40 Ash Blonde Hair Colors That Will Change Your Mind

by thedailyhairstyles

Ash blonde hair is a blonde tint with deeper roots and a trace of gray, giving it an ashy tone. Ash blonde is a lighter shade of smoky blonde hair that looks great on light brown hair or naturally blonde hair. In comparison to warmer tones like a golden blonde, ash blonde shades are cool-toned. Because of their edginess and royal vibe, smoky colors are consistently at the top of the charts currently! This trendy color trend is a must-have for stylish, edgy women. With ash highlights and balayage, you may get subtle and delicate hairstyles, or go for a casual appearance with a dark to light ombre.

40 Ash Blonde Hair Colors

Although ash blonde hair is a more subdued shade of blonde, it may still turn heads and have the same impact as other blonde bombshell colors. Whether you’re currently a part of the ash blonde hair color squad or want to join, there are plenty of inspirational photographs to help you make your styling selections. Take a peek at the images below to get inspired for this season’s ash blonde hairstyles.

#1: Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage Hair

The combination of ash blonde hair and bouncy waves is a hair dream come true. Spiral waves are interwoven throughout the hair to give fullness and wonderful texture that is guaranteed to turn heads, as shown in this photo.

#2: Light Ash Blonde Hair

Light Ash Blonde

If you want a change in your life that is both beautiful and eye-catching, light ash blonde hair is the hair color for you. The cool-toned hue adds near-white and silvery tones to your makeup, refreshing the bright blonde hair color you’ve been wearing for years.

#3: White Ash Blonde Hair

White Ash Blonde Hair

Speaking of vivid tones, white ash has witnessed a significant increase in popularity. It’s like the cool girl’s platinum blonde, especially when used as highlights over a dark ash color or when combined with visible roots. The contrast between the ice tone and the black foundation is eye-catching. To complete your look, all you need is a vampy matte lipstick, you’ll be ready to show off this hair color.

#4: Light Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

Light Ash Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

The top hue of this two-toned appearance is light ash blonde, with a darker foundation. Beautiful beach waves are not just enjoyable during the warmer months of the year. In fact, they are so flattering that they may be worn all year.

#5: Platinum Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde

While white ash blonde hair is frequently seen as highlights, ombre, and balayage, platinum ash looks great as a complete head of hair. It’s not often that we recommend a single hue for the whole head, but this lovely shade is an exception.

#6: Long Ash Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair

This image demonstrates that ash hair color may be quite attractive, especially when done in this manner. Long ash blonde locks are side-parted and brushed to one side in this look. The gentle, modest ripples scattered throughout add the final touch.

#7: Silver Ash Blonde Hair

Silver Ash Blonde

If you want to go for a fashionable appearance like the one in the photo, ash blonde hair color can give brown locks a stylish boost. Hair accessories are a simple way to add uniqueness to your hair.

#8: Honey Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde Hair

A brilliant honey blonde hair color produces the appearance that your hair has more depth than it actually has. Your hair will seem fuller without any additional effort. In this way, you can enjoy your perfect hair to the fullest.

#9: Ash Blonde Ombre

Ash Blonde Ombre

Can’t decide between dark and light ash blonde? You can mix and match! A smooth ombre can do wonders for your hair. Find a super talented colorist first, then communicate your vision to him. In this way, you will achieve excellent results.

#10: Crystal Ash Blonde

Crystal Ash Blonde Hair

When it comes to balayage, people are particularly fond of the color crystal ash. Last year, the hue made the rounds on social media, and it features a subtle transition from medium ash brown to very dazzling white ash ends.

#11: Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl Blonde Hair

There’s always a good way to make messy hair look good, and it’s especially good when you want to show off your ash blonde hair color. This textured wavy hair gives you the look you want. In this respect, you will have hair that shines like pearls.

#12: Ash Blonde with Shadow Root

Ash Blonde with Shadow Root

The shadow root hairstyle with ash blonde strands and silver money pieces is a low-maintenance medium length hair yet stunning styling option that combines dark and light tones. For a beautiful texture, add layers and waves.

#13: Dark Ash Blonde

Dark Ash Blonde

This color scheme blends ash brown and dark ash blonde hair with below-the-shoulder lengths. If the contrast is less than two to three levels, people will question whether your hair is colored or naturally sun-kissed. Woody ash blonde suits people with a low-maintenance look.

#14: Smokey Ash Blonde

Smokey Blonde Hair

If you choose to keep things simple, a nut-colored base tone that blends into smokey ash blonde hair gives a modern twist on hair ash. On straight, smooth strands, the precisely blended ash blonde balayage looks magnificent. A huge round brush polishes while beveling the edges. It’s perfect, simple, and stylish.

#15: Ash Blonde with Brown Highlights

Ash Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

If you want to go lighter for summer but aren’t sure about a full head of blonde, brown lowlights are the way to go. It’s contemporary and elegant without being overpowering. It’s also ideal for framing tanned or dark skin.

#16: Icy Ash Blonde

Icy Ash Blonde

This vibrant icy blonde is made up of beautifully displaying shimmers and most people like it. Using foil instead of a single color gives it a stunning look while keeping the hair supple. Those who naturally have this hair can easily achieve this look.

#17: Dark Ash Blonde with Black Roots

Dark Ash Blonde with Black Roots

The dark ash blonde is captivating, particularly on wavy hair. As you move, the ash locks will flow and bounce, eliciting interest and comments from everyone around you. Especially on straight hair, this color looks more prominent and beautiful.

#18: Ash Blonde Waves

Ash Blonde Waves

Lowlights may also be used to create unusual hair color effects. The brown foundation of this style is lightened with an ash blonde tone that has been dispersed mid-shaft to ends, with occasional lowlights scattered throughout to provide depth and complexity.

#19: Ash Blonde Face Framing Locks

Ash Blonde Face Framing Locks

If you are not quite ready to go blonde, you might experiment with adding light hues to your base color. In this situation, thin contrasting stripes around your face and lighter endings are all you need.

#20: Short Smokey Blonde Hair

Short Ash Blonde Hair

Short hairstyles are always popular, whether they are long, short, or medium in length. This short ash blonde hair has a trendy, chunky bangs that is softly flipped in, and the rest of the hair is softly flipped in.

#21: Natural-Looking Ash Blonde

Natural-Looking Ash Blonde

A mild ash blonde balayage is great if your hair is naturally light brown and you want to add a twist to it. It appears to be light reflecting from your hair since it is so natural and delicate.

#22: Light Ash Blonde Highlights

Light Ash Blonde Highlights

There are so many different shades of ash hair. Long hair allows you to experiment with at least some of these. Try dying the strands closest to your face silver and adding highlights and lowlights to the remainder of your hair.

#23: Warm Ash Blonde Highlights

Warm Ash Blonde Highlights

Warm ash blonde returns with accents of amber, wheat, and ash. Combine this hair color with rough layers and waves for a sloppy but really sexy look. This way, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of yourself!

#24: White Smokey Blonde with Dark Roots

White Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

Hair roots that are darker than the ends of your hair and snowy white hair are the perfect combinations. These colors will look best on shoulder-length hair. In this way, everyone will be a fan of your hair with the perfect result!

#25: Platinum Blonde with Ashy Lowlights

Platinum Blonde with Ashy Lowlights

This combination of platinum and ash brown is known as mushroom blond. It’s an earthy color scheme that appears to be sweeping the internet, and you can understand why. You may now experience the brilliance of white-blonde hair without having to deal with time-consuming care.

#26: Smokey Blonde Hair with Soft Waves

Ash Blonde

Warm hair roots give way to beautiful white-blonde waves in this ashy blond hairstyle. The ice ombre color concept is ideal for women who can’t decide between dark and light colors. Colors that have been carefully mixed look stunning on wavy hair.

#27: Long Dark to Light Ash Ombre

Ash Blonde

The ombre trend never goes out of style, especially when combined with this ash blonde tint. If you’re searching for a new hue, a gentle fade from a deeper shade at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom is a perfect option. Consider incorporating this look into your next appearance.

#28: Shoulder-Length Smokey Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair

This somewhat layered haircut is a terrific alternative for a medium-length style that looks well with an ash color. Gentle layers that fall exactly over your shoulders will frame your face while also being a stylish cut. If you’re looking for a fresh appearance, give this stunning style a shot.

#29: Long and Light Ash Blonde Waves

Long and Light Ash Blonde Waves

If you like a longer cut, this style is ideal, and the light ash color is gorgeous. The length is ideal for delicate waves like the ones in this shot and is simple to shape. This is a fantastic idea for stylish new hair color, and you will not be disappointed if you give this stunning style a try.

#30: Layered Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde

This long-length style has very delicate layers in the front to frame your face, and the ashy blonde hue looks great on everybody. If you’re searching for a new hairdo, especially if you want to attempt a lovely balayage effect, you might consider giving this style a try.

#31: Milky Ash Blonde

Milky Ash Blonde Hair

This color scheme reminds you of a creamy cup of coffee topped with a cloud of froth. Fair complexion tones look best with creamy light ash blonde hair. With beachy wavy hair, you may get a fluffy texture. Using dry shampoo to tousle the hair extends the form and gives it a low-glow finish.

#32: Shiny Ash Blonde

Shiny Ash Blonde Hair Color

Consider blending two colors of medium ash blonde at your tips if you want a bright look at your tips. The intersection of the hues is muddled. The rippling texture blurs the line even further, providing harmony and movement.

#33: Ash Blonde Bob Hair

Ash Blonde Bob Hair

Ash hair color isn’t just for lengthy hair; it also looks great on cropped hair. The short ash blonde bob looks elegant and urbane. A bob cut allows for a steady rise of brightness from the inside to the outside, highlighting jagged ends.

#34: Ash Brownish Blonde

Ash Brownish Blonde Hair

If you’re looking for dark blonde hair ideas, this ash brownish blonde hue might be a good choice. It has a natural appearance with delicate ash blonde highlights and is one of many beautiful hair colors. Consider trying this style for a gorgeous new hairdo and color.

#35: Soft Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde with Bangs

This soft ash blonde hair color is popular, with a touch of ash blonde balayage. The delicate waves provide structure and volume to the design, resulting in a stunning haircut. It’s effortlessly lovely and will look great on everybody. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new appearance, give this style a shot.

#36: Subtle Light Ash Blonde

Subtle Light Ash Blonde Hair

If you want to experiment with the ombre trend, this gentle ombre effect looks wonderful when coupled with an ashy tint. The cut is also full of volume, and it’s a terrific style if you’re looking for something new and different. If you’re searching for something different, you might want to give this style a shot.

#37: Strawberry Ash Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair

The strawberry blonde hair trend does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Furthermore, its artistic variants in ash and strawberry blonde tones have captured the interest of stylists and the general public. You can be sure that you will feel better and perfect with this hair.

#38: Medium Ash Blonde Hair

Medium Ash Blonde Hair

This hue is a terrific take on a typical medium blonde tint, and it will look beautiful on everyone. As you can see in this shot, it looks especially lovely when done in loose waves. If you’re searching for something new, you might want to try out this lovely blonde haircut.

#39: Pale Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde

This almost platinum blonde style may be a good alternative for folks who favor pale blonde tones over darker ones. The layered cut provides texture and dimension, and the color seems natural and simple. Because it’s a very light shade of blonde, the hue may appear a little daring, but the end result is stunning.

#40: Straight Ash Blonde Hair

Straight Ash Blonde Hair

This is a simple haircut that is sure to turn heads. It has a basic cut and an ash dark blonde hue, and it has a touch of a contemporary edge when straightened. Although waves and curls are popular for blonde hair colors, straight ends may complement the color even more, as seen by this example. Give this look a shot for your next look.

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