50 Stunning Burgundy Hair Color Ideas You Have to See

by thedailyhairstyles

Are you planning to change your hair color for a new one? Burgundy hair color can be an excellent choice for you! Classic shades of blonde, brown, black, and red are commonly used, but for 2022, consider burgundy hair color. You might be hesitant to ditch your natural hair color and make it brighter and bolder. Burgundy (dark red) is actively used to dye brown hair.

Blonde women and women with neutral brown hair also use this fashionable hair color as they look brighter and more beautiful. Even redheads can try tones like burgundy but lean towards warm tones with a hint of cinnamon. But which one should you choose? You may change your mind after checking out our 50 burgundy hair color ideas below.

Shades of Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy hair color revitalizes the hair and adds a mysterious tone to it. The burgundy color matches your basic color and achieves your goals. Do you want to be the center of attention? Want to create a classic smart look? How about adding a pop of color to the fall to adapt to the changing nature? Would you like to introduce a spicy color and shine to your brown rock? No problem. Check out the pictures below and apply what you want!

#1: Dark Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @snapdragonsalonaz

If you want to update your hairstyle with fun and flashy, burgundy hair is for you. Whether a simple, easy-to-wear color or a bold, eye-catching one, it’s the right color for most people. You can choose a dark tint and apply it to your dark hair to create a subtle but personalized look. This burgundy is a rich blend of red and purple tones, which is especially suitable for those with pink, ebony, and olive skin tones.

#2: Burgundy Ombre Hair

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @bani_beautician

Ombre hair is a shading technique that starts with a dark base color and gradually lightens. You’ve probably seen it on fashion shows, editorials, and your favorite celebrities. This is a common approach to natural shades, but you can also use rich shades like burgundy for a more lively and playful look.

#3: Purple Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @gresyasalon

If burgundy is dark red hair and mixed purple color and you need a look that fades into a shade of purple, this is also a good choice. Long-haired people prefer purple because it is very bright and daring, but it is also a color commonly associated with wealth, magic, and mystical charm. Depending on how you combine these colors, they tend to blend well with a balanced skin tone.

#4: Brown Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @salonanitapalopo

Burgundy appears like an enormous modification and might be a touch daunting to undertake. If so, don’t worry. There are choices for people who like a relaxed look, like brown burgundy hair. Dark fuchsia goes well with brown hair and can produce a refined low light. The pleasant distinction is attractive while not exaggerating and makes most skin tones great.

#5: Deep Burgundy Hair

Deep Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @goldwellus

Burgundy could be a hair color that each girl should try at least once. This color is in style as a result. It permits you to do out a glance that reflects your personality. Maybe this uses burgundy highlights, and you want to tone all your hair? Beauty varies; however, selecting a full burgundy hair color creates sophistication.

#6: Black and Burgundy Hair Color

Black and Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @hairbydarceee

If you want to experiment with dark colors, burgundy and black hair are good choices. Burgundy looks better and looks more subtle and natural when used with darker hair. Add burgundy at the end for the ombre effect, or choose some pure highlights. It is a beautiful shape with little maintenance and is not difficult only with other color combinations.

#7: Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy Hair Highlights
Instagram / @briellebotta

Brown hair with a burgundy hue looks very impressive, with a reddish hue. Dark hair color goes well with this hue because it can create a thinner and less saturated look. When you have beautiful curly hair, your color accentuates and sparks your straight hair, creating an exciting contrast.

#8: Faded Burgundy Hair

burgundy pixie cut
Instagram / @jejojejo87

Generally speaking, burgundy hair color goes well with darker hair colors, it does not fade quickly, and when it fades, it does not become so prominent. The combination becomes thinner and more convenient. However, lighter hair cannot show this lovely tone, and you can use the fade effect to create a more luxurious look. Softer colors require less maintenance and are suitable for fair skin. Feel free to try faded hairstyles for an intense look.

#9: Burgundy Curly Hair

Burgundy curly hair
Instagram / @delilahg.xo

Burgundy is suitable for various hair types and textures, including curly hair. This shade does just that when you want to get rid of curls and accentuate them. Purple red looks especially impressive when combined with naturally dark hair. However, there are many colors, some cool and some warm, so you can choose the color that best suits your skin tone. There are many ways to pair it with your hair, such as a striped, two-tone, or ombre effect.

#10: Burgundy Bob Hair

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @aly_ways_456

The combination of black and burgundy looks particularly impressive on short hair. Curly hair and asymmetrical tailoring make it particularly attractive for heart-shaped faces. At the same time, you can make yourself stand out more with this hair color. Especially your short hair will look great with burgundy hair color!

#11: Burgundy Braided Hair

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @gotbraids_byz

Many knitting techniques, including knitting or knitting, have different lengths. No matter which type of braid you choose, whether it’s a lemonade braid or a box braid, you can benefit from a touch of color that makes the look stand out. Burgundy braids are popular because their shade is so flattering, versatile, and bold.

#12: Straight Burgundy Hair

straight burgundy hair
Instagram / @salon.bellizima

The best thing about burgundy hair color is its versatility. It is suitable for hair of different textures and lengths. It can enhance curly hair, but it looks equally impressive on straight hair. However, because the colors are so bright, you need to ensure that your curls are well groomed because curls or split ends will become more noticeable.

#13: Grape Burgundy Hair

Grape Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @paulla.santos

This hair color is very similar to cherry black hair. Grape hair color is very suitable for people who want to achieve cherry black, but the grape color is relatively light. However, this hair color is ideal for those who love purple because it consists of a mixture of purple and burgundy.

#14: Burgundy and Wine Hair Color

long burgundy hair
Instagram / @brookees_beauties

Just seeing this hair makes you a little drunk! This is a bold blend of burgundy hair dye with a light burgundy color on the dark brown base. At the same time, you will find perfect harmony with this color. That’s why you should try the burgundy hair color without thinking.

#15: Burgundy Sunset Melt

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @shutupandye

This sunset-inspired hair color includes not only fashionable burgundy tips but also orange, gold, and plum stripes. Warm tones complement warm, neutral skin tones, although they look particularly bold on somewhat greasy skin tones. Because it is relatively cold, in addition, with this hair, you will fall in love with yourself and people will like you very much.

#16: Wine and Rose Gold Hair

Wine and Rose Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @pulpriotaustralia

Two colors harmonize with each other: wine and rose gold hair. If you admire the harmony of these two colors, why not wear them in your hair? This broadside hair color, which has a highly different atmosphere, will completely change you. A little courage is all it takes!

#17: Intense Burgundy Hair Color

Intense Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @hairbyemmil

If you want your hair to look burgundy, this burgundy hue is perfect, but not too dark or too bright to achieve the visibility you want. Deep burgundy is the ideal color for colored hair and natural hair. However, once you try this color, you cannot give up because it will seduce you and everyone around you!

#18: Lavender Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @teganfiore

Lavender hair is so dreamy, and the soft shadow makes it a beautiful and ideal color for women who want something special. However, if you wish to update your appearance, lavender and burgundy are the best. This combination is suitable for all hair colors, but darker shades tend to be softer and more comfortable, while lighter shades are bolder and require a lot of confidence.

#19: Half White Half Burgundy Hair

Half White Half Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @cellardoorhair

If you like two-tone hair and want an exciting technique, try the half-white and half-burgundy e-girl hairstyle. The sharp contrast between the two colors is a style that emo has long favored. They are very bright, and there is nothing subtle about these locks. This is about freedom of expression, showing off your creativity, and finding a hairstyle that makes you feel great.

#20: Berry Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @lexiesciortino

This bright berry creates a touch of contrast due to its slightly deeper roots. The shade is especially suitable for cold skin tones. At the same time, you can get excellent harmony by leaving your scalp or a few strands of your hair black. Also, since this color looks a little pale, you won’t attract too much attention.

#21: Burgundy Hair Ends

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @redken

Not ready for full burgundy red? This transition from brown to wine red will help you gain insight into this trend. If you don’t like it, you can crop the color anytime. But there is a high probability that you will like this color. However, if you are still unsure, you can try the burgundy hair color on the ends of your hair.

#22: Burgundy and Scarlet Highlights

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @hadviser_com

Try a burgundy black hair dye and spice it up with scarlet highlights to create an excellent combination that your friends will love. The gentle waves make it look feminine and flirty. At the same time, you get a perfect look with this hair.

#23: Burgundy Roots

Burgundy Roots
Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

Here, burgundy roots are mixed with medium red and peach tips to create a clear and unmistakable appearance, and starlight fading eliminates the rough lines between the colors. This way, you can resemble a peach! Moreover, these colors look stunning with each other. You can try this if you want colored hair for it. In this way, you will not give up on the burgundy color.

#24: Reddish Burgundy Hair

Reddish Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @loveekarina_

This reddish burgundy hair color is fantastic. It has high gloss and color from root to tip, bold and beautiful. It is also an excellent option for those who want to attract attention with their hair. If you want to dye your hair red, you can try this.

#25: Multicolored Burgundy Strands

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @todyeforofficial

If you like the idea of ​​combining multiple colors while also achieving a burgundy hair color trend, then this blue look is worth considering. The burgundy roots and tips and the blue-green center look very comfortable. At the same time, in this way, you reveal the harmony of blue and burgundy.

#26: Shiny Burgundy Hair

Shiny Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @georgeeblancoo

If you want to add a lively look to your hair, shiny burgundy hair color is for you. With this shiny hair, you can attract attention and show your beauty to everyone. This color, which looks beautiful on both long and short hair, will enchant you!

#27: Burgundy Balayage

Burgundy Balayage
Instagram / @loveekarina_

The black roots and center help balance the bright red ends of this colorful appearance. The unique harmony of black and burgundy gives you a sexy atmosphere. In addition, it will look great with your tanned skin. Therefore, those who do not want to make their hair completely burgundy hair color can try balayage.

#28: Burgundy Hair with Pastel Ends

Burgundy Hair with Pastel Ends
Instagram / @cosmoprofbeauty

This is another elaborate design of deep-rooted burgundy hair color ideas-light blue bangs and tails. This is an idea of ​​hot and cold hair color and definitely not suitable for the faint-hearted. Pastel tones in the hair give a different shape to your hair. Moreover, you can experience autumn in every season with these colors reminiscent of autumn.

#29: Pinky Burgundy Hair

Pinky Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @hairbyemmil

Once again, the root of burgundy is the star of this colorful image. Assembled into big bangs, it shows the roots at the hairline and shows a pale pink center and tips. You should try this color for a sweet look! This way, you will be like cotton candy.

#30: Plum Dark Burgundy Hair

Plum Dark Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @thegirlnamedwalter

Plum blossoms and burgundy hair are a fashionable and vibrant combination. It is often suitable for women with darker skin tones, such as olive shades, but don’t let this disappoint you. There are many ways to experiment with this. Find out what works for you, from highlights to ombre. However, bright colors may require you to update your makeup habits, an opportunity to make your eyes stand out.

#31: Vivid Wine Burgundy Balayage

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @todyeforofficial

This burgundy hair color is almost vibrant and light and looks like natural red hair, but a subtle dark spot makes it long-lasting. Also, it provides the most luxurious contrast, like the almost dark roots have a heavy raise.

#32: Black Cherry Burgundy

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @beautylaunchpad

The black and red color scheme has a timeless meaning. When it comes to hair, it has black, magical tones. The dark blend of this almost black root and a hint of black cherry burgundy creates a soft but undeniable sense of mystery.

#33: Muted Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @hairloungenyc

Due to the subtle but slight color change. It is suitable for curly hair but can appear flat on very straight hair. It is also worth noting that the deeper roots mean that caring for this hair is a breeze!

#34: Garnet Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @aishalhasan_hair

This beautiful burgundy hair has a vintage feel, but this gem-colored hair type is impossible to achieve with old hair dyeing techniques. This kind of brilliance requires professionalism! Therefore, do not try anything yourself to attain this hair color. It is best to go to the hairdresser, so you do not regret it.

#35: Chestnut Burgundy Hair

Dark Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @demiraehair

As this balayage shows, burgundy hair is a great way to compliment deeper auburn hair and browns in subtle ways. Dark brown hair with a chestnut burgundy color keeps you warm and festive. Also, as you can see in the photo, this color looks beautiful with short hair.

#36: Burgundy Waves

Burgundy Fireball
Instagram / @todyeforofficial

The soft waves of this long wave bob are dyed into the most dramatic and vibrant burgundy hair color, adding a fiery effect to the dark brown undertone hair. This is a great way to significantly change the color from dark brown to high-octane wine red without changing your overall appearance.

#37: Pixie Burgundy Hair

Pixie Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @am.beauty.hair

After you cut your hair as a pixie cut, you can also go for a change and dye it. But if you have not decided which color to choose, you can consider burgundy. This color, which will give you a youthful look, will also look good on your pixie cut.

#38: Rainbow Hair Color

Rainbow Hair Color
Instagram / @hjlhairjoylove

Would you like to carry the unique tones of burgundy in your hair? These colors, which are in good harmony with each other, will add color to you. If you are undecided about this or do not know which shade of burgundy you want to see in your hair, you should try the rainbow burgundy hair color.

#39: Three Colored Burgundy Hair

Three Color Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @cosmo_journey_pr

Sometimes you need a little color! So, you don’t need to dye your hair with just one burgundy shade. You can use blue, purple, and burgundy together if you want to try different colors. In this way, you can reveal your colorful personality with your hair.

#40: Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Burgundy Butterfly Locs
Instagram / @hairbyhaf

Butterfly curls are a variation of fake curls made using the crotch technique, which involves knitting wavy hair with crotch needles and then curling it loosely to make it look messy/tangle-free. When you combine this hair type with burgundy, you create wonders.

#41: Boysenberry Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @h2d4easton

The name makes it as unique as this burgundy hue. Boysenberry brings the most beautiful and sweet berry shade to the hair with its long-lasting burgundy red hair color. This way, you will be happier than ever with this beautiful colored hair.

#42: Magenta Wine Hair Color

Wine Hair Color
Instagram / @nivescax

For everyone who likes roses and pinks, purple shades of hair color are the right choice. It is not an actual explosive pink, but a pink and burgundy. They look very elegant with beautiful beach hair. This way, you can stand out from the crowd.

#43: Red Velvet Burgundy

Red Velvet Burgundy
Instagram / @thehairmom

All female superheroes have become the primary targets for dyeing our hair red. Although bright red is not for everyone, the more elegant red is velvet red with burgundy. It will make you look like the master of the world.

#44: Deep Wine Hair Color

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @hairbycooki

People like a little old school, a little rustic, don’t they? The old burgundy hair color gives a more fashionable and avant-garde burgundy hue, which looks very natural even on shorter/longer hair. Moreover, you will not stand out too much with this color. Because in this color, a little ashy burgundy is in the foreground.

#45: Hot Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @loveekarina_

These burgundy waves look hot—think molten lava, but darker and colder! Chocolate brown hair stripes run through this melted color, bringing an extra dimension, and the excellent burgundy hair color at the ends of the hair adds a touch of witchcraft.

#46: Burgundy Oil Slick

burgundy hair color for straight hair
Instagram / @chicmoihair

People like the oily effect of dyed straight hair. The combination of cool burgundy with brown and red tones makes the result unique and shows that colored hair is not always the case.

#47: Extended Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair Color
Instagram / @cxsglam

Sometimes the secret to a perfect hairstyle is a series of curls, but they are not always the same as your hair. Although the hair is dyed into a lovely burgundy balayage, the hair extensions have been dyed burgundy red. This perfectly compensates for this situation.

#48: Money Pieces Wine Hair Color

Long Hair with Wine Color
Instagram / @thelittlehairsalonpune

Money pieces have been a trendy hair trend recently. You can join this trend, which almost everyone loves. But you may be wondering what color will suit your hair. In this respect, burgundy hair color harmonizes not only with black but also with other colors.

#49: Forest Berry Burgundy Hair

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @hairtalkusa

This exceptionally refreshing burgundy hair reminds you of a delicious berry cocktail with blackberries, lemons, and raspberries mixed into a sweet monochromatic appearance. This is another look that shows that all colors look best when the hair is wavy!

#50: Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Balayage

Burgundy Hair
Instagram / @stylist_namedadrian

The strong burgundy rocking hair color accentuates the luster and numbness. To make the color more noticeable, add long, low-maintenance hair layers to keep your hair healthy and luxurious. Curly or straight, with a simple centerpiece, it looks great.

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