30 Latest Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

by thedailyhairstyles

Brown hair with blonde highlights can be as attractive as platinum threads. Bright highlights on dark hair uncompromisingly add contrast and interest. Whether your hair is light brown or dark chocolate, there is a pale partner that can revitalize your hair. Naturally blonde or brunette doesn’t mean you can’t put your toes on the other side of the hair color spectrum. This is exactly what we do to get the best of both worlds. For brown hair, you can add golden yellow paint here and sprinkle honey here a few times to brighten up the overall look and attract a more multi-dimensional look. It’s very easy. It is rare to add a bright, shiny blonde to brown hair no matter the season or the reason. There are 30 striking blonde highlights with brown hair ideas for inspiration.

Blonde and Brown Hair Color

With over 30 blonde color variations, blonde highlights can vary widely, from thick blonde to brown hair to copper-plated mahogany tops. It is important to choose a tone that complements the base layer and enhances skin tone when lightening hair. Therefore, mixing blonde with brown hair is recommended by experts using custom hair dyeing techniques.

#1: Brown on Top Blonde on Bottom Hair

Ombre hair can accept curly hair instead of expensive hair dye. The brown and blonde hair color combined with the textured cut provides the best movement and waves for the headboard. Simply put, bronze is the perfect combination of brown and yellow. It’s become a Hollywood favorite, and celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba are incredibly popular as well.

#2: Blended Balayage

Blended Balayage
Instagram / @parisdoeshairk

Combine colors from chocolate brown to caramel to honey blonde to focus on the tips and get the most out of your hair color. Milk chocolate brown dyed hair and honey highlights make for an intriguing mix! The two natural tones combine surprisingly harmoniously and at first sight will make you fall in love.

#3: Brown Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Caramel Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @laurenabakerr

Add caramel blonde highlights to a brown base to brighten your look and see if you’re blonde. You can combine colors with different shades of honey on the front and caramel yellow highlights on the back to get all the benefits of the highlights without any extra hassle.

#4: Brown Hair with Icy Mocha Highlights

Brown Hair with Icy Mocha Highlights
Instagram / @rigandco

Beige and icy mocha highlights are great for warm skin tones and take a neutral approach to adding highlights to the brunette without the blonde or orange shades. Icy mocha blonde accentuates the neutral and olive flesh tones.

#5: Dark Brown with Beach Blonde Highlights

Dark Brown with Beach Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @kelsforbeauty

Get the California Light. A classic beach blonde like a summer blonde is the perfect way to lighten the painted brownstone and ease into fall. Capture the summer for longer with this clean and sexy style. Moreover, your brown hair will look more beautiful with this hair color!

#6: Three Shades of Brown Hair with Blonde Streaks

Mix three medium browns and add a few pale yellow pops for warmth and visual appeal without the need for a single tone. This coloring technique is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain the richness of dark brown while adding a variety of undertones.

#7: Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights
Instagram / @bestofbalayage

Red shades are suitable for accentuating blondes with brown hair. Don’t try to imitate the 90’s look with bold red and yellow lines. Find more natural tones and blending techniques. In this way, your hair looks in accordance with today’s fashion.

#8: Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Dark brown hair isn’t the only highlight of blondes. They are really gorgeous with light brown tones that give them a young and romantic look. So if you have light brown hair, you can decorate it with blonde tones to brighten it up.

#9: Dark Brown with Partial Highlights

Check out the darkest roots of any color. The highlight application is a great way to try out blonde hair without brightening the crown. These colors work best when you have time to play with other colors. Moreover, in this way, you can completely change with small touches.

#10: Golden Brown and Blonde Highlights

This is the length of brown hair that a person can achieve. Add a little curl to brown hair with sleek golden highlights. Great to pair with giant waves where you can see different shades of glamorous curls everywhere. In addition, this caramel blonde tone will not make you regret it.

#11: Tortoiseshell Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Tortoiseshell Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @carlybellhair

Tortoiseshell brown hair (a mix of chocolate brown, chestnut, caramel and honey) is one of the trendy brown hair colors. Add a little honey blonde to make it look more neat. In this way, your hair looks more lively. Afterwards, you fall in love with yourself every time you look in the mirror!

#12: Ash Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Ombre

Ash Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Ombre
Instagram / @burakucarofficial

It is never thought there would be such a beautiful colored waterfall before seeing this wavy mane. It starts with a cool medium brown and ends with a perfect golden blonde. In this way, you get the perfect harmony of ashy brown and golden blonde.

#13: Long Espresso Curls with a Brown-Blonde Gradient

Add dye to caramel blonde balayage in the middle of long hair to get a beach-friendly hair color. The natural blonde highlights of artistic freehand painted brown hair look like a sun-kissed. When the ends of your hair are yellow, it looks very compatible with your brown hair roots.

#14: Brown Color Melting

Brown Color Melting
Instagram / @madisondidmyhair

It’s not quite the same as ombre, but this color blending technique will add some yellow streaks to different parts of the shaft. The result is much more casual and artistic than any blonde with blonde highlights. That’s natural. This color lasts well and you can skip the maintenance.

#15: Toffee Blonde Highlights

Gives the hair a warm brown with a hint of caramel which adds an almost metallic golden glow to the skin tone. If you want your hair to be more blonde, you should try this hair color. Anyone with both short and long hair can try it. You will never regret!

#16: Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @embellishbydiya

The perfect answer to hesitation? Combo balayage and ombre! This hand-drawn brown hair is gorgeous with mid-length cuts that quickly add texture and movement to any style. The hair has never looked so good.

#17: Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Colored hair is once again a trend, so why not add a light color to your chocolate brown hair and warm up your skin with a soft accent? By the way, this technique is great for adding impressive blonde color to light and dark blondes.

#18: Brown Hair with Blonde Front Pieces

You can create a bold hairstyle that only highlights the natural brown front pieces. Switch up the side braids and colorful long front pieces and get your hands on a whole new style every day. Your hair, which you will color with golden and caramel blonde tones, will look more beautiful than before!

#19: Brunette Lob with Lots of Highlights

Brunette Lob with Lots of Highlights
Instagram / @hairbylisagee

Adding blondes to the hair breaks the average length of the basics. These dyes can accentuate skin tones while still leaving room for growth. For maximum contrast, give the colorist first. Ask to darken the brown.

#20: Chunky Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Chunky Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair
Instagram / @aura.beauty.co

Placing these highlights keeps the contrast crisp and natural. These big highlights are subdivided for a smooth, blended color result, but can be moved to larger sections as well. Plus, this hair tone will make everyone who sees you look back at you!

#21: Blonde Highlights on Dark Beachy Waves

Blonde Highlights on Dark Beachy Waves
Instagram / @audreyzitobeauty

Keep the dark chocolate brown at the top and yellow the tail instead. The highlights of this balayage will have more impact with the participation. In the fall, you can enrich your colors from anywhere and say goodbye to pop colors if you want.

#22: Brown Hair with Blonde Babylights

Add some very subtle platinum highlights and your dark chocolate brown hair gives you a subtle yet powerful three-dimensional look. Pastel is a lot lighter than the base color, so if it’s too heavy it can go too far, so apply gently.

#23: Ash Brown Lob with Cool Blonde Balayage

Ash Brown Lob with Cool Blonde Balayage
Instagram / @burakucarofficial

It’s easy to underestimate the big elements of ashy tones, but don’t be afraid to be a little late to the party. This very dark ashy-brown shade goes well with cool blondes like this icy shade. Moreover, this color looks very beautiful and perfect on your short hair!

#24: Chesnut Brown with Face-Framing Blonde

Chesnut Brown with Face-Framing Blonde
Instagram / @salih.tunbul

This mahogany-tone brunette receives a little power from the blonde highlights on her face that match the warm tones of her hair. When you dye your front-length hair blonde, you will have a different mood. You won’t regret this new haircut that will be liked by everyone!

#25: Light Brown Hair with Amber Blonde Highlights

Light Brown Hair with Amber Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @hairstylistbyroxy

Noone can’t imagine a better couple than this sweet cola brown and this honey butter blonde. Together they make a beautiful ice cream. For this beautiful harmony of brown and blonde, you should try it without wasting any time!

#26: Cool Blonde Highlights

Cool Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @taviana

If your hair already has a nice brown base, invest in some glacial blonde highlights around your face to brighten things up with no maintenance. If you want to emphasize the blonde color more, you can also have it done in ombre form. Because your hair will be beautiful in any way!

#27: Deep Brown with Tanned Blonde Highlights

If you want to leave your roots dark brown, this hairstyle is for you! Afterwards, you can dye your hair from light brown to blonde towards the ends. This model, which looks better on wavy hair, can be preferred by people with long hair. Because if you don’t like it, you can cut your hair!

#28: Subtle Blonde Shine

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @hairwithanaccent

This is another example of how subtle highlights can affect your hair. Simply mix the honey color highlights and instant glamor into the chocolate brown base! The blonde color mixed with the original brown of your hair creates a perfect result.

#29: Copper Blonde Highlights

Another way to highlight gorgeous blondes is this bronze blonde. This warm shade allows you to switch more naturally with natural colors and highlighting colors. Especially effective if you have red-brown hair tones. In this way, your straight hair looks more well-groomed.

#30: Between Balayage and Highlights

A great way to achieve rich colors using a variety of colors is to use both balayage highlights and color techniques. Please choose two colors compatible with honey yellow and ash yellow. This hairstyle, which is suitable for both wavy and straight hair, will make you very happy!

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