50 Best Fall Hair Colors to Try for Fall in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

If you want to leave your old hair color behind and say hello to fall with your new hair color as the summer season leaves us, you are in the right place. I reviewed the best fall hair colors for you!


Which Colors Are Suitable for Fall?

As September begins to retreat into the shell of nature, you can keep up with the world by using cooler tones in your hair. You can be inspired by the colors of autumn that dance in harmony with each other. Try using soft shades.

As you enter the fall months, you may want to include the striking beauty of contrasting colors in your hair. Different colors will bring the contrast feeling to your hair that created by snow in the fall time. Using dark shades with cool blonde tones would be a great choice.

Fall is the saddest and most romantic of the seasons. After all, ‘Love is Different in November’ That’s why you can go for more nostalgic and romantic haircuts in the fall season. We can easily recommend retro cuts and bangs to you.

If you are not a big fan of nostalgia, it is possible to catch the mood of autumn with more modern haircuts. You could use your hair with choppy layers and some eye-skimming bangs. Luckily, this are not the only options you have – there are plenty of other options in our article.

Haircuts that you can easily prepare your hair will be indispensable for the fall months. Because who wouldn’t want to stay five more minutes in the warm bed? Fortunately, you can find both easy to style and chic fall haircuts in the rest of our article.

1. Coppery Hair for Fall

Instagram / @aaashleee

When it comes to autumn, the first thing that comes to mind is the fallen leaves and the wonderful color transitions that these leaves create. You can achieve this characteristic feature of autumn with copper tones. You can make a color transition by using different copper tones together in the form of ombre.

2. Sunset Hair for Fall Hair Colors

Instagram / @olaplex

Who can forget the enchanting sunset of the autumn days? You can carry the sunset, which is a very romantic scene, in your hair. For this, all you have to do is dye your hair in red / pink and warm orange tones. If you want to give your hair the opportunity to regenerate while the seasons change, you can cut your hair shorter like the example in the photo.

3. Soft Orange Ombre for Fall

Instagram / @aaashleee

Soft tones can best when it comes to express the sadness of autumn. It would be a very good idea to use soft shades of orange as ombre. If your hair is long, you can go for layered lob or bob cuts as you go into autumn. In this way, your hair will look much healthier.

4. Beautiful Mushroom Blonde Colored Ringlets

Instagram / @curlynaturals

The hair color in the photo is a bit darker example of mushroom blonde tones. You can use this hair color in fall season, and you may consider turning your hair color a little bit lighter and switching to cooler tones as the season turns fall.

5. Golden Chocolate Colored Short Curly Hair

Instagram / @urbanbloomcurls

If you want a slightly warmer touch on your hair, you can try the golden reflected chocolate brown. You can use this color especially in September and early October, when the weather is still sunny, and you can use the soft light of the autumn sun on your hair.

6. Shaggy Cut With Curly Hair

Instagram / @urbanbloomcurls

Shaggy cuts can help give your hair a retro flair. You can consider adding a bang to this cut, which is especially suitable for fall. Don’t forget to choose your bangs based on your hair type and face shape.

7. Rose Pink V-Cut & Wavy Hair

Instagram / @tiagublack

Check out the soft yet stunning look of rose pink! This color, which is reminiscent of the slowly fading flowers in autumn, is one of the most beautiful colors of autumn in our opinion. You can reinforce your melancholy look by giving light waves to your hair. V or U-shaped layered cuts are ideal for lightening your hair.

8. Copper & Hot Yellow Colored Bob Hair

Instagram / @aaashleee

If you want to try a very eye-catching hairstyle, we can recommend bright colors for you. You can get a great autumn look by combining orange or red with bright yellow. Doesn’t this hair color remind you of the harmony of autumn leaves? Also, look at how this haircut and color get along really well with hats.

9. Lively Orange Ombre For Long Hair

Instagram / @aaashleee

If you are looking for a more eye-catching hair color, we can recommend the neon orange color. The neon orange ombre, which also looks beautiful with long hair, will give your hair an indispensable character. You can easily use the orange ombre with shorter hair too.

10. Cool Red Wavy Hair For Autumn

Instagram / @olaplex

Did you know that red, one of the strongest and intense colors, also has cool tones? If you want to immerse yourself in the intense shot of red, but are afraid of its brightness, you can use the cool red tone you see in the photo. Cool red hues will give your hair the color of a drying rose.

11. Arched Retro Bangs and Copper Hair

Instagram / @bescene

This hair color, which combines brown and copper tones, is one of the colors that will suit the fall in our opinion. If you don’t want to give up the brown tones, you might want to consider adding some copper to it. You can get a more retro look by using your hair with arched and thick bangs.

12. Side Shaved Pink Punk Hair

Instagram / @bescene

If you have an unusual style, you’ll love this shaved side punk hairstyle. You can dye your hair in pastel tones with pink and peach colors, and become the queen of autumn by beautifying your hair with hair rings.

13. Lob Haircut With Long Bangs

Instagram / @bescene

Lob, which is one of the haircuts that never goes out of fashion, is among the indispensables of autumn. By adding long bangs to your hair, you can achieve a more mysterious look and reflect the melancholic mood of autumn to your style. You may consider using cinnamon colors with your new haircut.

14. Curly Hair Style With Rose Gold Stripes

You can reinforce the always striking beauty of curly hair with rose gold balayage. Curly hair which cut at chin length or shoulder length will look more stylish than ever with rose gold stripes. Try adding some long or short layers to your hair for making them voluminous.

15. Colorful Fall Hair Colors

Would you like to bring all the colors of autumn to your hair at the same time? Then this example is for you! In the hair of that elegant woman in the photo, you can see all the colors associated with autumn, from shades of pink to red and orange.

16. Copper Gold Shade with Long Hair

Copper tones also have cooler varieties. If your skin color is pale, you may prefer cool copper color, as in the photo, instead of going for bright copper tones. In this way, you can use copper, the iconic color of autumn, and have a great harmony with your skin color.

17. The Combination of Pastel Orange and Pink

Instagram / @bescene

The pale beauty of pastel tones is admired by everyone. If you like to see pastel tones in your hair, you can choose pastel orange and pink colors more often when entering autumn. When fall starts to show itself, you can start using pastel colors such as purple or blue.

18. Nostalgic Hair with Gold Shades

Instagram / @olaplex

The voluminous hair reflecting the golden times of Hollywood, combined with the brown-based golden sparkles, becomes one of the best choices for autumn. You can use this style comfortably in all lengths, from bob cut to hip length hair.

19. Beauty of Wavy Chestnut Hair

Instagram / @olaplex

You can use the chestnut color, which is especially good for women with olive skin, with cinnamon-colored sparkles. If you are a fan of naturalness, chestnut tones are perfect for you. You can be sure that cinnamon or golden sparkles will not destroy the natural look of your hair.

20. Copper and Cinnamon Reflections

Instagram /@tiagublack

When autumn comes, why not use cinnamon in our hair, which we see everywhere from coffee to food? Cinnamon, which attracts people with its taste and smell, will give a youthfull and lively vibe to your hair when combined with copper-colored sparkles. Your hair will glow gracefully under the autumn sun.

21. Hair That Resembles Fireplace

Instagram / @aaashleee

Who can deny the charm of a fireplace fire? How about carrying the fireplace fire to your hair, which is reminds people friendship/ family and enjoyable chats? Then you can go to your hair stylist and show this photo and get your perfect fall hair colors.

22. Curtain Bangs with Cinnamon Colored Lob

Instagram / @bescene

Cinnamon is one of the most beautiful flavors that remind you of autumn. You can also use the cinnamon color, which has a unique air with its color and scent, in your hair. The long or short curtain bangs you will cut will look perfect when combined with your cinnamon hair.

23. Caramel Hair with Cinnamon Balayages

The soft and attractive vibe of caramel tones will suit you very well. Balayage, especially used in golden caramel tones, will add a noticeable shine to your hair while preserving its naturalness. In this way, you can revive the sun that is about to say goodbye to autumn in your hair.

24. Zendaya’s Box Braided Hair

Instagram / @zendaya

When entering autumn, you can change your hairstyle with a stylish and easy-to-use hairstyle. The box braided hair style can help you with this. By dyeing your hair in red brown tones or copper shades, you can get a hair style that will suit the fall very well.

25. Feather Extensions with Copper Hair

Instagram / @alena__famina

If you think the feather extentions fashion is long time go, you are wrong! The feather extentions, which add a romantic and fun vibe to the user, will be an indispensable element of your autumn style. You can make your hair even more beautiful by combining your additions with copper tones or red tones.

26. Blonde Bun with Ribbon

Instagram / @alena__famina

Those looking for a stylish and easy-to-make hair style for the fall months should definitely go for the bun style. Moreover, if you decorate your bun in your favorite color with an aesthetic ribbon, you can get an elegant look in a short time.

27. Bun Hairstyle with Face Framing Bangs

Instagram / @alena__famina

Would you like to make your fall bun even more stylish? Then it’s time to give the fringe that framing your face a try! If you wish, you can start your bangs as curtain bangs, like the beautiful woman in the example, and keep it longer sideways. This way, your bangs will create a stylish frame around your face.

28. Red Ombre for Fall Hair Colors

Instagram / @aaashleee

We have stated that the fall months are the season of contrasts. So how about using red and black colors together? You can give your hair an ombre style with a rich red color, and you can have the charm of red while preventing damage to your hair roots.

29. Mushroom Blonde Balayages

Instagram / @aaashleee

If you do not want to give up the beauty of blonde hair in fall, you can choose cooler blonde colors. For example, the mushroom blonde hair color in this photo is an ideal shade for the fall months.

30. Contrast Hair Color for Fall

Instagram / @bescene

You don’t have to be stick with just two colors to create contrast in your hair. Moreover, if you think you need to give up fun colors during the fall months, this photo may change your decision. By skillfully combining the yellow, black and gray colors, you can achieve an extraordinary hair style.

31. Icy Blue Wavy Hair

Instagram / @bescene

If you want to dye your hair blue, you can try this ice blue shade, which is very suitable for fall months. You can reflect the cold but charming atmosphere of fall with your ice blue hair. We recommend this hair color for those whose skin has cooler undertones.

32. Gray & Black Short Hair

Instagram / @bescene

You can easily see the perfect harmony of black and gray and its masterfully blended color transition in the photo. You can keep all the eyes on you by adding black and gray colors to your short hair, which is much easier to use in fall season.

33. Black Hair with White Stripe

Instagram / @hairby.ambermarie

Would you like to carry the pure and innocent touch of snow in your hair? Then you should definitely see the application of white dye spread over only one part of dark hair. With this hair dye application which can seen in the photo, you can have a small part of the fall season in your hair.

34. Blue Black Hair Colors for Fall

Instagram / @hairby.ambermarie

If you want a deeper and more mysterious hair color, we can recommend the blue black hair color to you. This color, which is not seem very blue indoors, will bring out the blue in the winter sun and will give your hair a magical yet mysterious vibe.

35. Cold Tones for Fall Hair Colors

You can achieve a great harmony by using multiple cool tones in your hair. We especially recommend that you choose pastel colors. Pastel shades of pink and purple are often preferred for ombre or balayage applications in fall. If you wish, you can get an extraordinary style by using the base color of your hair as gray or white.

36. Beanie Style for Winter and Fall

You may be wondering what kind of hair style you can use with hats, which are indispensable for winter months. If so, this photo can inspire you. You can easily use your hair with beanies by braiding your hair single or double from the back.

37. Elegant White & Long Hair

Instagram / @olaplex

If we said to describe the fall season with a color, there would be only one color for everyone to say: white. So, using white color to reflect the winter spirit on your hair would be a very good choice. If your skin color contains pink undertones, we recommend that you try white without thinking.

38. Hologram Colored Hair for Fall Hair Colors

Instagram / @olaplex

If a hologram hair with the colors of the rainbow is used in combination with gray, it can become a hair style suitable for the fall season. You can get great results by visiting a stylist who specializes in hologram hair.

39. Light Pink Fall Hair Colors

Instagram / @olaplex

Remember we said that pastel pink would be the right choice for the fall earlier. Although, pastel pink isn’t the only alternative for you to use this color. You can get a very nice rose gold tone by using light pink color with some golden sparkles.

40. Ashy Blonde Hair with Balayages

Instagram /@tiagublack

Ashy colors are one of the most suitable hair colors for fall season. Blonde tones, whose brightness is taken with ashy shadows, harmonize well with the pale appearance of the winter’s white snow. You can also add movement to your hair by using darker or lighter balayage.

41. Mushroom Blonde 3A Curly Hair

Instagram /@urbanbloomcurls

Another blonde tone that you can use in the fall months is the mushroom blonde color. Mushroom blonde, which fits perfectly with almost any skin color whether pale, pink or yellow undertoned, can help you make your hair look more elegant.

42. Blackberry Ombre with Wavy & Long Hair

Instagram / @aaashleee

Blackberry or aubergine purple is especially good for brunette women. If you are looking for a rich hair color to use in fall, you can easily try blackberry color, which is the most intense form of purple. You can choose to dye your entire hair this color, or you can try the ombre style we have given as an example.

43. Soft Waves with Mushroom Blonde Color

Instagram / @aaashleee

Soft waves are one of the best ways to easily add elegance to your hair. You can wave your hair by using curling iron or curl defiying hair products. If your hair already has natural waves, you’re pretty lucky! Remember to use products that prevent frizz for your hair as you may need to use wool accessories such as hats and scarves.

44. Emerald Green Ombre

Instagram / @aaashleee

Emerald green, one of the most beautiful shades of green, can be used in winter. Although its green color is identified with spring, emerald green, which is a very special tone, is a highly preferred color that can be used in all seasons including winter with its rich and intense color.

45. Double Buns Winter Hairstyling Idea

Instagram / @bescene

Double buns, one of the easy-to-make hairstyles, seems to remain popular in the winter months. Double buns, which looks beautifull with both straight and curly hair, is a quick hair style that you can do despite the laziness that surrounds us all in winter.

46. Orchid Purple Balayages

Instagram / @bescene

Orchid purple is one of the most elegant forms of purple. When winter comes, you can use orchid purple stripes on your hair and you can have an elegant and extraordinary look at the same time. If you are looking for a change in your hair, try the soft touch of orchid purple.

47. Blonde Ombre for Bob Hair

Instagram / @bescene

We should point out that while long hair easily loses its shape in snowfall, short hair is much easier to maintain. This is why a bob haircut is a good choice to use in the winter months. While being a modern and stylish haircut, bob haircut looks beautiful under hats and beanies.

48. Fall Hair Color for Braided Hair

To use long hair comfortably in winter, you can choose to tie or braid them. Side braids are one of the most stylish and easiest ways to do this. You can braid your hair in any style you want and gracefully drop it off your shoulders.

49. Fall Hair Colors : White and Gray

Instagram / @olaplex

There are multiple ways to use gray and white colors together in your hair. If you want, you can paint two strands of your hair in white to get a beautiful frame and make your facial features much more visible.

50. Lavender Colored Bob Hair

Instagram / @bescene

Lavender color, which you can use with bob haircuts like this example, suits tanned and brunette women very well. Since the lavender purple color is a pale tone, it will harmonize well with the misty weather of the winter months.

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