30 Cool E-Girl Hairstyles to Copy on TikTok

by thedailyhairstyles

Soft pastel tints and characteristic ’90s streaks in clashing colors define E-girl hairstyles. The E-girl hairstyles look is inspired by online girl gamers and recalls the early 2000s ‘scene’ fashion, replete with winged eyeliner and striped shirts, but with a more modern aesthetic that’s typically amplified by social media. They’re bold and adventurous, and because of TikTok, they’ve become the most popular online subculture. It is believed that this trend to be enormous throughout the year, with style celebrities like Britanny Xavier and Dua Lipa being spotted donning famous E-girl hairstyles. So, whether you’re inspired by your favorite anime character or a nostalgic ’90s trend, we’ve compiled a list of the finest E-girl hairstyles for you to check out.

What is E-Girl Hair?

After becoming a significant fad on TikTok, the e-girl style has spread across the internet. It’s a fun alternative style that blends charming and feminine elements with edgy and sarcastic emotions, and it’s inspired by anime, goth, and skate subcultures. One of the most significant factors in establishing the e-girl style is hair — think bright colors, bleach, and ’90s-inspired pigtails and bangs.

#1: Blue E-Girl Hairstyles

E-Girl Hairstyles

When it comes to hair coloring, blue is a bold option because it is one of the most unnatural colors. Also, light blue hair, on the other hand, give you all the effects of blue hair without the upkeep of a full-color treatment. Much better, after e-girl highlights have had time to grow out and fade, they look even better. Try dying your roots blue for a unique and beautiful look.

#2: Platinum Blonde E-Girl Streaks

Blonde E-Girl Streaks

An orange hair with long blonde stripes is one of those hairstyles that every e-girl should try at least once. The trend will be noticed whether you wear this e-girl hairstyle with a middle part or not. Platinum blonde highlights are one of the most popular e-girl hairstyles. Blonde highlights are more acceptable than brighter hues like purple or green, but they still make a statement. All in all, if you’re new to e-girl hair, it’s a great choice to start with.

#3: Pink E-Girl Highlights

Pink Highlights for E-girl hairstyles

Pink highlights are quite popular among e-girls due to their adorable, whimsical, yet feminine appearance. Depending on your skin tone, you may choose a more bright shade like hot pink or a more delicate rose tint. Keep in mind that if your hair is naturally dark, you’ll need to bleach certain portions before applying the pink color.

#4: Purple and Green E-Girl Hairstyles

Purple and Green E-Girl Hair

This hair has an edgy frame thanks to the use of emerald green and purple tones. Green highlights are becoming increasingly popular among e-girls. Green hair, which has been popularized by celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, has an edgy and alternative attitude that contrasts nicely with more feminine e-girl make-up and attire. You’ll need to bleach areas of your hair first or have naturally pale blonde hair to obtain stunning neon-green highlights.

#5: Purple E-Girl Hairstyles

Purple E-Girl Hair

Purple hairstyles, like blue and green, constantly draw attention due to their dramatic and unnatural appearance. Purple flatters a wide range of complexion tones since it is a blend of red and blue and contains both warm and cold tones. Try a dip-dyed style with the color concentrated around your face and bangs to give purple highlights an e-girl twist. This gives your hair a cartoon-style graphic appearance.

#6: Rainbow E-Girl Hairstyles

Rainbow E-Girl Hair

E-girl hairstyles are always a little cheeky, and nothing is more cheeky than a rainbow. With more seductive, feminine make-up like winged eyeliner and arched brows, this adorable and young look offers the ideal contrast. Have your hairdresser combine pastel tones through platinum blonde hair to produce a lovely multi-tonal finish for rainbow e-girl highlights.

#7: E-Girl Hairstyles with Bangs

 E-Girl Hairstyles with Bangs

Hair bangs are a popular e-girl hairstyle because they may make you seem younger, frame your face for a more feminine look, and give your haircut a stylish ’90s or early 2000s attitude. The e-girl variation is to tint or bleach the bangs to make them stand out and show off your flair. Choose a fluffy straight fringe or center-parted ‘two-strand’ bangs for an e-girl hairstyles.

#8: E-Girl Hair with Two Shades

E- Girl Hairstyles with Two Shades Hair Color

Two-shades hair takes the e-girl trend’s bright, graphic, and cartoon-inspired aspects to the next level. Your hairdresser will divide the hair into two portions at the middle part and color each half a different color. Because of the stark contrast, black and white – or black and platinum blonde hair is a popular combination, but you may instead go for a gentler choice. The charming and attractive finish of pink and purple is less daunting and easy to grow out.

#9: E-Girl Hairstyles with Pigtails

E-Girl with Pigtails

Hairstyles for E-girls aren’t simply about bright colors. It’s also crucial to pay attention to how you style your hair. Pigtails have become famous due to their young, playful, and pleasant appearance. Make extra-long wavy pigtails with extensions, or keep it short and sweet with a half-up, half-down pigtail style. Add charming accessories like barrettes and butterfly clips for a e-girl touch.

#10: Face-Framing Highlights on E-Girl Hair

E-Girl Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

True, big highlights are back, but the e-girl version elevates the style even further. These bleached, face-framing highlights are applied to the front areas of your hair to produce a high-contrast effect to your all-over color, rather than highlights that smoothly mix with the rest of your mane. If you have dark brown hair, you’ll get bonus points!

#11: Colorful Hair Bangs

E-Girl Hair

E-girls like to change things up, which means their hair can be pink one day and blue the next. But if you want to have an e-girl hairstyles without committing, you can start with your bangs. You can achieve a stunning look with a pastel pink bangs while keeping the rest of your hair a neutral blonde.

#12: E-Girl Hair with Color Blocking

E-Girl Hairstyles with Color Blocking

E-girl hair is all about creating a statement, so don’t limit yourself to one hair color. To explore the color blocking trend, have your colorist apply blocks of color intermittently throughout your mane for a style that lets you experiment with numerous colors and locations.

#13: Half-And-Half Color

E-Girl Hairstyles with Half-And-Half Color

Billie Eilish, one of the best alternative music musicians in the world, took to the streets with her neon green and black hair! Half and half hair color with neon green and black are one of the people’s favorites. If you want to get a neon green hue, you will need a shampoo and conditioner system. This technique gently washes and softens hair to preserve the shine of rapidly fading colors.

#14: Messy Half-Up Ponytail

E Girl Hair

The good news is that E-girl hair doesn’t have to be difficult! You may give some of your favorite everyday hairstyles an e-girl-inspired makeover. A sloppy half-up ponytail is a perfect example. Gather the top part of your hair and tie it up as high as you can at the crown of your head in a ponytail. Then, using a few spritzes of texturizing spray, relax the strands framing your face.

#15: Colorful Face-Framing Highlights

E-Girl Hair

If you truly want to capture the e-girl look, don’t be scared to experiment with color! Make the front parts of your hair hot blonde. This style is edgy, bold, and colorful, combining all of the greatest aspects of the trend into one!

#16: Pink Money Pieces

e girl Hairstyles

Pink E-girl hairstreaks are just as popular as blonde hairstreaks. They’re not only eye-catching and original, but they’re also wonderfully girly and adorable. Furthermore, you may choose a shade of pink that is both appealing to your skin tone and matches your own tastes. There are many different colors to pick from, ranging from vibrant pink to subtle rose.

#17: Short Green E-Girl Hairstyles

Short Green E-Girl Hair

Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, both e-Girl celebrities, are responsible for the green hair trend’s appeal. The hairdo is quite daring and edgy. As a result, you should wear it with girly clothing and make-up styles. Yet again, if you have dark locks, they should be bleached before highlighting neon green. If you don’t, the color won’t be as vibrant as you’d want. Darker colors of green, such as forest green or emerald, are always an option.

#18: Lavender and Blue Hairstyles

E-Girl Hairstyles

Blue hair is undoubtedly the most uncommon of all artificial hair hues. Purple hair has a distinct and eye-catching appearance. Its key benefit is that it provides a golden medium between cold and warm tones by combining both, particularly blue and red. As a result, it complements any skin tone. Purple highlights are a safe choice if you’re not sure if you’ll be able to pull off a complete head of color.

#19: Sunset E Girl Hair

E Girl Hairsyles

A splash of color is a must in most E-girl hairstyles. So, if you want to take the next level of courage, you can go for sunset colors. Because the hairstyle is so vibrant and colorful, you can keep makeup to a minimum or accentuate the look with dramatic eyebrows and winged eyeliner.

#20: Brown Hair with Orange Bangs

e girl hairstyles

Adding bangs to e-girl hair makes it look even more young and feminine. Furthermore, they give your outfit a fashionable 1990s-2000s touch. Accentuate face-framing bangs with a contrasting or bright hue to give them an E girl look. You may also define them with a middle part, which divides the hair into two strands, or by giving your straight bangs a piecey finish.

#21: Half Pink and Half Ginger

E-girl Hairstyles

E girl’s hair is bright and vivid, giving her a cartoonish appearance. Choose a two-tone hairdo to complement your outfit. To produce a dramatic contrast, it commonly uses complementary hues. The hair is divided in the middle to generate two equal pieces that are colored separately. You could enjoy pastels or an ginger and pink pair if you want a more low-maintenance hair look.

#22: E-Girl Hair with Pastel Colors

E-Girl Hair

The use of pastel colors is highly popular among E-girls. They offer you a dreamy and feminine image. While they do demand some work on your part to achieve the right shade and upkeep is not easy, the out-of-this-world beauty they provide more than compensates. Besides, the color palette is nearly limitless, ranging from pinks and purples to blues and greens. As a result, you’ll be certain to develop a distinct and individualized look.

#23: Red E-Girl Hair

Red E-Girl Hair

One of the oddest hair trends is red E-girl hair, which is extremely showy and attention-getting. As a result, if you choose it, you may be guaranteed that you will not go undetected. You may add white streaks to red hair to make your hair color style stand out even more.

#24: Dark Blue Hair for E-Girls

Bright and Dark Blue E-Girl Hair

While the whimsical hue is an important aspect of the E-girl hair trend, how you style your hair is just as important. You can combine bright and dark blue tones and add hair bangs to your hair. This gives you a youthful and sexy appeal. Plus, your hair bangs look great when dyed a bright blue color. When combined with butterfly hairpins and barrettes, they provide a feminine and beautiful hairstyle.

#25: E-Girl Hair with Curtain Bangs

E-Girl Hairstyles with Colorful Curtain Bangs

Are you unsure about the width of your streaks? To stay in style, cut fashionable curtain bangs or face-framing pieces and color them in a selected color. A strong hair color trend that is all over Instagram right now is pastel pink. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, go for shadow roots for a low-maintenance look.

#26: Black and Pink Hair Color

Black and Pink E-Girl Hairstyles

Black and pink have always been daring looks to explore, and many e-girls adore it. A more subtle way to achieve a half-and-half hair color is to color a chunky section at the front. You’ll get bonus points if you style a black fringe over the light accents.

#27: Green E-Girl Hair

E-Girl Hair

Remember those cute anime women with mint tea hair color? Why don’t you pretend to be someone else for a while? You should remember that you will need to detangle your hair to achieve this level of density. Once you achieve this, you will be very pleased with the result. Moreover, if you have bangs, you may want to consider dyeing them a different color.

#28: Colorful E-Girl Hair

E-Girl Hairstyles

The strong and contrasting tone of the curtain boom is what typically makes it look like a major E-girl flick. The pastel blue money pieces are the most common chunky accent, but the neon explosion look is also hugely popular and a little more daring. Pastel blue, green, and dark purple hair are the colors used in this hairstyle. Combining them all produces a good result.

#29: Magenta and Neon Orange Hair

Magenta and Neon Orange E-Girl Hair

Today, when colored hair is more popular than ever, people are getting incredibly creative and bold with vibrant hair colors. One of the most common aesthetic choices made by e-girls is to have strong hair color or a variety of shades. Using two different colors gives you the look you want. At this stage, you can choose magenta and neon orange hair, which go well with each other.

#30: Feminine E-Girl Pixie Cut


When it comes to summer e-girl hairstyles, they’re light and colorful, pretty on-trend, so it’s only natural to include pastels in their looks. With these colors, the feminine pixie cut has never been more pronounced. E-girls are known for wearing brightly colored fronts that contrast with the base color of the mane. If you want to make a difference, you can cut your brightly colored hair into a bob haircut.

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