50 Ash Grey Hair Colors That Will Change Your Mind

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Ash Grey Hair Color

The ash grey hair trend is definitely going on and the good news is that there is something for everyone. The wide range of colors makes it possible to create over 50 shades of ash grey, from metallic shades such as high gloss and silver to bright shades such as ash brown and golden tones. But if you’re looking for a dramatic change, why not accept the mystery and turn it completely ash grey? Greyscale can be found towards the darker edges of the grey spectrum. Its ash color suits all hair types and textures, and most skin tones, but should be neutral or cool tones rather than warm. Otherwise, it will look bright red.


Trendy Ash Grey Hair Colors

With over 2 million people on the planet looking for ash grey hair every month, the desire for grey hair is higher than ever. While the colors look cool in the summer when the sun is shining, there’s something around this cool shade of warm weather that makes it even more special. Styled with a long, loose cardigan or braced with a leather jacket and biker boots, ash grey hair is also a perfectly chic way to accept the cool breeze.

How to Ash Grey Hair Color?

#1: Dark Ash Grey Hair Color

Dark Ash Grey Hair

Dark ashy grey is a color that can be preferred by people with dark hair. For this, you can leave your black hair roots as they are and make the rest of the hair dark ashy grey. In this way, your hair looks harmonious.

#2: Short Straight Ash Grey Hair

Short Ash Grey Hair

Would you like to change your style? If you have straight hair, you can cut them at shoulder level. Then you can get a brand new look by painting it ash grey. Moreover, this way you look more noble.

#3: Dark Ash Grey Hair with Highlights

Dark Ash Grey Hair with Highlights

Dark ash grey is a great idea for those who want to get a new look! Moreover, when you add highlights to this hair color, it looks even more classy. Those who want to make a fresh start to the summer should definitely try this hair idea. Because this way you will attract eyes to yourself.

#4: Light Ash Grey Hair Color

Light Ash Grey Hair

If you have a light skin tone, you should try light ashy grey. This hair color may not go very well for people with dark skin tones. But it is a great option for blondes. Do not even think about it, especially if your hair is long and wavy!

#5: Ash Grey Ombre

Ash Grey Hair

Want to mix various colors and create a perfect result? Then you need to try the ashy grey ombre. Because this hair color leaves the hair roots dark and opens towards the ends. At the ends of the hair, it has a light blond. This way, you can easily achieve the look you want.

#6: Ash Purplish Grey Hair

Ash Purplish Grey Hair

This hair color, which is not very grey, is suitable for those who want to be different from everyone else. This color, which resembles a little more purple, looks pretty sweet! In this respect, the purplish grey, which is beautiful with any hair length, looks especially beautiful on wavy hair.

#7: Ash Bluish Grey Hair Color

Ash Bluish Grey Hair

It is very natural that such a beautiful combination comes out of the combination of blue and grey! Because these two colors are very compatible with each other. So no doubt for ashy bluish grey. If you have straight and short hair, this color will look very sophisticated on you.

#8: Dark Roots with Ash Grey Hair

Dark Roots with Ash Grey Hair

Ashy grey hair colors look beautiful in every way. So if you want to achieve this hair color, you have so many options. If you don’t want to deal with dyeing the roots, you can leave your scalp dark and make the rest ashy grey. But before you do that, you should find a suitable ash grey shade.

#9: Wavy Ash Grey Hair

Wavy Ash Grey Hair

It’s time to make a change to your wavy hair! For this, you can choose the desired shade of ashy grey. Because no matter what tone you choose, your hair will look perfect in any way. Therefore, you can dye your hair with peace of mind.

#10: Brownish Ash Grey Hair

Ash Grey Hair

If you do not dare to make big changes, brownish ashy grey is for you! Because this color is a mixture of brown and ashy grey. In this way, you do not need to dye your entire hair grey.

#11: Faded Ash Grey Hair

Ash Grey Hair

The faded ashy grey color is a less conspicuous color. In this respect, whether you have straight hair or wavy hair, it looks beautiful in any way. At the same time, your hair length does not matter. Because faded ashy grey suits any hairstyle.

#12: Silver Ash Grey Hair

Silver Ash Grey Hair

If you are undecided between silver and grey, why not combine these two colors? In this way, you will not have any questions in your mind. Moreover, these two colors have very beautiful transitions within each other. Thus, you will have a beautiful hair color.

#13: Ash Grey Highlights

Ash Grey Highlights

You don’t have to make all your hair ashy grey. You can also use ashy grey highlights instead. In this way, if you like the color, you can dye all your hair in the next step. This way, you can insure yourself.

#14: Two-Toned Ash Grey Hair

Two-Toned Ash Grey Hair

The transitional ashy grey colors are a nice solution for those who are bored with a single color. These colors blend in so beautifully with each other that all eyes are on you alone. You can choose light and dark ashy grey for this.

#15: Warm Ash Grey Hair Color

Warm Ash Grey Hair

Warm tones are especially beautiful for brunettes. In this respect, instead of light ashy grey, you can try warm ashy grey. If you want a classier look, you should try this color on short and straight hair.

#16: Ash Grey Blonde Hair

Ash Grey Blonde Hair

Ash grey blonde hair is a nice option for blondes. These hair, which is more close to light blond, have ashy grey hair that can be seen from between. Especially from this point of view, the ends of the hair appear more yellow and the middle ones look greyer.

#17: Metallic Ash Grey

Ash Grey Hair

Metallic ash grey draws all the attention to you! If you are a shy person, you should try a less conspicuous color instead of this hair color. But if you want the eyes to be on you, this hair color is for you. The moment you step on the street, everyone will look at you!

#18: Ash Grey Balayage

Ash Grey Balayage

Ash grey balayage is a casual choice. So you can choose this color if you don’t want too much difference. In this way, you can make a difference without changing your appearance too much.

#19: Smoky Grey Hair

Smoky Grey Hair

Getting this look is pretty easy. In this respect, it is sufficient to show this photo to your hairdresser. The smoky grey color can make you look a little pale. That’s why you might consider applying makeup to add color.

#20: Platinum Ash Grey

Platinum Ash Grey Hair

It’s not too late to catch the trends. Although the grey hair color trend is a bit old, ashy grey hair color is very popular. So you can try platinum ash grey to be different.

#21: Ash Grey Hair with Bangs

Ash Grey Hair with Bangs

Bangs is actually a sign of courage. On top of that, dyeing this hairstyle an ash grey is not for everyone. So don’t hesitate and try ashy grey to be totally different!

#22: Blue and Ash Grey Hair Color

Blue and Ash Grey Hair

Do not confuse this hair color with bluish grey. Because blue and ashy grey color is more blue in the foreground. On the other hand, ash grey hair wink at you through your hair. This hair color is a color that those who love blue color should definitely try one day.

#23: Brown Hair with Ash Grey Highlights

Brown Hair with Ash Grey Highlights

Brown hair is very beautiful. However, since many people have this hair color, those who want to be different can change their style. If you love your brown hair, you can try just the ash grey highlights.

#24: Pixie Haircut with Ash Grey Color

Silver Grey Hair

Ashy grey hair isn’t just for long or medium length hair. If you have a pixie cut hair, you can choose ashy grey color. Moreover, if your hair has a straight shape, you can look more mature.

#25: Purple and Ash Grey

Purple and Ash Grey Hair

Purple hair was once everyone’s favorite. If you have this hair color, a little change may be needed. You can add ashy grey to your hair to keep up with the latest trends. But you don’t need to apply it all over your hair. Even if you just do it between the hairs, it is enough.

#26: Straight and Long Ash Grey

Straight and Long Ash Grey Hair

If you want the ash grey hair color to appear more clearly, your hair should be straight. This makes the transitions more noticeable. In this respect, if you have long hair, the color transitions are also more visible.

#27: Black Hair with Ash Grey Highlights

Ash Grey Hair Color

Black hair looks very classy and stylish. That’s why you should add ashy grey highlights to your hair to look more sophisticated. These highlights, which stand out more on black hair, look extremely beautiful.

#28: Mauve and Ash Grey Hair Color

Mauve and Ash Grey Hair

Lilac is a slightly pale color. In this respect, you can consider ashy grey to add color. However, a darker shade of grey may be better, as light ash greys will also look pale. If you want to have a pale color, you can use less light ash grey as highlights.

#29: Ash Grey Peek a Boo

Ash Grey Peek a Boo

Peek a boo is one of the most trending hair ideas lately. So you can try this to keep up with the fashion. If you do not know which color to choose, you can start with ash grey. In this respect, when you put your hair in a ponytail, ash greys appear.

#30: Ash Grey Babylights

Ash Grey Babylights

Ashy grey babylights look minimal on your hair. In this respect, you can babylight your blonde or black hair. If you don’t like it, you won’t regret it as ashy grey won’t look too much anyway. But you’re sure to like it!

#31: Icy Ash Grey Hair Color

Icy Ash Grey Hair

This ash grey hair color looks so sweet and beautiful. As you can see in the photo, it will look even more perfect when you make a hairstyle! This hair color, which will make you look like an ice queen, should definitely be tried.

#32: Ash Grey Hair with Blue Balayage

Ash Grey Hair with Blue Balayage

After dyeing your hair an ash grey, you can try blue to add a little more color. Blue balayage is very suitable for this. Moreover, this way you can break the record of likes. Because this color will be liked by everyone. Just have some courage!

#33: Ocean Ash Grey Hair

Ash Grey Hair

Imagine the color of seawater on a cold winter day in Montauk. A moody grey shade slowly appears. In this respect, those who are fans of the ocean can carry this color to their hair. In this way, you will be side by side with the ocean all day long.

#34: Pastel Ash Grey

Pastel Ash Grey Hair

Pastel colors are loved by everyone. If you are in love with these colors, you should consider pastel ashy grey. This very pale color is especially nice for those with fair skin tones.

#35: Ash Grey with Pink Highlights

Ash Grey Hair with Pink Highlights

Pink and grey are two colors that complement each other. When these two colors come together, an extremely sweet color emerges. So after making your roots and overall ashy grey, consider adding pink highlights to your hair.

#36: Ash Grey Hair on Dark Roots

Ash Grey Hair

Ash grey is currently the most popular hairstyle and is loved by celebrities and beauty bloggers. The ash grey hair color really highlights such a beautiful hair. This hair color is ideal for women who like the hair highlights, very simple and easy to maintain.

#37: Wavy Dark Ashy Grey Hair Color

Wavy Dark Ash Grey Hair

There are variety of elegant ash grey hair colors. This one is structured and suitable for any event or moment. With loose waves, a central part and a perfectly striking color, this hairstyle is suitable for girls who are attractive yet not afraid to stand out.

#38: Black Hair with Ash Grey Balayage

Black Hair with Ash Grey Balayage

Ashy grey hair color adapts to any hair color. So if you have black hair, you can try the ashy grey balayage. If you have long hair, you can cut your hair if you don’t like the hair color. In this respect, those with long hair are very lucky!

#39: Ashy Grey Hair with Blue Undertones

Ash Grey Hair with Blue Undertones

There is always the potential to break with traditional stereotypes and take the ash grey hair color trend to the next level. In addition to highlighting, you can add a pop of dark blue hair color. This is noticeable only when the light hits the hair. If you’re not a big fan of basic hairstyles, you’ll love this hair color.

#40: Light Ashy Grey Hair with Light Blue Highlights

Light Blue Highlights

Light ash grey hair looks extremely beautiful with light blue highlights. So if you want to get this perfect look, you should try it without hesitation. Because these two colors will make you feel better than ever.

#41: Layered Ash Grey Hair

Layered Ash Grey Haircolor

Grey hair can still look youthful thanks to today’s hairstyles with long layers for slightly curled ends. Hair that sits just above the shoulders and is not longer looks best on mature ladies and this is a beautiful feminine option for shorter hair. This style starts with a dark base and gradually turns into a deep misty hue perfect for any classy woman.

#42: Straight Ombre Ash Grey Hair

Straight Ash Grey Hair

Nothing is more eye-catching than a well-executed ombre or shadow effect. With this excellent coloring, the silver hairstyle is given new vitality. You’re ready to go with a flash of color on your lips! Especially when your hair is straight, the ombre look looks clearer and more vibrant.

#43: Short Ash Grey Hair with Bangs

Short Ash Grey Hair

Be aware that some cuts might make you look older; nevertheless, dark roots can swiftly and elegantly correct this. It’s a look that will last when your hair grows out as well! This haircut may show off the stunning color complexity that naturally growing whites or applied platinum highlights can provide to grey hair. It’s also a no-frills, low-maintenance look that’s perfect for everyone.

#44: Ash Grey Bob Haircut

Ash Grey Haircolor with Bob Haircut

Don’t be afraid to change your haircut while trying out grey hairstyles. The crown area of the cutting has a very attractive appearance. It’s never too late to add a dash of sparkle to your haircut. While a bob cut is low maintenance; grey hair color adds the perfect amount of fun to your look. For a stronger face-framing look, pair the sharp-edged cut with pretty side bangs.

#45: Ash Grey Hair with Rainbow Details

Ash Grey Hair and Rainbow

This incredible hair color job exemplifies how adaptable grey hair can be. You’ve seen it work with pinks and other pastel hues before, but this time it’s with a rainbow-themed aesthetic. Rainbow highlights will assist to make things more unique and individual, and you may experiment with a variety of colors and tones. So, why aren’t you doing it?

#46: Ash Grey Hair with Pink Ends

Ash Grey with Pink Ends

If you want to channel your inner child, combine ashy grey and pink hair colors. Platinum blonde hair is required to achieve grey and pink tones. People will envy your hair because of the silver tone that turns into a pink hue. At this stage, if you wish, you can leave only your roots grey or only the ends of your hair pink.

#47: Black and Ash Grey Hair

Black and Ash Grey

This style is a little easier to create if your hair is naturally dark. The key is to get super-blonde ombré highlights and grey the lightest strands. If your hair is naturally light, you’ll need to darken the base to get the effect you want.

#48: Dark Ash Grey with Rainbow Ends

Dark Ash Grey Hair and Rainbow Colors

Punk rockers and goths aren’t the only ones with brightly colored hair. From writers to real estate agents, everyone dyes their hair. Women of all ages can have rainbow-colored hair and embrace cheery highlights that take on a whole new meaning. Especially when you combine this with ashy dark grey, the result will please you!

#49: Straight Medium Ash Grey Hair

Straight and Medium Length Ash Grey Hair

This sleek, uber-straight hairdo with bangs and plenty of color depth combats flyaway strands. While nature may not provide you with this color, any salon may replicate it. When you have straight hair, it’s sometimes advisable to keep it at or around your shoulders so you can control it easier. A medium-length cut with subtle layers across the ends is a charming and romantic style to try. Alternate between light and dark ash grey hues to achieve a balayage that is appropriate for your age and style.

#50: Short and Light Ash Grey Hair

Light Ash Grey Hair

Dying hair grey imparts a sense of mystery to any woman brave enough to try it. This style gives an interesting and magical effect when combined with light roots and a layered front. Run to your favorite hairstylist and have him or her apply this grey hair coloring and cut it to your hair. Ideal for a job interview or a night out.

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