35 Fall Hair Color Ideas That’ll Be Everywhere in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

The main reason we want to choose a hair color for fall is to keep our hair looking vibrant and shiny in cold weather. Most of us would like our hair to shine on cold, dark winter days. Since many hair colors suitable for summer can appear pale and lifeless in winter, it is necessary to choose a hair color suitable for autumn and winter.

Hair Color Ideas for Fall in 2022

The colors we prefer for autumn and winter should add vitality to our hair. Therefore, it is beneficial for us to choose light hair colors. Platinum colors, strawberry blonde and rose gold colors are generally the fashion colors of this year.

Before choosing the right color for your hair, it is important to pay attention to your hair color and skin color, in order to choose the most appropriate and suitable hair color.

#1: Pink Beige Blonde Hair

Pink Beige Blonde Hair
Instagram / @hikaru_1223

Every year, we see that several color tones such as pink beige blonde hair color are in fashion. These hair colors have become fashionable colors for many years. Pink beige color is a tremendous shade as here.

#2: Pink Gradient Ombre Hair

Pink Gradient Ombre Hair
Instagram / @cecil_kokura

You can make ombre with different colors to add vitality to your hair in Autumn and Winter. As you can see in the image, we see ombre from blonde to pink in this hair. The hue of ombre hair is a fashion candidate this year.

#3: Copper Hair Color for Winter

Copper Hair Color for Winter
Instagram / @nany_hairartist

Another color that will add vitality to your hair in autumn and winter is the color of copper. This shade of copper hair color offers a natural and vibrant look to the hair. I think this hair color can be suitable for women of all ages.

#4: Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde Balayage Highlights
Instagram / @hairbyjenniferann

Blonde balayage is one of the favorite and most popular hairstyle choices among women. The reason why it is popular is that it gives shine and vitality to the hair and its colors are very popular. Especially when women with black hair want to try blonde tones, we see that they mostly use blonde balayage colors.

#5: Platinum Blonde Balayage

Platinum Blonde Balayage
Instagram / @cah.paris

We know that platinum blonde hair colors are used very often. When the platinum color is blended with blonde hair color, it is a popular hair color because it does not change the blonde color much. In this way, you do not get away from your blonde hair color and also use platinum tones, this is platinum blonde.

#6: Apricot Balayage Color

Apricot Balayage Color
Instagram / @statiksalon

Adding apricot color transitions to your blonde balayage hair will make a difference. Apricot blond hues are a very different and harmonious color for blondes in the new year. Apricot blonde is nominated among the trendy hair colors of the new year.

#7: Natural Toned Balayage

Natural Toned Balayage
Instagram / @raven.nichole

If you want a balayage with natural tones, this hair color might be right for you. Women who love natural looking brown balayage colors will love this color. Moreover, this hair color has high-level sparkles.

#8: Platinum Brown with Highlights

Platinum Brown with Highlights
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

Shimmering hair with gorgeous highlights with a platinum brown color. This hair color is very harmonious for the winter and looks great thanks to the highlights shine. The platinum brown color will look perfect on cold winter and fall days!

#9: Platinum Gray Hair Color

Platinum Gray Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

Shimmering hair with gorgeous highlights with a platinum gray color. This hair color is very harmonious for the winter and looks great thanks to the highlights shine. Platinum gray is a full winter color because it is a cold and bright color.

#10: Purple and Rose Gold Ombre Hair Color

Purple and Rose Gold Ombre Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

In the colder months, these ombre colors will add movement to your hair. In addition to the conventional colors, a different style has been tried on this hair. You can take inspiration from this ombre, which uses purple and rose gold hair colors.

#11: White Blonde with Highlights

White Blonde with Highlights
Instagram / @statiksalon

You should try the white blonde hair color to make your hair shine! White blonde offers a nice shine to the hair. It is also a suitable fashion color for women who like colors close to white. This color is a popular hair color among women these days.

#12: Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Strawberry Blonde Ombre
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

Pastel colors are very trendy colors this year. These pastel hair colors, which have become widespread in fashion magazines and especially in Japan, are used by many women. You can also use ombre colors as in the image.

#13: Purple and Gray Pixie Cut

Purple and Gray Pixie Cut
Instagram / @milka_studios

A pixie cut that blends purple and gray colors can be a favorite of the cold months, especially for women with short hair. Women who want to use simpler colors can choose any color they want. However, for the winter months, you should take care to choose colors that will add shine and vitality to your hair.

#14: Wavy and Rose Gold Hair Color

Wavy Rose Gold Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

If you have long wavy hair, you shouldn’t be afraid of pastel colors. Pastel colors are the fashion of the year, and if you are someone who does not like interesting colors and wants to look cooler, you will love the pastel rose gold color as in the picture!

#15: White Blonde Balayage Ombre for Brunettes

White Blonde Balayage Ombre for Brunettes
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

White blonde ombre will look great for brunettes, and it is an ideal ombre for brunettes of all shades. For brunettes of all ages, white blonde ombre add shine and look harmonious.

#16: Pulp Riot Hair Color

Pulp Riot Hair Color
Instagram / @miamaliabeauty

This hair color is great pastel colors for those who love Pulp Riot hair colors. If you like to look different, it might be a very good hair color choice for you. Also, if you love pastel colors like me, definitely try this hairstyle!

#17: Blonde Balayage Before and After

Blonde Balayage Before and After
Instagram / @xs_justin

We can visually see how a blonde balayage changes a hair look. This hair, which looks so lifeless and pale before the blonde balayage, looks very colorful and lively after the blonde balayage!

#18: Ash Gray Hair Color

Ash Gray Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

Those whose original hair color is black or brown tones may prefer ash gray hair color. Ash gray goes well with dark hair colors and adds shine to the hair, so ash gray is a suitable hair color for use in the colder months.

#19: White Ash Platinum Blonde

White Ash Platinum Blonde
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

White ash blonde color can be a good choice for those who like tones close to white, if you have a pale skin, white ash blonde helps your skin and hair to shine in winter.

#20: Blonde Balayage Highlights Color with Bob

Blonde Balayage Highlights Color with Bob
Instagram / @miamaliabeauty

We see a great looking blonde balayage for bob hair. If you love a bob hairstyle, your first choice will probably be blonde balayage. We know that among the most common hair colors among women, blonde balayage is because it looks beautiful and classic, and blonde balayage bob hair can be easily used when going to work or school.

#21: Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

This dark strawberry blonde hair color idea has amazing shades! To set such a hair color, you should contact a skilled hairdresser. This hair color, which becomes wavy towards the ends of the hair, can offer you amazing ideas.

#22: Gray Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Gray Ombre Hair Color Ideas
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

If brunettes do not want to dye their hair completely, they can do ombre as in the picture. You can easily use this gray ombre in your daily life.

#23: Gray Balayage Hair Color

Gray Balayage Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

If you love black and white colors like me, but also have medium length hair, you will love this gray balayage! Gray balayage hair color is often used by white-skinned people because it fits amazingly.

#24: Brunette Ombre with Highlights

Brunette Ombre with Highlights
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

For those who want to give lively movement to brunette hair, this ombre idea will be suitable. You can add highlights to your hair with a great selection of colors.

#25: Straight and Long Hair with Gray Balayage Color

Straight and Long Hair with Gray Balayage Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

The best way to show off a sparkling balayage through the hair is to have straight hair. If you are a brunette like this example, you can create great balayage with gray hair.

#26: Natural Blonde Balayage Looking

Natural Blonde Balayage Looking
Instagram / @kai.creates

Natural blonde balayage is the most used balayage. These blonde balayage colors, which will add vitality to your hair in winter, will be a suitable choice for brunettes. It is also a popular color used in summer.

#27: Messy Pixie Cut

Messy Pixie Cut
Instagram / @adammarkarian

If you like a rebellious look, you may want to have messy pixie cut hair, also you can choose any hair color you want. If you want to look natural, try brown tones like in the image, but if you want to look more interesting, I can recommend pastel shades.

#28: Straight Hair with Caramel Balayage Color

Caramel color is popular colors for fall and winter because it is a color that shimmers due to its light brown tones. Using shimmering shades for the colder months will make you look more attractive.

#29: Copper Gold Balayage

Copper hair color can be used both with gold color and only in copper tones. As in the example Copper Gold color, which consists of copper and gold colors, will add shine to your hair and skin for cold weather.

#30: Medium Length Strawberry Blonde Color

Medium Length Strawberry Blonde Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

Strawberry Blonde hair color, make women look very stylish and simple. They make a difference with their light appearance. They make women impressive.It can make women feel special.

#31: Rose Gold Balayage Hair Color

Rose Gold Balayage Hair Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

This rose gold balayage hair color can make your hair look soft and silky. Rose gold balayage is an absolute richly colored shade for anyone looking to change their hair look for winter and autumn. In addition, rose gold color, glittering reflections in the hair will add a warm air to your hair.

#32: Shiny Platinum Color

Shiny Platinum Color
Instagram / @milka_studios

This shiny platinum color, which has a silky look, should be a color that everyone loves. In addition, these hair, waving towards the ends of the hair, offer a great hair idea.

#33: Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Strawberry Blonde Ombre
Instagram / @cosmochey_

This strawberry blonde hair color has the perfect ombre inside. Thanks to the strawberry blonde highlights that increase towards the ends, this ombre offers a great look. If you want to try a similar look, tell your hairdresser to adapt to the highlights. You want them to be noticeable, but you don’t want them to look chunky and contrasting.

#34: Shiny Rose Gold Color

Shiny Rose Gold Color
Instagram / @ryu_blonde

Rose gold hair color that will make you feel good when you are withdrawn or when you feel bad; It will refresh your self-confidence and raise your mood. Don’t be afraid to go out and really show off your rose gold hair, be bold and beautiful!

#35: Natural Cooper Hair Color

Natural Cooper Hair Color
Instagram / @accalia_salon

It will be quite impressive to carry the bright copper color in the cold winter months! If you are blonde, this color will not make you look absurd. For brunettes, copper tones, which are the darker colors of this color, can be preferred.

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