20 Curly Bangs Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2022

by thedailyhairstyles

Ever consider trying curly bangs for your new haircut? If you think you cannot use your glamorous curls with bangs, this belief is about to change! To add a new flair to your curly or thickly wavy hair, you can try the curly bangs haircuts and hairstyles.

How to choose a bang style for curly hair?

When cutting your bangs, you should consider the natural texture of your hair as well as your face shape. Knowing the structure of your hair can help you predict what length and style of bangs will look good on you.

While getting curly bangs haircuts and hairstyles, the next step should be to determine your face shape. Round, oval, square or diamond … It is possible to find the suitable bang style for all face shapes! You just need some research and courage. After you find the style that suits both your hair and your face, you can go to the nearest hairdresser.

1. Soft Brown Curls with Bangs

Instagram / @camilles_curls

If you have an oval face, shorter bangs will look great on you. You can easily use short bangs with your curly hair. Try consider using short haircuts to match your bangs. Maybe bob style could help you. If you add layers to your hair, your curls will be much easier to control.

2. Golden Brown Curls & Fringes

Instagram / @sofiaelhaj

Especially suitable for olive skinned people, the golden brown color is one of the indispensable trends of the summer months. You can choose this color for your curly hair to have healthy looking hair that shines like the sun. Golden brown hair you will use with bangs will reveal your youth soul inside you.

3. Beauty of Red Curls & Bangs

Instagram / @randa.rivera

It is a fact that curly hair is quite remarkable in itself. Moreover, it is possible to increase this charm by using your hair with bangs suitable for your face shape. So what should you do if you want an even more noticeable look? Of course you should use the beauty of red like this woman!

4. Cool Brown Curly Bangs Haircut

Instagram / @harley.super

If you can’t give up the natural beauty of brown, there are many different shades you can try. While heading for warmer tones in summer, you can try cool brown alternatives in winter. Especially pale-skinned women should give cold brown a chance.

5. Natural Curly Raven Hair & Bangs

Instagram / @curly_hair_style_

Using bangs with your voluminous and curly hair may seem like a scary option to you. However, we think the beautiful hairstyle in the photo proves the opposite. Regardless of your curly type, bangs will add a distinctive atmosphere to your hair and will be an indispensable part of your life.

6. Face Framing Curls

Instagram / @curly_hair_style_

If you think that bangs are too much for your face, you can turn to models that make your face more pronounced instead of covering it. For instance, in the example in the photo, you can find a very nice using of curly fringe that surrounds the face. Try this model if you think that your forehead is too narrow for bangs.

7. Curly Pixie with Fringes

Instagram / @curly_hair_style_

This example is one of the best curly bangs haircuts and hairstyles ideas. Getting a pixie cut with your hair that is very curly can seem like a daring job. But the truth is just the opposite! Take a look at how beautiful the woman in photo looks with her long pixie cut. You can try a curly pixie cut with bangs for a natural and cheeky hairstyle.

8. Fringes with Honey Brown Coily Hair

Instagram / @curly_hair_style_

It might be a good idea to use the soft and radiant look of honey on your hair. Adding beauty to the glory of curly hair, honey brown color comes to the help of those looking for a more natural look.

9. Bob Cut Blonde Curls & Long Bangs

Instagram / @curly_hair_style_

Those who are devoted to lighter colors rather than brown can immerse themselves in the beauty of blonde color. Curly hair cut in a bob style can look great with a blonde style. You can also prefer long bangs with your bob hair. You can consider getting some balayage to make your hair look even more beautiful.

10. Lavender Curls & Fringes

Instagram / @curly_hair_style_

Lovers of remarkable and unusual colors can color their curls with soft lavender. Lavender color, which looks very beautiful with all kinds of hair and curl patterns, is a color that can be used especially in winter. In the summer, consider using a richer shade of purple instead of lavender.

11. Curly Hair Fringes Transformation

Instagram/ @curly_barbie

If you’re still hesitant about switching to the bangs cut, we suggest you take a look at this gorgeous transformation. Although the first hairstyle looks pretty good too, no one can deny that the result has a completely different vibe.

12. Voluminous Curls & Bangs

Instagram/ @curly_barbie

The indispensable color of autumn, cinnamon, will be in perfect harmony with your curly hair with bangs. This woman, who carries her hair like a crown, can prove that bangs are a good choice with coily hair. Although thin bangs are used here, you can easily choose thicker bangs models. This decision is entirely up to you and your face type.

13. Curly Fringes Haircuts and Hairstyles for Winter

Instagram/ @curly_barbie

Hairstyling in the winter months can be difficult for anyone. After all, who would want to deal with it in cold weather while sitting in front of a mirror? Fortunately, curly hair is pretty lucky in this regard too! You can have well-groomed hair that doesn’t need styling with a nice hair care routine. If you want to make your hair look more stylish, you can consider adding bangs.

14. Curly Bangs Hairstyling Idea

Instagram/ @curly_barbie

You have decided to get a bang on your curly hair. Fantastic! But what models can you make?
There are many answers to this question. However, if we need to start from the classics, we can recommend you to use a bun with bangs. The bun, which is a very classic but also a tasteful model, is a style you can always use.

15. Half Bun Style with Curly Bangs

Instagram / @ashleescurls

There are many ways to style your curly hair, while keeping mind your beautiful bangs. One of them is styling your hair as a half bun. With this hairstyle, both your bangs will be free and your hair will look much more voluminous.

16. Bulky Ponytail & Subtle Curly Bangs

Instagram / @curlyhairkillas

Curly hair is pretty flashy in every aspect! It is possible to look great by making your hair a simple ponytail. The sublt bangs you leave out of the ponytail will gracefully surround your face and reveal your beautiful facial features even more. You can use this curly bangs hairstyle with much more longer bangs or blunt bangs.

17. Two-colored Curly Bangs Haircuts & Hairstyles

Instagram / @curlyhairkillas

If you like to make a difference with your hair, you will love this style! Once you decide to have your hair cut in bangs, you might think that there is nothing else to do. However, the extraordinary woman in the photograph may tell you otherwise. Coloring your bangs in two different colors will make them even more fun.

18. Mid Lenght Bangs with Natural Curls

Instagram / @curlyhairkillas

There are only few things that more gorgeous than naturally curly hair. If you want to enhance the beauty of your hair, we have a great suggestion: Medium bangs! If you are hesitant about having a bang, you can choose a safer medium size and see if the bangs are working for you.

19. Curly Bangs Haircuts and Hairstyles Idea: Pixie

Instagram / @fallonwolkowski

Curls and bangs are not just for girls with long hair! If you have a pixie model hair, you can freely use your curly hair with bangs and make a difference in your style. When one of the most beautiful pixie models, the pixie hair with bangs, will be combined with your curls an unbearable look will come out.

20. Remarkable Curly Pixie & Short Bangs Hairstyle

Instagram / @barberiasdelmundo

We are sure there is a pixie cut suitable for every face type! Moreover, pixie cut is a pretty good choice to carry your curls proudly. If you’re looking for a more eye-catching but easy-to-shape style instead of the classic pixie cut, this example can give you an idea. With this haircut, you can keep your hair together with just a few hairpins and enjoy the pixie.

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