

Large Feed in Braids

Indeed, one of the best ways to create a pretty impromptu style is to use thick braids. From thin to thick, African feed in braids take hair out onto a whole new playing field.

#20: Thick Long Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids

Long, pretty, and eminently feminine, these braids are a more feminine take on classic braids. The braids are thicker and this style is based on very long strands or quality braids. This is a great option if you want a wearable style. Feed in braids can also have several variations. You can try braids in a ponytail or in a low bun if you want variety.

#21: Feed in Braids with a High Bun

Feed in Braids with High Bun

Instead of braiding loose or side braids, try a high bun for a great look. 3 or 4 short pigtails cover the head just enough, and with a longer length, you will end up with a large bun folded at the back with thinner ends offering different textures. This is a fun and unique hairstyle for any occasion.

#22: Feed in Braids with Braid Cuffs

Feed in Braids with Braid Cuffs

The hair is braided in a simple yet elegant style and braided in braids. The same can be done with shorter pigtails. You can also try adding beads for a creative look. If you want your look to be sophisticated, opt for accessories.

#23: Side Feed in Braids

Side Feed in Braids

Side feed in braids is chic. The braids are set aside and have a very nice pattern. This hairstyle like this will look great on everyone, you can even add color or keep the natural look.

#24: Jumbo Feed in Braids

Jumbo Feed in Braids

Most people love big braids because they look super stylish and can be styled in many different ways. These braids are designed to be simple yet beautiful. This hairstyle suits everyone. You can also braid your hair in long or short braids.

#25: Half Up Half Down Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids

Half-up and half-down hairstyles look very nice. The next idea is a half-up braid where all the little braids form one big braid. People love the big braid because it is so creative and unique. This is a good example of a hairstyle. It will be a great choice for spring and summer.

#26: Mohawk Feed in Braids

Mohawk Feed in Braids

This style proves that there is really no limit to the styles you can create with braids. This intricate mohawk involves placing the braids vertically at the sides and then twisting the braids towards the center. It is guaranteed to draw attention to you and is best paired with bold fashion and jewelry choices.

#27: Blonde Hair with Feed in Braids

Blonde Hair with Feed in Braids

This is an intricate braid feed that combines thin and thick braids. This hairstyle is especially trendy thanks to the color added to the braids. The cool blonde color accentuates black hair beautifully and suits everyone. The perfect way to change your look.

#28: Thin and Thick Braids

Feed in Braids

You can create a modern look using braids of different sizes. Both small and large braids look great in this hairstyle. You can recreate the hairstyle with any length of braids, you can even add some accessories like braided cuffs.

#29: Ghana Feed in Braids

Feed in Ghana Braids

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will surprise you? So this idea is for you. Hair is braided in thick Ghana braids. This kind of hairstyle seems like a fit for a queen. This is just wonderful. These Ghana braids will work for anyone and you can choose any length of braids you like.

#30: Feed in Braids with Beads

Feed in Braids

This is an idea for a thin braid. It’s a modern look that suits everyone. To do this, you can use any length of the braid and choose any beads. This style is perfect for summer.

#31: Stylish Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids

If you want your hairstyle to look natural and elegant, choose this braid. The braids are very long and have a simple yet trendy design. This hair is suitable for any age and hair length. Also, add beads or braid to the cuffs. In addition, you can get a different look by choosing colors as in the photo.

#32: Creative Feed in Braids

Creative Feed in Braids

The braids are centered and create a beautiful design. This hairstyle will suit everyone, and you can braid any length you want. You can dye your hair or add accessories to create your own unique hairstyle.

#33: Tribal Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids

Looking for a simple and elegant hairstyle? Then this is for you. These braids are neat, smooth, and long. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that looks chic with ease. This is another style that can be left as shown in the photo or can be worn with shorter braids.

#34: Medium Feed in Braids

Medium Feed in Braids

Make your braids stand out from the crowd by wearing a necklace! You can decorate the simplest hairstyles with beads. Wear transparent beads or opt for darker ones. Choose from several styles that express your individual style.

#35: Trendy Feed in Braids

Trendy Feed in Braids

It has long braids with a unique design. Two braids on each side were brought to create this look. People love this idea because it is so elegant and classy. You can recreate this idea with different ideas. So, tape thickness or choose something simpler.

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