35 Stylish Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas Worth Trying Right Now

by thedailyhairstyles

Natural brunettes can benefit from a number of paint color variations, but warm tones aren’t the only color options to explore. Most of the people are big fans of copper and honey colored ombre, but cooler tones can also be cooler. Also, you can choose ash brown hair color ideas. Wear it with subtle highlights and complete variety for the ultimate freshness or transformation. Here are 35 ash brown hair color ideas proved that this hybrid hair color is suitable for everyone.

Ash Brown Hair Ideas

Ash brown hair is a modern twist on brown hair mixed with cool grey tones. This multidimensional color, sometimes referred to as mushroom brown, likes not to be too harsh, especially since it has medium to light skin tones and the skin tones are too cool. So be brave and go ash brown hair color!

#1: Classic Ash-Brown Hair

Classic Ash-Brown Hair
Instagram / @maiiidoesh

Dark, brown and dark roots are a great way to complement the light color of ash brown hair. People love how highlights are part of this look. It’s a great contrast. If you want to add pop to the brown waves, try this subtle ash brown. Consistent blending and proper tone are key to an impressive look.

#2: Ash Brown Sombre with Mushroom Shades

Ash Brown Sombre With Mushroom Shades
Instagram / @locksbymahek

Mushroom ash brown hair is one of the trending ash brown hairstyles. The color is inspired by mushroom, creating a beautiful blend of shades of brown, grey and purple creating a cool, ethereal and sophisticated hue.

#3: Medium Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

Medium Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights
Instagram / @hairbylizzielane

This ash brown blonde hair color is incredibly stylish if you would like a softer look that adds texture to your waves. By the way, this color mix appearance beautiful on wavy tresses. Use a curling iron and curl your hair halfway from the lowest to create loose bouncy waves to feature movement to your hair.

#4: Warm Toned with Ash Brown

Warm Toned with Ash Brown
Instagram / @locksbymahek

If you want to lighten your dark hair with a very warm ash brown, you should try ash brown hair with caramel highlights. This is a really good way to get light brown hair, but there is a subtle blend of light brown and warm golden color. Gives a fresh look to intense reddish brown hair.

#5: Ash Shades for Dark Brown Hair

Ash Shades For Dark Brown Hair
Instagram / @maiiidoeshair

If you are lucky enough to own dark brown hair naturally, you can think of yourself as one of the few people who can perfectly match this beautiful grey-brown hair color with black hair. Start with a natural color and change it from dark to light. You can also make your face with a warm ash brown highlighter and a bold front highlighter. By the way, this color combination complements both warm and cold skin.

#6: Brown Hair with Smokey Highlights

Brown Hair with Smokey Highlights
Instagram / @paintedbysophiaclaire

If you are looking for an attractive yet sophisticated look, one of the smoky brown hair colors will work just fine. Of all the ash brown hairstyles highlighted, this one is the most noticeable for people with long hair who want a smoky brown color. Make no mistake, go for a cool ash brown color and mix it up with a subtle shade of smoky grey and barrage style.

#7: Dark Ash and Dirty Light Brown Hair

Dark Ash and Dirty Light Brown Hair
Instagram / @annabelladesu

Do you like light brown hair color? How about this ash brown hair color that refreshes dirty brown? Start with dark roots that properly turn from brown to greyish brown. Despite the contrast, the color is perfectly combined with the dark brown hair.

#8: Medium Ash Brown with Lowlights

Medium Ash Brown with Lowlights
Instagram / @glenhew

Ask your stylist ash brown hair with highlights and lowlights to add dimension to this already amazing combination. And what makes this even more impressive and sexy are the straight hair. Spray sea salt to dry your hair naturally.

#9: Blonde Balayage on Bold Ash Brown

Blonde Balayage on Bold Ash Brown
Instagram / @haironesalon

Balayage hair comes in many styles and is very beautiful too. If you like ash brown hair color, choose your beautiful ash brown mixed hair color as shown here. Start with a dark base, go from dark brown to light ash brown, and finish with a dramatic orange blend of platinum blonde or light ash blonde.

#10: Ash Walnut Hair Color

Ash Walnut Hair Color
Instagram / @thelexieee

Ash walnut help you find the right combination of dark blonde hair and light brown. Its subdued combination with the subtle vibe covering the most popular colors has a completely unique feel. Obviously, this color has a bright medium of cool and warm tones.

#11: Ash Brown Ombre

Ash Brown Ombre
Instagram / @fortvna.coiffure

When it comes to striking hair colors and ash brown, ombre might be the best ash brown hair color to choose from. The light or dark hairline changes to the opposite color, giving the hair color more life and fading beautifully over time.

#12: Ash Brown Balayage

Ash Brown Balayage
Instagram / @das_hauptwerk

Ash brown dyed hair can be adapted to all hair types, hair colors and lengths and grows very well so it’s as easy to wear. In fact, balayage is all about frosting hair and is highlighted in a unique way, for example where the light hits the hair best. By applying ash to dark brown hair, you can maintain a natural hair color by applying ash only to specific parts of the hair.

#13: Dark Ash Brown Hair

Dark Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @marissaxbeauty

Just because a light ash brown tone is usually bright doesn’t mean you can’t have dark brown and light brown hair. Normally, cool skin tones will be light ash brown, but if your hair is getting darker and darker, add a smoky grey hair color to see the same effect. Basically cool and grey shades go well with light skin tones and go well with light blue or dark blue and brown / black eyes.

#14: Light Ash Brown Hair Color

Light Ash Brown Hair Color
Instagram / @symranbhogalhair

The lighter the skin color, the more light you can wear. Fortunately, light ash brown can give the illusion of shiny hair without dyeing it super-shiny or blonde. Even if your natural hair color is much darker than ash blonde balayage, you can get the original hair color and a light brown with a light hairstyle. Of course, your stylist should be able to achieve this look.

#15: Ash Brown Hair Ideas For Medium Hair

Ash Brown Hair Ideas For Medium Hair
Instagram / @hairbynganvo

You can try ash brown for any length of hair, but if your hair is cluttered or unwieldy, it’s a good idea to get a medium cut. If you want a new look, try one of this ideas.

#16: Ash Brown Hair for Long Hair

Ash Brown Hair for Long Hair
Instagram / @excellenthairsalon

As you know, long hair looks great with any color. For this reason, be sure to try ash brown hair color ideas, especially if you like light tones and have long hair.

#17: Ash Brown Hair with Babylights

Ash Brown Hair with Babylights
Instagram / @hairbyseany

If you want your hair color to look more natural instead of in low light or a highlights, try babylights. These ash brown color not only give the hair a slight runny effect, but also make the hair look stylish.

#18: Natural Ash Brown Looks

Natural Ash Brown Looks
Instagram / @maiiidoeshair

You can make your ash brown hair stand out from the crowd, but it can become one with your main hair, so it’ll be an easy, natural finish. To do this, you need to find a shade of brown that looks a lot like your natural hair. This way you keep the original color while giving it a modern matte finish.

#19: Subtle Ash Brown Hair

Subtle Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @studiohairart

Perfect combination of warm tones and cold tones, this ashy chestnut coloring brings radiance to the face. When it comes to maintaining new colors, make sure you invest in color-safe (and / or color-preserving) shampoos and conditioners to avoid some bad conclusions.

#20: Creamy Ash Brown Hair

Creamy Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @number_76

If you don’t like the highlights very much, you’ll love this ash brown hair color. The end result is smooth, creamy and very thin (thin enough to lighten in spring or summer).

#21: Face-Framing Ash Brown Hair

Face-Framing Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @indratanudarma

Different face sections take this ash brown hair color to the next level. Don’t like the way they light up your whole face? Then this is for you! Because you can only make part of the front of your hair ashy brown.

#22: Ash Brown Bob Hair

Ash Brown Bob Hair
Instagram / @2do_hongkong

What’s the best thing about brown hair? As you can see from this cute bob hair, it looks great in any length. Also you will like this ash brown hair style. Because in this way, you can create a new style for yourself.

#23: Flawless Ash Brown Balayage

Flawless Ash Brown Balayage
Instagram / @hairbyvalerien

Everything is perfect for this cool, ash brown look. The perfect blend of cool, dreamy tones and their intense waves. It adds the fact that you can keep your natural roots. This means you can wear this color for months just by using a toner to refresh that cool brown color.

#24: Natural Brown with Cool Ashy Undertones

Natural Brown with Cool Ashy Undertones
Instagram / @wendyho_artistry

There’s no reason to dye your hair if you like natural tones, but have you ever considered adding cooler colors for a change? Semi-permanent ash brown coloring is an option to try out a new look without damaging your hair.

#25: Dark Ash Brown Sombre

Dark Ash Brown Sombre
Instagram / @hairbyyenny_

Smooth, dramatic and flawless, this deep ash brown is an absolute hit for hair. Coloring jobs can cost hours and hundreds of dollars in the salon, but the good news is that the results last months. All you need to do is use semi-permanent ash brown hair dye regularly to keep the color fresh.

#26: Deep Chocolate Hair with Ash Brown Highlights

Deep Chocolate Hair with Ash Brown Highlights
Instagram / @wayneli_hair

Feminine, emotional and sophisticated of the 70s, this look delivers on all the hair trends of 2022. A color blend of long and light bangs, soft layers and deep ash brown.

#27: Truffle Color Textured Haircut

Truffle Color Textured Haircut
Instagram / @andrewlovescolor

Soft and manageable, this mushroom brown hairstyle looks effortless and chic. Turn the straightener down to high heat and do some quick straight hair to get this on-trend look.

#28: Smoky Brunette Balayage

Smoky Brunette Balayage
Instagram / @hairbyseany

Brightening the light of dark brown hair does not mean that you have to compromise on hair quality. A good stylist keeps the strands happy and healthy by lifting the strands a few tones and neutralizing the heat with the right toner.

#29: Chestnut Color Hair with Ash Brown Highlights

chestnut hair with highlights
Instagram / @wayneli_hair

This relaxed hairstyle has textures such as wild sea waves, ash brown waves and long, soft bangs. What else do you want for a summer look?

#30: Brazilian Brunette Hair Look

Brazilian Brunette Hair Look
Instagram / @xcellenthairplaza

It is clear that this hairstyle deserves to appear on the Pinterest board. Dark brown with contrasting highlights is the general color for brown hair. This look is suitable for most skin tones, thanks to the combination of warm and cool tones.

#31: Blended Ash Brown Hair

Blended Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @paintedbysophiaclaire

Most of the people’s favorite about this brown hair idea is how the highlights come together. If you’re looking for a natural route, show this photo to your colorist.

#32: Smoky Ash Brown Hair

Smoky Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @jonathan_colors

Are you looking to increase the smoke factor of your brownish grey hair? Choose a slightly darker base and ask the colourist for a smoky finish.

#33: Dimensional Ash Brown Hair

Dimensional Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @hair_one_tom

This ash brown hair color has so much dimension and shine that it gives a deep chestnut base. Scroll through the pretty spectacular ones in this before and after color capture.

#34: Grey Ash Brown Hair

Gray Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @wayneli_hair

People love how this taupe hair color looks a bit more grey than some of the other options. If you want something cooler and more edgy, go for this look.

#35: Mauve Ash Brown Hair

Mauve Ash Brown Hair
Instagram / @hairbyseany

Looking at the lilac a little, this ash brown is a little purplish. Also, can you talk about how beautiful this color is, for example when combined with straight hair?

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