30 Best Dark Red Hair Colors for a Sweet New Look

by thedailyhairstyles

Dark red hair is one of the maximum famous style colorations this year. Bolder and edgier than the not unusual red– this coloration takes on numerous forms. These are the deeper tones and shades of a huge red spectrum. Chestnut, auburn, burgundy, and wine red are only some of the fan favorites! One motive why girls and colorists are falling for this dark red tone is how it could soften facial features. It offers your hair a multi-dimensional end while not having it undergo too many dyeing processes. Dark reddish hair helps you to have healthful locks whilst permitting you to get dressed your tresses in a high-quality stylish way.

30 Dark Red Hair Colors

Dark red hair is a bold decision. Whether you need to bring out your fiery character or create a sense of mystery, dark red hair will do. It includes every shade from rich red to deep burgundy, so there is coloring to make your pores and skin tone healthy and perfectly painted. So if you want to have this color of hair, choose from 30 different hair ideas.

#1: Dark Red with Bangs

Dark Red Hair with Bangs

It is possible to apply dark red hair to all hair types. Therefore, if you want to stand out more and have hair bangs, you can try this color. This color, which helps you achieve a very striking appearance, makes your light shine even more. In this way, you can draw attention to yourself wherever you enter.

#2: Red Hair with Dark Roots

Red Hair with Dark Roots

People with dark hair roots can try most shades of dark red. You can try and match the dark red color with the undertone of your dark roots to get a perfect look. However, if your undertone is cold, use plum red; If it is hot, you should prefer burnt red. In this way, the color you choose becomes more compatible with your hair roots.

#3: Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

Dark cherry red has long been a famous hair color due to its versatility. The color, which looks stunning on almost all skin tones, from light to dark tones, gives you an attractive and feminine look. Also, the depth of coloring makes your hair look thicker. For a first-class, vibrant and healthy result, you can ask your stylist for bright shades.

#4: Dark Purple Red Hair

Dark Red Hair

Deep purple-red hair combines rich red with purple hues and creates a striking and complex look. A deep red-violet with a supple shade, it looks perfect on all cool-toned skins and contrasts fantastically with colored eyes in particular. However, people with warm-toned pores and skin should highlights more red undertones of deep purple-red.

#5: Dark Red Brown Hair

Dark Red Brown Hair

One of the most preferred colors among red hair is dark red. The brown added to this color produces better results. A top-notch choice, especially for brown-haired women, is dark red-brown hair. The hue blends deep red colors with a brown base to create a stunning final result. Rich and velvety, this color makes you look perfect for every moment.

#6: Dark Red with Highlights

Dark Red Hair with Highlights

Women with auburn or dark auburn hair can give their look a lightened look with highlights. Highlights will add dimension and movement to her locks while keeping the usual colors of deep red tones. Also, highlights don’t color your hair as much as full highlights and can make thick hair look much less intense and flattering.

#7: Dark Plum Red Hair

Dark Plum Red Hair

Dark plum red hair, sometimes known as blackberry, looks perfect on all cool-toned skins. This color results in a beautiful result as it contains several blue pigments throughout the dark red. The biggest benefit of plum red hair is that it offers this opportunity to those who want a darker color. So you can have a beautiful color. You can also adjust the color of these two tones yourself.

#8: Hair Ombre Dark Red

Ombre Dark Red Hair

The ombre technique, which means ‘shaded’ in French, is used to combine hair colors or bring out extra hair color. Although it is often used to mix blonde and dark colors, it also looks outstanding with dark red hair. For girls whose roots are dark brown or maybe black, using an ombre makes it smooth to achieve the deep red look without coloring it all over.

#9: Dark Ginger Hair

Dark Ginger Hair

Ginger – sometimes referred to as copper-gold – is one of the most colorful red hair shades. Dark ginger removes some of the brighter gold and instead creates a cooler, deeper result. However, while on the warmer side, dark ginger suits a lot of pores and skin tones. It looks much less striking than the traditional ginger and gives an excellent finish.

#10: Medium Length Dark Red Hair

Medium Length Dark Red Hair

Sexy and feminine, medium-length dark red hair is preferred by many. It is a really great option especially for brunettes who want to showcase their face. If your hair has distinctly warm undertones – for example, if it looks orange every time you try to turn it blonde – then deep red can be a breeze. Dark red hair suits a wide range of pores and skin tones and looks even better, especially if you have brown eyes.

#11: Straight Dark Red Hair

Straight Dark Red Hair

If you have straight hair, you can already choose from many colors. Because straight hair shows every color you choose in detail. In the color selection stage, you have the opportunity to get a different look by choosing darker red tones. In this way, you get the perfect look regardless of both dark and light skin.

#12: Short Dark Red Hair

Short Dark Red Hair

If you’re approximate to reduce your hair right into a bob, why now no longer alternate your color too? The short dark red color appears sophisticated but has an extra dramatic end than an easy blonde or brunette shade. Plus, due to the fact, your hair is shorter, converting the color is a much less time-ingesting process. Short darkish red hair appears first-rate in as a bold, all-over color on quick hair, so that you won’t want to fear approximately highlighting.

#13: Red Melt Color Hair

Red Melt Color Hair

If you want to apply the color red to your hair, but do not know which shade of red to choose. You can end your hair roots starting from dark red with hair ends ending in light red. In this way, you can both benefit from the bold look of dark red and get the sweet look of light red.

#14: Dark Red with Orange Highlights

Dark Red Hair with Orange Highlights

Choosing dark red gives you advantages in many ways. In this way, you can look more feminine and bold. But if you don’t like mediocrity, it’s possible to add orange highlights to dark red hair. This will make your hair stand out more.

#15: Black and Dark Red Hair Color

Black and Dark Red Hair

You can apply dark red in many different hair colors. If you do not want to cover all your hair with this color, it is also possible to do it in the form of highlights or ombre. If you have black hair at this stage, dark red is not very noticeable. Plus, if you want to get this kind of look, you can choose it with peace of mind.

#16: Long Dark Red Hair

Long Dark Red Hair

If you have long hair and want to stand out more, you need to choose a striking color. If you are having trouble making a decision at this stage, you can consider dark red. In this way, your hair will stand out more and you can use your long hair more efficiently.

#17: Wavy Dark Red Hair

Wavy Dark Red Hair

Looking for a color that will look perfect on your wavy hair? Then choose one of the perfect shades of deep red. Whether it’s wine red or plum red, all tones are in harmony with you. Also, skin color doesn’t matter.

#18: Deep Red Hair

Deep Red Hair

It is difficult to choose among the dark red tones. Sometimes you may not want to dye all your hair in one of these colors. If you have fears, you can choose the deep red tone and apply this color to your hair ends. However, if you have the courage, you should not forget that covering all your hair with this color will produce an excellent result.

#19: Dark Burgundy Hair

Dark Burgundy Hair

Burgundy hair color is one of the most preferred shades of dark red. Especially those who want to look more mature can prefer this color. You can also choose this color if you are an older woman and want to make a change. In this way, you can feel more alive with the change you make.

#20: Crimson Dark Red Hair

Crimson Hair

Crimson is one of the most vibrant colors you can choose among dark red tones. This color, which should be preferred by people who want to stand out with their hair, adds shine and highlights to the hair. In this way, you stand out with your hair in every place you step in.

#21: Dark Reddish Auburn Hair

Dark Reddish Auburn Hair

You can combine auburn with various colors. In this way, you can get away from being ordinary. One of the color choices you can make is dark red. Dark reddish-auburn hair gives you the look you want. In this way, you can enjoy the various advantages of both red and brown.

#22: Dark and Bright Red Hair

Dark and Bright Red Hair

Dark and bright red hair gives you a bold and eye-catching look. If you choose this color, you will get the glow you want. In addition, your hair length and shape have no effect on choosing this color. Because it goes well with any hair type.

#23: Dark Copper Hair

Dark Copper Hair

Dark copper is a very popular color choice among many people. This hair color, which looks good with any hair type, looks great with any skin color, although it offers a bright appearance. Therefore, if you are undecided at the stage of choosing a color and do not want to highlight red too much, you can choose this color.

#24: Dark Reddish Purple Hair

Dark Reddish Purple Hair

In this hair color, in which purple stands out, it is used as a dark red undertone. In this way, you can both join the dark red hair trend and not attract too much attention. For this, you need to choose dark purple. Thus, these two colors look more harmonious.

#25: Curly Dark Red Hair

Curly Dark Red Hair

If you’re considering dyeing your curly hair red, consider going for a darker shade as well. While light red tones can look cute and playful, dark red curls look bolder and more interesting nowadays. In this respect, choosing dark red may be a better alternative. Also, you don’t need to lighten your hair color for this hair color.

#26: Very Short Dark Red Hair

Dark Red Pixie Cut

After you cut your hair very short, you can dye it dark red to add a little more variation. In this way, you will get a more attractive appearance. Moreover, it is possible to look more mature with this hairstyle. So if you are an older woman, you should definitely consider this hair color.

#27: Dark Red with Light Red Highlights

Dark Red Hair with Light Red Highlights

If you don’t know which shade of red to apply to your hair, apply both light and dark shades. For this, it is better to choose a dark base. You can then use this tone as highlights by choosing from a selection of light red tones.

#28: Dark Red Balayage

Dark Red Balayage

Hair ombre and balayage are frequently used hair techniques. In this respect, if you are going to choose balayage, you should consider dark red. Because if you have dark hair, this color looks very harmonious with your hair. You can also make a small difference thanks to this color.

#29: Dark Red Bob Hair

Dark Red Bob Hair Color

The layered, short bob cut, which is suitable for older women, can also be preferred by those who want to look mature. However, after you cut your hair with a bob cut, you need to dye it for more variation. At this stage, if you do not want to change your mature look, you can choose dark red.

#30: Dark Red with Auburn Highlights

Dark Red Hair with Auburn Highlights

If you have dark red hair or have dyed your hair this color, the next step may be to add vitality to your hair. For this, auburn highlights do the job. This color, which makes dark red more vivid, also offers you a sweet look. In this way, you can take advantage of these two colors.

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