30 Easy Ponytail Hairstyles to Try at Home in 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

Choosing ponytail hairstyles is the simplest way to brush your hair off your face for a straightforward and sensible style. However, a ponytail doesn’t have to be compelled to be boring and easy – you’ll produce a variety of fully lovely appearances that is excellent for the daytime or the getting dark too, all by adding a novel twist to your ponytail.

There are many ways to style a ponytail, and people find it very versatile. For example, you can make the texture straight, high, low, etc. according to your needs. But everyday mundane ponytails are boring and popular. So there is a list of some colorful, sophisticated, and fun last-minute hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair. When you want a nicer ponytail, you can try it at home.

Cute and Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are still the classic hairstyle for women around the world. It’s a good point that you can arrange it in different styles to suit your clothes, mood, and situation. All you need is a little creativity to make a simple ponytail stand out. 30 ponytail hairstyles you want to try at home!

#1: Ponytail with Curtain Bangs

Ponytail Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Angled, blunt, or curtain bangs can add beautiful details to a ponytail. The ponytail with bangs has a cute and casual feel, which looks great no matter where you wear it. Just make sure the texture of your pony matches the texture of your ponytail. For this wavy ponytail, brush your hair off with your hands, fix it with a hairpin, then use your fingers to loosen your bangs and curl your ponytail. If your hair needs styling, you can add more styling spray.

#2: Sleek Low Ponytail Hairstyles

Sleek Low Ponytail Hair

This simple and eye-catching look completes this gorgeous long, wavy platinum blonde hair, creating a style that is perfect for going out. You should comb your cute hair back to add a lot of volume to this gorgeous look, and then comb your hair back into a low ponytail behind your head.

#3: Wrap-Around Ponytail

Ponytail Hairstyles

The secret of this ponytail hairstyle is that it looks complicated. Although simple, it looks elegant enough for special occasions or large gatherings. First, separate the hair from the middle. Separate the front two parts of hair, each front. Tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail on both sides of the part, and fix it with hair elastic bands. Then take one part, wrap it around the root of the ponytail, and pull it back. A pen. Repeat on the other side. In order to increase the appeal, lift the ponytail up and comb the other side to add unexpected volume to create a fluffy ponytail.

#4: Braided Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Braided Side Ponytail

If you think of the 80s when you think of side ponytails, read on, because this is not the case. Today’s side ponytails are thinner, smoother, and easier to wear anytime, anywhere. At the ear level: likable and modern at the same time. Separate the hair to one side, and then pull it back to the other side of the buckle (it should be on one side, but still at the back of the head and ear height). Secure with a headband. Finally, spray a few more hair sprays. The side ponytail hairstyle couldn’t be easier.

#5: Wavy Ponytail Hair

Wavy Ponytail Hair

Appeal to all minimalists! It sounds simple, but there is a reason for this classic ponytail style-it is impossible to mix soft hair and loose waves. It is basically a hairstyle that conforms to the trend of casual sports. Use a round brush to dry your hair, adding fluffy and slight frizz on the tip. Pull your hair back and you are done.

#6: Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles

Bubble Ponytail Hair

Bubble ponytails look very complicated and confusing, but it is guaranteed that they are easier to master than they seem. Start with the classic high ponytail, then tie a ponytail every few inches braid, and pull each one gently.

#7: Braided Ponytail Hair

Braided Ponytail Hair

Tie your hair into a low ponytail to achieve this style. Pro tip: Use a natural bristle brush (such as wild boar bristles) to smooth it out to get a very smooth and clean top. Braid the fishtail lengthwise and tie it with a small elastic band.

#8: Short Ponytail Hairstyles

Short Ponytail Hair

The classic ponytail is long and loose, but short hair is also suitable for this style. Although short hair cannot be tied into a high ponytail, a low ponytail will accentuate your hairstyle and give you a new look in seconds. Texture and loose ponytails for best results. Combined with bangs, it looks more beautiful, creating a stylish French look.

#9: Long Ponytail Hair

Long Ponytail Hair

If you have thick long hair, then you are lucky: The classic ponytail is your easy choice! It is very versatile because you can wear this style anywhere in the gym, at lunch, or party. Straight or wavy, long ponytails will never go out of style. For the best look, make sure that your curls last through regular care and haircuts. For those who like this style but have very fine hair, clip-on hair extensions are a good way to imitate it.

#10: Two Ponytail Hairstyles

Two Ponytail Hair

What is more beautiful than a ponytail? Two! It is difficult to do this because it will make you look like a schoolgirl. To turn it into a fun and wonderful hairstyle at night, add a lot of volume to the curls and add body and movement to the beach waves. Attention to detail is also very important-use a strand of hair to hide the elasticity in the hair, pull up a straight ponytail, and let a few strands of hair outline your face.

#11: Multi-Braided Ponytail Hair

Ponytail Hairstyles

If you know how to braid a simple French braid, you can use multiple braids to braid this ponytail. This is one of the best ponytail hairstyles for long hair, but this look is the same as the most fashionable medium-length hairstyles. Your hair is more shiny and textured than a hair dryer, so prepare your hair for anti-frizz first, then air dry it, and then separate it from the middle. Braid a strand of hair all the way to the ends and fix it at each end. Then, tie your hair into a ponytail, including two braids and a loose part.

#12: High Ponytail

High Ponytail Hair

When you tie your hair during a high ponytail hairstyle, you should find yourself trying such as if you had no time to vogue your hair. The secret is to urge simply the proper quantity of messiness. If you wish to comb your hair and gather it at the crown, secure your ponytail tightly with a hair tie, then loosen it a tad. Spray hairspray over it to stay the hairstyle intact.

#13: Pineapple Ponytail

Ponytail for Black Women

Use a curl and clogging detector to prepare damp hair and let it air dry. If you want expressive curls like Yara Shahidi, remember to stay away from touching. When your hair is 100% dry, fix it on the top of your head so that the curls protrude from the edges.

#14: Easy Ponytail

Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

Nothing is easier than straightening a ponytail every day. First, cover the bottom of the ponytail with an elastic band. Take a strand of hair, wrap it around an elastic band, and fix it in place. You can use a hair clip, but a cute hair clip will add a bit of personality to your simple ponytail and make your hair look more delicate.

#15: Middle Ponytail

Middle Ponytail Hair

Pull the hair into a medium ponytail. Be sure to curl the ends of your hair into a fuller, more elastic ponytail. Use hairspray to keep your hair smooth. Especially with small hairpins, your hair will look more attractive and beautiful.

#16: Medium-Length Ponytail

Medium Length Ponytail Hairstyles

Medium-length hair is usually shoulder length, which means it is long enough to turn into a fashionable mid-high ponytail. If your curly hair grows back or your hair is good, this is a great option to make your hair look thicker and longer. Keep this ponytail soft and wavy, because the fashionable ponytail only emphasizes length and sophistication.

#17: Prom Ponytail Hair

Ponytail Hairstyles

As we all know, the ponytail is a daily hairstyle. However, it looks great in more formal events such as prom. Pick up the roots of the hair from below to make the top look smooth and smooth. Ponytail, use curling irons to create soft waves. Finally, wear a ribbon around the hair to make your ponytail look perfect. You need long and thick hair to create this style.

#18: Urban Ponytail

Urban Ponytail Hair

The urban ponytail is a super fashionable high ponytail with baby hair. You can use real human hair to achieve this look because it can be heat set like normal hair. Urban ponytails have been popular for many years because they not only attract people’s attention but also draw attention to your face. When choosing this style, gorgeous makeup is essential, even with streetwear or sportswear.

#19: Formal Ponytail

Ponytail Hair

For formal occasions like weddings, ponytails may be a perfect choice, both discreet and elegant. Make sure your hair is completely straight and not loose, as this is a simple hairstyle. Then add some subtle, loose waves. The surface should be elastic and natural, but not wavy or stranded. Leave a few strands of hair on your face, then tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Add luxurious hair accessories to complete the look, such as velvet ribbons, pearl buckles, or flowers.

#20: 80s Ponytail Hair

Ponytail Hairstyles

The ponytail of the 80s is height and the most important accessory of that era: a hair band. Whether you tie up your ponytail or tie it aside, you will see what it looked like in the 80s. For a modern style, curl a small part of the ponytail instead of the entire ponytail. In addition, choose a hair band in a neutral color instead of a neon color.

#21: 50s Ponytail Hair

Retro Ponytail

The 1950s was the era of the female tail. Although the hair is neatly combed, there are waves inside. You can use pliers or some other heat to create the ponytail. The last major element of hairstyles in the 1950s was hair bangs. If you already have bangs, make sure to curl them to match the rest of your hairstyle.

#22: Ponytail Hairstyles for Work

Ponytail Hairstyles for Work

This is an improved ponytail that can be made on curly and straight hair. Create two tails, one at the bottom and one at the top, to provide your ponytail with longer layers and a fuller body. You can straighten your hair first. Increase the volume at the top, tuck it in a ponytail and fasten it with a headband. Then you can comb the bottom into another ponytail as needed. After that, you can toss the ponytail from the top down and hide the next set of hairs. Finally, you can apply some hairspray to get the best results.

#23: Ponytail Bow Hair

Ponytail Bow Hair

This cute bow on the ponytail adds fun and freshness to the ordinary ponytail. First, you need to style your hair into a normal ponytail. Then, take a large section of hair from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the elastic band. Then, take another strand of hair to form a loop on the ponytail. Use a hairpin to hold it longer and better.

#24: Chignon Ponytail Hair

Chignon Ponytail

Beautiful and elegant ponytail, perfect for parties or other important events. In other parts of the world, tie your hair into a ponytail and wrap a strand of hair around it. If necessary, use hairpins. Use hairspray to straighten loose hair.

#25: Rope Ponytail Hair

Ponytail Hair

This rope ponytail looks soft and cool. If you want to create one, you can braid your hair into a high ponytail first, then divide the ponytail into two equal parts and twist each other until the hair is complete. For this, use hair bands.

#26: Twisted Ponytail Hair

Twisted Ponytails

The twisted ponytail looks relaxed and sweet and can be used for medium and long hair. You can straighten your hair first. Then separate the top hair and divide the rest of the hair into two equal parts. Comb the top and secure it in place, then loosely through the two lower parts. Use a hairpin to secure it.

#27: Parted Ponytail Hairstyles

Parted Ponytail Hair

Increase your interest in classic ponytails by trying cool parts. Use styling gel to keep the part smooth and really bring out the details. Comb your hair thoroughly to remove any knots and keep it straight. Make a deep edge part, the deeper the better. If you have bangs, that’s great. You can use additional products such as hair spray to stay fashionable. Comb your hair into a soft ponytail. You can do this at the height you want.

#28: Drawstring Ponytail Hair

Ponytail Hair for Black Women

A drawstring ponytail is a hair extension method that allows you to get a beautiful ponytail in a few seconds. However, you need to prepare your natural hair before fixing to give it a super stylish and modern look. Your hair is softened by a high ponytail or bun. Like most ponytail extensions, the tip will hang on your real hair. You can choose the hair texture you want, from round and smooth to tight curls and spirals.

#29: Crochet Ponytail

Ponytail with Feed in Braids

Crochet braids are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to easily get the hair of your dreams without having to spend hours in a barber chair. First of all, your hair is braided, and the tension is not as tight as the normal braid in front of your hair. The extensions are threaded and crocheted, rather than sewn together like fabric. If you want to braid braids, you can have any hair texture.

#30: Fish Tail Ponytail Hairstyles

Fish Tail Ponytail Hair

Tie all your hair into a ponytail and tie it up with a headband. Start knitting! Take a small piece from the left and move it to the right. Repeat the same operation for the right side, taking a small part and passing through it. Repeat through the small part until the end of the braid. When the braid reaches the end, turn the braid over and pull the edge to make the braid wider and fuller. Then tie up the braid with a very thin elastic band.

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